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Sep 032013

bad dragon tentacle dildo

Ever fantasize about having sex with a dragon?1 I don’t but I still think Bad Dragon’s dildos are awesome. They specialize in fantasy dildos crafted from premium silicone with meticulous attention to detail. You don’t have to be into the fantasy aspect of it to appreciate the artistry displayed in their toys. And if you’re just plain bored with run of the mill average everyday dildos, Bad Dragon is sure to have something that will excite you. I found several dildos that look like they would be a lot of fun to try and it was hard to decide but I ended up choosing The Tentacle because it looked like one of the most unusual.

Bad Dragon’s dildos are highly customizable and they offer a range of sizes, colors and silicone densities for each toy. Some toys even come with an optional cum tube. I ordered the medium size Tentacle in firm silicone and citrus orange color. The Tentacle comes in three sizes and you can choose from three levels of firmness. You can take your pick of 10 solid colors (or have them surprise you), a toy exclusive striped option or three custom colors.

The Tentacle is one heavy chunk of silicone. Seriously, the base on this thing is massive. It gets a little hard to hold onto and my arm got tired after awhile. First, I used The Tentacle with the suckers facing up (toward my g spot). I found that I couldn’t get this thing all the way in. It gets pretty wide toward the base and my vagina just said, “nope, that’s enough”. But it was fine because I enjoyed shallow thrusting more than going deep with it. Now, I don’t know if I’m finding my g spot easier these days (because I seem to be able to hit it with toys that I didn’t think could) but when I used shallow thrusts, sucker side up, I actually got a little g spot action.

I was enjoying myself for awhile that way when my arm started to give out and I found it hard to keep a grip on the base. I tried flipping The Tentacle around and thrusting with the suckers facing down (toward my butt) and that really didn’t do anything for me, though it was much easier to hold onto. Even in firm silicone, The Tentacle gets soft, squishy and bendy toward the tip since it does taper down to a smaller size but that didn’t make it hard to insert at all. The Tentacle is covered in texture all around, the detail is amazing and you feel it but it’s not unpleasant.

The suckers are what I felt the most and that was mainly at my vaginal entrance. It was quite a unique sensation. I can definitely say that if you’re bored with “mainstream” dildos, you really need to try one from Bad Dragon. It won’t feel like anything else you’ve tried. The textured matte finish didn’t have a lot of drag and it stayed slippery and glided quite well for a long time without needing more lube. One thing I should warn you about is how noisy this toy is. Yeah, a noisy dildo. I don’t know, maybe it’s just how I’m built but this thing made all kinds of crazy sloshing and sucking sounds. Not a big deal unless you’re trying to be discreet.

bad dragon tentacle dildo

When I straighten out The Tentacle and measure from tip to base it’s 8 ½” long and about 6 ½” of that is insertable (if you can handle the girth toward the base). At the tip it’s 3 ¼” around, 5” mid-shaft and 7” where it meets the base. The base is 4” front to back and 3” side to side through the middle. This thing is seriously hefty and I wish I had something to weigh it on. I was thinking about smuggling it into the grocery store and putting it on one of the produce scales. I wonder if anyone would know what it is and what I do with it.

Since Bad Dragon’s toys are made from premium silicone they are nonporous and body safe. They contain no latex or phthalates and they can be completely sterilized by boiling for about three minutes or washing in a 10% bleach solution. Routine cleaning is as simple as washing in antibacterial soap and water but you’ll want to take extra care to clean around and in the suckers, where lube and body fluids could collect. The safest lube to use with this toy is water based lube. Some silicone lubes can react with the silicone toy and damage the finish. I tested a small amount of Sliquid Silk hybrid lube on the underside of the base and there was no reaction.

I would definitely recommend Bad Dragon toys to anyone looking for something different. They might not appeal to everyone but if it’s not your thing, I would urge you not to focus so much on the fact that they’re fantasy dildos and just think of them as really cool custom dildos with amazing shapes that produce sensations that no typical dildo can. They are incredibly well made and so gorgeous you’ll want to leave them out on display so, why not step outside the norm and try something totally new and unique?

I can’t wait to try my next Bad Dragon dildo but I can’t decide between Duke and The Anthro Dragon.  Which one do would you like me to review?

A word of caution… make sure you really pay attention to the dimensions and understand the scale of what you’re ordering. It can be a little confusing and difficult to visualize the size of these dildos because they are so different from what you’re familiar with. I learned that the hard way and made the mistake of ordering The Tentacle in the small. When I received it I was surprised by just how small it is. I mean, it was perfect in every way and Bad Dragon did absolutely nothing wrong. I just ordered something that was going to be too small for me to use in the way I wanted. That’s not saying the small wouldn’t be a good fit for someone else. In fact, I think it would make a pretty awesome anal toy but I was looking for a vaginal toy.

That put me in a difficult spot for reviewing it. How was I going to review something that was too small and yet still write the positive review that I felt Bad Dragon deserves? Well I contacted them, rather embarrassed actually, and explained the situation. And because they’re such an awesome company to work with they agreed to make another Tentacle in medium for me and I’m so thankful that they did because it’s an incredible dildo. They have a strict policy of not accepting returns, even if the sealed plastic bag has not been opened and that’s why you need to be very careful about determining the size that you want. That’s how I ended up with a small citrus orange Tentacle in medium firmness that now needs a good home. So with Bad Dragon’s blessing I am running a contest to win the small Tentacle. Enter here.


Bad Dragon provided The Tentacle in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

  1. If you do fantasize about having sex with dragons that’s totally cool too.

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  • Duke is one of my next buying options too! Pretty awesome that you were able to get a the size that was right for you and giveaway the other. BD is awesome.

  • Property Of Potter

    I’m super interested in the Anthro Dragon and hope to get it myself at some point! Get that one! Great review, I love the vibrant color!

  • Amber

    I love how this toy looks, The color is amazing too!

  • Those suckers do look pretty cool! I’d love to try one 🙂 great review!

  • Camryn Jones

    That orange really does look fabulous! I laughed at the though of yo u sneaking that thing anywhere, but if you were to attempt it post pics! *laughs*
    It’s great that they’re making you another; that’s true customer service!

  • Heaven

    I love how the orange on this toy pops out. It is a beautiful toy.

  • I could see how it would be difficult to hold while thrusting. It looks like it would be a lot of fun for external play. That’s awesome they sent you another one!

  • I’ve really been giving Bad Dragon toys a closer look. At first i was like…seriously? But…hell…it’s kind of hot that they are so…wrong. 😉

  • FrankinKal96

    Looks like a fun toy. I’d love to get one myself.

  • Ink

    Just goes to show you how awesome bad dragon CS is.

  • Athena

    I love BD! My girlfriend and I are wanting to try out the tentacle. I wonder if a small would fit in our harness?

  • phyrexica

    I’ve watched enough hentai to know… THAT I WANT ONE SO BAD. <3 @[email protected]

  • I love Bad Dragon! Their dildos are among, if not THE best I have ever had the pleasure to try. What a lovely colour too. Sorry to hear you got the wrong size but what a great giveaway, and a fab, detailed review too.

  • Scarlet

    I am a serious fan of Bad Dragon and there toys, the Tentcle is the second toy that I have wanted next to the David from them. I really love the quality of their toys. I am sorry that the size didn’t work for you however. But your review was great!

  • Michelle E Dunne

    Thanks for the great review! This is one I’ve always been tempted by and it’s definitely on my list now 🙂

    Always so hard deciding between sizes when BD is so good as to offer such range to choose from. I’m so grateful for the forum exchanges for the times when I’ve needed it (I’m usually opting for something much larger than I can manage :p

  • Diane Kepler

    Oh, now I see why. Good for us though. So excited that you’re giving this one away.

  • Mary

    awesome review, the color is really cool too, I don’t have any Bad Dragon toys yet so thanks for the cleaning info, I never even thought about the tentacles and stuff, now I will when I can afford one

  • Ben

    Seems exciting, I’ve been interested in this model of theirs for a while. Thanks for the insight!

  • thesindolldotcom

    I’ve never had one of these, but it’s good to know that it’s got a little noise to it. I wonder if that has to do with the little cups along it. Hmm..

  • Serena

    I bet the textures of the suckers is really interesting to feel. They do look like such well made toys and the reviews are always so good!

  • Ashley Pomykala

    I think that the suckers would feel really good when using it face up and love the idea of using the small as an anal toy. I love finding unique and fun things to use for anal play.

  • Sincerely Yours, N

    Your comment about the size was very helpful to me – I’ll be sure to get it in medium if I end up buying one! This is the Bad Dragon toy that I crave the most, but it’s just so expensive! I’m really excited about the texture of the tentacles.

  • RM

    I’ve heard such great things about Bad Dragon but never owned any of their toys.. but the Tentacle sounds really interesting! The little suckers on the Tentacle are especially appealing to me, I love texture. Thanks for the review of this one!

  • Sano

    Yeah I checked in the BD forums for those who order a small tentacle and surprisingly it’s pretty small (compared to all the other dildos on the site that come in a small oh boy.)

  • K

    thanks for a great review, bad dragon look fun to try

  • Wow this is neat!

  • dv8

    Good thing the suckers don’t actually work as suckers.

  • Shadowed Seductress

    The medium Tentacle seems like the ideal size. I really appreciate your detailed measurements, and that you specified you stretched it out to measure length. Love this color orange!

    I would love to see you review either, but since I want an Anthro next I’d love to see that one a little more.

  • Mr. Will

    I think you did an excellent job catching the details of toy in your pictures, and wrote an exceptional review of the Tentacle. Great point to warn people to check sizes first!