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Jul 042013

You want TMI? You can’t handle TMI…
I dabble in anal sex. I like it but it’s not something we get around to doing very often. Maybe because of the prep work involved. I just don’t feel comfortable with anal sex without having a prior cleansing.

When I started looking around at cleansing options I found that most lower priced enema bags were made of materials I wasn’t too thrilled about, like rubber. Plus, the ones you see in the drugstore are often the inverted water bottle type. That means you fill it, connect the tubing, then turn it upside down and it hangs there with the opening toward the floor, which can cause it to leak. Another downside to these type of bags is, when you hang it to dry, it collapses in the middle and that leaves the perfect environment for mold growth in the top of the bag.

I kept looking and found some top filling enema bags but many times, there was still the issue of material. Finally, I found some silicone bag and tubing kits and I thought: that’s it. I’ll get one of those. That was until I saw how much they cost. For a silicone enema bag kit, you’re looking at triple digits and I just didn’t think I’d be using it enough to justify paying that much. And beware, there are knockoff “silicone” enema bags being sold on Amazon.

purelife enema bucketI didn’t give up though and eventually stumbled across a reasonable solution… stainless steel enema buckets with silicone tubing. These kits were much more affordable than the silicone ones. So, that’s what I got and I’m happy with it.

My bucket holds 3.5 quarts and is made of food grade stainless steel. It has a removable harness for hanging but it’s pretty heavy when it’s full of water so, I just take the harness off and put the bucket on top of the toilet tank. The medical grade silicone tubing is 5.5ft long and allows me to get into a comfortable position on the bathroom floor. Well, as comfortable as you can be lying on a cold hard floor, having an enema. The kit even came with a check valve that prevents anything from back washing into the tubing. This wasn’t offered in many of the more expensive silicone kits.

The only downside to the bucket is that you can’t see how much water is left in there and you have to get up to look but I can live with that. Everything cleans up easily. When I’m done I put some antibacterial soap in the bucket and fill it with water. Then I let the soapy water drain through the tubing. I wash the nozzle, check valve and the short piece of tubing that connects to the valve, in antibacterial soap as well.  And if you’re thinking of getting into coffee enemas (I’m not) the stainless steel bucket is a great way to go because coffee can stain the silicone bags.

I don’t find the cleansing process enjoyable at all. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable. Enema fetishes exist and I’m not judging but it’s definitely not sexual for me in any way. Although, as much it sucks while I’m doing it when it’s all over I really do feel lighter and cleaner… and of course there’s the worry free anal sex later on.

So you see, it’s a whole long, pain in the ass (no pun intended) process, which is why I don’t have anal sex very often. I wish there was an easier way. The anal douches don’t appeal to me because I don’t feel like they would flush everything out. I figure my only other option is getting comfortable with taking a chance on the presence of fecal matter and I just don’t see that happening. Then again, even with a thorough cleansing, there’s always a chance that there could be some fecal matter but I feel more relaxed knowing I’ve tried to clean everything out.

Why did I feel the need to share this? Hell, I don’t know but if you’re looking for a safe and affordable way to cleanse before anal sex, I can recommend the PureLife stainless steel bucket kits. I bought my own kit and PureLife has not compensated me in any way for this post.

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