Review: We-Vibe Touch

I was starting to feel like I needed to be rescued from mediocre sex toys. The last few I've reviewed ranged from “not my thing” to “just OK” and “meh”. ...

Review: Womanizer Pro W500

Yes, I'm going to start this review off with a rant. Can we rename this thing for fuck's sake? Who the hell thought “Womanizer” was a good name for sex ...

Review: Pleasure Works Silky G

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the Pleasure Works Silky G vibe. I mean, it has a pokey, pointy tip and runs on AAA batteries, which means ...

Review: Nalone Amore

From the moment I saw the Nalone Amore, I was intrigued by the idea of an aluminium vibrator. I have one other sex toy made of aluminium and I love ...

Review: Yes Water-based and Oil-based Lube

“You put what, where?” That's what some of you will be thinking when I say that I've used an oil-based lube in my vagina. You might have heard that oil-based ...

Oct 022017
Review: Tenga Flex Silky and Rocky

Tenga is back again to take your masturbation to a new level. This time with a twist or, should I say a flex on their stroker series. I present to you, the Tenga Flex Silky and Rocky strokers. Both have a unique spiral ribbed outer casing with a vacuum hole that controls the amount of suction on the inner sleeve. The removable cap not only …Read more

Aug 112017
Review: Tantus Prostate Play

Hello all, I’m back! With summer being here I’ve been spending a lot more time outside taking care of outdoor projects but realized it’s been awhile since I’ve taken care of indoor projects. So I’m diving in prostate first with the Tantus Prostate Play. There were two things that attracted me to this product. One is that it’s constructed of silicone and that will always …Read more

Apr 182017
Tantus Introduces the Vamp Super Soft

What’s old is new again, sort of. One of my favorite no-nonsense Tantus dildos is The Vamp. I believe I called it a workhorse of a dildo. By that I mean, it just works. There are no bells and whistles, no overly pronounced head, no g-spot curve (for folks who don’t like that) and it’s not uber realistic (for those who are squicked out over …Read more

Mar 162017
Review: Tenga Air-Tech Twist (Tickle and Ripple)

This review includes my opinion on both the Tenga Air-Tech Twist Tickle and Ripple because the main difference is the texture inside. Everything else is the same. I’ve already had a great experience with the Tenga Flip 0 so my expectations were high. First off, in true Tenga fashion there isn’t anything sexy or flashy about the Air-Tech strokers. They are exactly what they claim …Read more

Feb 122017
Review: Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone TRUSKYN, The True Stroke (Ribbed & Beaded)

In this review I’ll be covering both the beaded and ribbed Doc Johnson True Stroke strokers made of platinum premium silicone, that they call TRUSKYN. The reason for a two in one is not that I’m getting lazy, just that the two products are the same material, manufacturer and price. When it comes to strokers there aren’t many out there that are pure silicone. Most …Read more