Review: B Swish Bgood Deluxe Curve

If I could sigh and snore at the same time, that's what I'd be doing when I use the B Swish Bgood Deluxe Curve. I'd sigh because I'm so entirely ...

Review: Tantus' The Vamp

This is one workhorse of a dildo. Nothing overly fancy. No bells and whistles. No G-spot curve. Just a straight-shooting, no-nonsense dildo with an unassuming coronal ridge and a satisfying ...

Review: Fucking Sculptures Two-Cumber

I've agonized over writing this review. I coveted a Fucking Sculptures dildo for so long and when they finally agreed to send me one for review, I was ecstatic. I ...

Review: Je Joue G-Kii

Dear Je Joue, I don't know how you do it but it seems like you make vibrators meant just for me. I fell instantly in love with the Uma and ...

Review: Pipedream Le Reve Jolie

I think I'm becoming a sex toy snob. I sort of already was from the get go in terms of only selecting toys made of the highest quality, body safe ...

Mar 162017
Review: Tenga Air-Tech Twist (Tickle and Ripple)

This review includes my opinion on both the Tenga Air-Tech Twist Tickle and Ripple because the main difference is the texture inside. Everything else is the same. I’ve already had a great experience with the Tenga Flip 0 so my expectations were high. First off, in true Tenga fashion there isn’t anything sexy or flashy about the Air-Tech strokers. They are exactly what they claim …Read more

Feb 122017
Review: Doc Johnson's Platinum Silicone TRUSKYN, The True Stroke (Ribbed & Beaded)

In this review I’ll be covering both the beaded and ribbed Doc Johnson True Stroke strokers made of platinum premium silicone, that they call TRUSKYN. The reason for a two in one is not that I’m getting lazy, just that the two products are the same material, manufacturer and price. When it comes to strokers there aren’t many out there that are pure silicone. Most …Read more

Feb 042017
Need Valentine's Day ideas?  I got 'em!

The hugely annoying over-commercialized day that so many love to hate is coming – Valentine’s Day. What should you get that special someone? Well, chocolates and flowers are pretty standard fare but what if they’re the more adventurous type? What if a new sex toy would quicken their pulse more than a bunch of flowers and pink heart covered crap? First of all, make sure …Read more

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Jan 212017
Review: Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lubes

My mouth is a lot like my vagina – dry as the Mojave desert. I’ve preached from the rooftop about the benefits of using lube for vaginal and anal sex but never really mentioned how awesome lube is for blowjobs. That’s probably because I never actually tried it before. My mouth is so dry most of the time that I can’t give a good, sloppy, …Read more

Dec 262016
Review: Fleshlight on a Mission by Liberator

Having just reviewed the Tenga Flip 0 the one thing that I thought was missing while using a stroker was the ability to have it secured so that the hands were totally removed from the equation. I’ve owned the Fleshlight STU for a few years but as good as it is, it’s still technically masturbation. All the different ways of trying to secure the Fleshlight …Read more