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Jul 292013

wet naturals strawberry lubeFor me, lube is one of those things where you find one you like and you stick with it. My go to lube for intercourse is Wet Platinum Bodyglide. I always use silicone lube for intercourse but I am often on the lookout for good water based lubes that I can use with my silicone sex toys. So, when Nitetime Toys offered to send me a bottle of Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry water based lube in exchange for my honest opinion, I was happy to take them up on the offer.

When it comes to water based lubes there are two things I look for. I want them to be free of glycerin and parabens. Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry contains neither. For reasons why we should avoid lubes that contain these ingredients, see my STMSDS. I’m usually not looking for flavored lube but just because it’s flavored doesn’t mean it won’t work well for lubing up my sex toys. Plus there are times when, probably due to medication, my mouth is really dry and I can’t give the wet sloppy blow jobs I’d like to. Flavored lube can come in handy on those occasions.

Wet Naturals Sensual Strawberry has more of a scent than a taste and it does smell quite nice. I actually, don’t mind that it doesn’t have a strong flavor. It tastes very slightly of strawberry with a light sweetness. It is a somewhat thinner lube, meaning that it’s kind of runny and watery, which can be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t like the feeling of a thick gloppy lube (most of the time, I don’t) then the consistency of this lube should work well for you.

However, if you’re looking for a water based lube to use for anal play then this probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Generally, when it comes to anal play, you want a lube that has more substance and staying power; something that will provide more cushioning for the delicate tissues. That said, for lubing up dildos for vaginal insertion or for my clit vibes, it works just fine. It doesn’t get sticky or dry up too soon and since it’s water based, cleanup is very easy. Its flavoring is subtle and the fragrance is nice. If you’re looking for a flavored lube or just want something water based for your toys then I don’t think you can go wrong with this.

You can help me thank NiteTimeToys by stopping by and browsing their selection and you can take 10% off your order when you use the code DizzyGirl.

Update: Since I reviewed this lube, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot more about lube and which ingredients/brands are compatible with the body.  I’m not sure if I’d still recommend this lube.  Wet lubricants are generally hyper-osmotic but this is from their “Naturals” line and I don’t see the ingredients that would make this particular lube hyper-osmotic.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t though. To learn what this means, read this post.

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  • Glumbumble

    We’ve used Wet Originals for years, and lately we’ve been thinking of switching to another brand. We find that it dries too quickly and gets tacky. I have the Wet flavoured one in Strawberry, wasn’t a big fan of the taste. It’s a different bottle then the one you tried though, I assume from a different and older line. I liked the smell, but the taste was way too sweet and chemically. Lately though we haven’t needed any lube when I use my vibrator prior to intercourse. But I’m still on the lookout for something better because sometimes lube helps decrease the pain of entry and exit better.

    • The strawberry flavored Wet that you have probably has the glycerin and parabens in it. I’d stay away from that stuff.

      Have you considered silicone lube? It’s far superior to water based in many ways, in my opinion. It stays slick for so much longer than water based and it’s not sticky. I love it. I’ve always had issues with lack of natural lubrication. Okay, I’ll say it… I’m dry as a bone, no matter how turned on I am. So lube is a must, every time.

      I struggled with water based crap that you get at the drugstore for so long. Then dizzyguy heard some porn star say that Wet Platinum silicone lube was the best. We tried it and haven’t used any other silicone lube since.

      • Glumbumble

        I’ve never tried silicone lube. I was always worried about staining the sheets. Our first time we tried ky lube and that was a horrible experience. It wasn’t until we switched to Wet Original that we actually achieved penetration.

        I’m usually pretty dry, but I have noticed that ill get very wet if I’m using my vibrator, so that’s nice :). Oral sex really hurts until I’m wet enough down there. But he’s taking to going down on me while I use the vibrator. Which can be a little bit awkward since the Mona 2 is pretty big. I’ve found it helps though with penetration. If I’m on top I can use it to help releave the discomfort. But it’s too big to do that with when I’m on the bottom. It squishes painfully against my pubic bone.

        Maybe well pick up a small bottle of the silicone lube to test it out.

        • Silicone lube can stain fabric but I recently spilled a bunch of the Wet Platinum on a shirt and it all came out OK.

          Just put an old blanket on the bed and don’t worry about it. 😉

  • Camryn Jones

    Ooh, strawberry scented vulva and vagina *grins* That actually sounds rather nice since I like strawberries. I’d rather have a lubricant with no taste at all, but when I want something flavored I’ll give this a shot.

  • thattoychick

    I’m a fan of Wet’s Bare, the unflavored/unscented one from the naturals line, which includes your strawberry one here. It’s surprisingly hard to find mainstream (e.g. fairly easy to find manufacturers) water based without the kind of ingredients that spell trouble for ladyparts.