Review: Tantus Flurry O2

I recently purchased the Tantus Cush O2 (my first silicone dildo) and after spending some time with it, I have realized that bigger is not necessarily better. The Cush is ...

Review: Spunk Lube Pure Silicone

Back in the early days of our relationship, dizzyguy and I used drugstore lubricant. The KY water based lube we always used never lasted long enough but we continued to ...

Review: No More Wet Spot Blanket

It says what it does and does what it says. I guess they could have come up with a more creative name but as long as it keeps my bed ...

Review: Rocks-Off Bamboo

It's pretty much what you'd expect from a $25 vibe. It's not powerful and it's very much surface buzzy. However, it can actually give me orgasms that feel pretty good. ...

Review: CalEx Mix It Up

Participating in CalExotics' Sexpert program, I am eligible to get a new sex toy to review every month, as long as I get them done on time, which I haven't ...

Nov 222015
Review: Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5

It’s a vibrator that looks like a chubby happy caterpillar, especially in the green. Dizzyguy said it was creepy. I told him to bite his tongue. True to their name, everything Fun Factory makes is well… fun. Their designs and colors tend to be unique and whimsical. I think even their vibrators feel different from most other vibes. It’s hard to explain but Fun Factory …Read more

Nov 022015
Review: Tantus' The Duchess

Much like its royal counterpart The Duke, Tantus’ The Duchess barges its way into my vagina like it owns the place. And once inside, it completely fills the room with its presence. The Duchess dominates my vagina and knows it. It’s a bit of a challenge to get The Duchess into my vagina, especially when I haven’t warmed up with something smaller first. Once in …Read more

Oct 312015
I Created a Thing

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably already know about the little side project I’ve got going on. Or maybe you’ve noticed the banner in the right sidebar. But for those of you who do not know, I have created a new blog – That’s Not a Vagina. Why? Because I was sick to death of hearing people call the vulva, a vagina. …Read more

Oct 302015
Huge Thank You to My Readers!

You guys… I’m nearly speechless. You all came through for me in a big way. The results for Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015 are in. And I’m blown away. Last year, there was only the list of 100 and where you appeared on the list depended solely on votes. I ranked pretty high last year so again, I thank you all for …Read more

Oct 252015
Review: Fucking Sculptures Two-Cumber

I’ve agonized over writing this review. I coveted a Fucking Sculptures dildo for so long and when they finally agreed to send me one for review, I was ecstatic. I asked if I could review the G-Spoon because it looks like it would really work for me and from what I’ve heard from other reviewers, it stimulates in a way that I would simply adore. …Read more