Review: LELO SIRI 2

I really like the SIRI 2. There, I said it. It's a nice little clit vibe. Gets the job done. There's not much to complain about, really. Does it take ...

Review: Pipedream Pure Aluminium Large Blue Vibrator

The Pure Aluminium Large Blue Vibrator is absolutely gorgeous. It has that retro-futuristic look to it that inspired the image above. It looks like it belongs in her hand, doesn't ...

Review: Pipedream Ceramix No. 9

A ceramic vibrator? You just know I had to have one. I really liked Pipedream's Ceramix No. 5 dildo so, I was curious about the vibrators from that line. The ...

Review: Jopen Envy Five

This vibrator might not look like it but it's a real beast. At the low end, the vibration practically growls and it makes me quiver with delight. At the high ...

Review: Jopen Vanity Vr 5.5

They said it couldn't be done. There wasn't a company anywhere that could design a dual stimulating vibrator (rabbit vibe) that would fit my freakishly proportioned vulva[1. This is a ...

Jul 092016
Review: Njoy Pfun

Riding on the success of dizzyguy’s first review ever, he has now thoroughly tested and reviewed the Njoy Pfun prostate massager. Enjoy! *** When you receive this item, the packaging will be the first thing to tip you off that this is a Cadillac sex toy. Nice box with form-fitting padding and soft material that you can store anywhere without drawing too much attention. Removing the …Read more

Jun 222016
Review: Pulse II Duo

Today we have a first on Toy Meets Girl. It’s dizzyguy’s first guest review. He expressed some interest in writing reviews for penis and prostate toys so, when Hot Octopuss offered the Pulse II Duo for review, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for him to make his blogging/reviewing debut. So, without further ado… here’s what dizzyguy thought about the Pulse II Duo. *** …Read more

Jun 192016
LELO Does It Again

LELO, the once prestigious brand behind such iconic and beloved sex toys as the MONA 2, never seem to stop outdoing themselves – but not in a good way. From sexist ad campaigns to gimmicky overpriced toys 1 and general asshattery 2, LELO seems dead set on ruining everything that once made them great. What’d they do this time that made me feel like I …Read more

May 162016
Review: Maia Zoe Twistty Wand

Even though wand type massagers aren’t my clit’s favorite kind of vibe, I found the Maia Zoe interesting because of the dual motors. There’s one in the head (of course) and there’s one in the handle. So, that’s kind of unique but not completely original because Cal Ex made one with dual motors first. There may be others but that’s the only other one I …Read more

May 152016
Review: Tantus Rumble

Tantus is the quintessential manufacturer of premium body-safe silicone dildos and butt plugs (and one of my favorite companies). Now, with the Rumble, they’ve entered the world of vibrators. It all started with a popular crowd-funding campaign, for which there was an outpouring of support. They wanted to create a vibe that could be used by anyone, regardless of gender or disability. I think Tantus …Read more