Review: BMS Factory Swan Wand

Update 10/20/14: This product still hasn't been released because the name of it will be changing to Swan Wand.  So, packaging and such needs to be redesigned.  It will be ...

Review: Je Joue Uma

What I'm about to say borders on the blasphemous. I never expected the Je Joue Uma to virtually usurp two of my favorite vibrators. In fact, I'm still trying to ...

Review: Pulse II Duo

Today we have a first on Toy Meets Girl. It's dizzyguy's first guest review. He expressed some interest in writing reviews for penis and prostate toys so, when Hot Octopuss ...

Review: Leaf+ Fresh+

I had been curious about the original Leaf line of vibrators but never had the chance to review one. Then the next thing I knew, they turned purple and got ...

Review: Dorcel Real Vibration M

The Dorcel Real Vibration M is an excellent specimen of mediocrity. It's hard for me to get excited about this vibrator having just reviewed two exceptionally amazing sex toys, one ...

Feb 132018
Review: The Mini Swan Wand

Look! It’s like a Swan Wand only smaller. Why would they make a miniature version of the undeniable powerhouse that is the Swan Wand? I’m not entirely sure but really… why not? The The Mini Swan Wand is a perfect little replica of one of my favorite vibes. However, the shape and color is pretty much where the similarities stop. It does have a nice …Read more

Feb 032018
Review: CalEx Silhouette S12

I’m trying to find y’all some more affordable sex toys. So, I requested the CalEx Silhouette S12 because it looked interesting and had some nice features. Not that $42 is chump change but in the world of rechargeable silicone vibrators, it’s relatively inexpensive. Can you get cheaper sex toys? Absolutely. But as you go down in cost, you encounter more of the materials that I …Read more

Feb 022018
Meet Betty

Readers, meet Betty. In the Fall of 2014, she decided that she needed to open an online sex toy shop founded on the idea that sex should be enjoyed without reservation, judgment, or guilt. So, Betty’s Toy Box was born. Six women share the joyful duties of selecting products and educating customers. Betty’s Toy Box carries products for everyone and every body. They have a …Read more

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Jan 292018
Review: Fun Factory Stronic G

Nope, it’s not your imagination. I’m actually writing a new review. I didn’t know if I would ever be inspired enough to come out of retirement but then… there it was – the sex toy that might end my hiatus. When I first saw it, my pulse quickened. I knew right away that there was a pretty good chance that I’d love it. And that’s …Read more

Jan 272018
Need Valentine's Day ideas?  I got 'em!

The hugely annoying over-commercialized day that so many love to hate is coming – Valentine’s Day. What should you get that special someone? Well, chocolates and flowers are pretty standard fare but what if they’re the more adventurous type? What if a new sex toy would quicken their pulse more than a bunch of flowers and pink heart covered crap? First of all, make sure …Read more

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