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Mar 242013
wet platinum lube
I jumped into the deep end, flailed around and out popped my first review ever.
Be gentle, I’m a beginner you know.You can read the review of my favorite silicone lube, Wet Platinum Bodyglide,

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  • Glumbumble

    I get a “Not Found” message when I try to click on the link for your review.

  • dizzygirl

    See that, you fixed my blog. I made a mistake. Fixing it.

  • Glumbumble

    Have you tried wet synergy? It’s supposed to be a hybrid of water and silicone.

    • I haven’t tried it. I’ve been thinking about trying a hybrid lube but there’s really not been much motivation to do so. I’m happy with my pure silicone for intercourse and various water based lubes have been OK for my silicone toys. I have heard that hybrid lubes can be more reliably compatible with silicone toys so maybe some day, I’ll look into it.

  • seductionsextravel

    Do so many girls have problems to get wet or why do you need that stuff (oky, maybe for anal sex)? This really shouldn’t be an offense but it interest me because I consider myself as lucky enough to know girls who are wet like waterfalls without using any chemicals

    • I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “problem” but many women can benefit from supplemental lubrication. It’s actually very common that some women don’t produce a lot of natural lubrication.

      There can be many reasons for this. One cause can be certain medications. Another may be the hormonal changes that women go through. Or, they might be like me and just not get really wet and there’s no real cause. It’s just naturally how we are. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us.

      So, you’ve been “lucky” enough to have only been with women who get really wet. Have you ever tried using a lubricant? Regardless of whether it’s needed or not, you and your partner might really love the feeling of extra lubrication.