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Nov 012013

Congratulations to Nichole S. You won the We-Vibe II!


November is a special time of year for dizzyguy and I. It was shortly before Thanksgiving that we met. We’re not certain of the exact day but we usually just acknowledge our anniversary around that time. We observe the anniversary of our meeting because to us, it’s just as important as our wedding anniversary. We were pretty much inseparable since the day we met and built our lives together for 9 years before we made it “official” and got married. In our eyes, we had been married long before.

We met through one of those phone lines that used to exist in the days before internet dating (yes, we’re getting old). I guess back then people thought you were weird if you met people that way.  But we had just recently moved to the city from different places and really didn’t know anyone. We talked on the phone for a short while before we decided to meet up for dinner. That night would turn out the be the most important one of my life.  I never dreamed that I’d end up marrying the total stranger I met that night. But here we are 15 years later and happy as ever. In fact, we’re probably a lot happier these days than some in the past. We’ve been through a lot together and I know it hasn’t always been easy for him to tolerate my crazy ass. I am so lucky that I found someone I could trust and depend on.  It truly is us against the world.

We’re so much alike in so many ways. We tend to agree on most of the important stuff in life. I guess that’s how we’ve managed to come so far together. Even those who know us have commented on how much we think alike. It’s so comforting to me that I have one person in this whole world who gets me and understands where I’m coming from. That’s not to say it’s been all shiny happy all the time but when I look back over the years, I can honestly say that I have many more good memories than bad ones.

So, to celebrate all those awesome 15 years together I’m giving away a We-Vibe II! I thought that giving away a couple’s vibrator would be the perfect way to celebrate being a couple. Of course, I couldn’t do this all alone and the good folks over at SheVibe really are my heroes for sponsoring this giveaway. I can’t thank them enough for helping me celebrate. SheVibe is one of the coolest sex shops around and I expect each and every one of you entering this contest to give them some love the next time you’re shopping for a sex toy. Thanks a million SheVibe!













Must be 18 or over to enter. Contest is open worldwide however the winner must pay for shipping if outside the US. Winner will be chosen at random. I will contact the winner by email and they will have 5 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Contest ends 12/1/13

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 Posted by at 12:00 am
  • Paola

    Happy anniversary dizzy guys!

    Thanks for the chance (:

  • RyanMoore

    How cool!

  • Artemisia FemmeCock

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for the great giveaway. I hope you get some new toys for yourselves as well!

  • Kindred

    Happy Anniversary! A contest is a wonderful way to celebrate!

  • Property Of Potter

    The two of you have a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • gypsylibrarian

    Happy anniversary and many more.

  • Camryn Jones

    15 years?! *applauds* Omg, I wanna be like you guys when I grow up!
    We use vibrators during vaginal/anal intercourse pretty often so I bet my love would love to give this a shot. For science!

    • I hope to have the chance to try one of these couple’s vibrators soon.

    • Good luck!

    • Yep 15 looooong years. Just kidding.
      Good luck!

  • I hope you have a great anniversary! 15 years calls for something special.

    • Maybe we’ll celebrate like we did on our wedding night. Beer, pizza and a Cops marathon.

  • Mordu

    So many wonderful giveaways lately! 😀 I love discovering new sites!

    • Thanks. Hope you decide to stick around.

  • Heaven

    This is a awesome giveaway. Happy anniversary I hope you have a great one!

  • themisskat20

    Happy anniversary! Love your story. We don’t have any couples vibrators– I usually just hold a small vibe on my clit while we have sex so I would really love this! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    • If all goes as planned I will get to test drive one of these things.

    • I haven’t tried on of these yet either. Hopefully soon.

  • Perfect as a gift for my friends!!!

  • Fodra Sun

    Happy anniversary, thanks for the giveaway.

  • imagodiva

    Great item for a giveaway!

  • Rayne Millaray

    Aww! Happy anniversary! Y’all have 4 years on us. Hope your day rocks. <3

  • This is a great item for a giveaway.

  • Thank you so much for doing this, AND for doing it internationally! Sir and I are really into toys, so this would be a great addition.

  • nicholesmith

    Happy anniversary and thank you for the giveaway.

  • tacocurious

    Lovely story. <3 I've been with my man 5 years and… it's always a learning experience, but it gets better and better. 🙂

    • Patience. It takes a lot of patience.

  • Glumbumble

    I met my guy through an online dating site, which I guess is the modern equivalent to how you guys met. We’ve also been told we’re very much alike. And while I do agree that opposites attract, I think people who are a lot alike are more prone to staying together for the long haul. I’m happy for the two of you and what you guys have ^^

    By the way, I just noticed when going through your blog there was this one entry with a cupcake and it said it was protected. I thought that was weird.

    • The cupcake review will go live on the 15th. I just had to share it with a few people first. That’s why it’s protected. Stay tuned.

  • KK

    This sounds like a really interesting toy!

  • Angie

    I’ve been looking at We-Vibes for a while, but can’t afford one at the moment- would be wonderful to win this, otherwise I’ll just have to wait haha

  • thelesserunknown

    I’ve been contemplating buying a We-Vibe toy for quite some time; if one magically appeared like from a giveaway, I guess I’d just have to buy one of the Stronic series to continue down the priority purchases of my wishlist of lust (wishlust?)

  • Elena Kate

    Always been intrigued by this toy. We-Vibe’s silicone is soooo draggy that I worry it’d be difficult to thrust even with lots of lube. Perhaps I’ll find out!

    • That’s true, it is very draggy. I think I heard somewhere that the We-Vibe 4 will have different silicone with possibly less drag. dizzyguy doesn’t think it’s even possible to use one of these. Hopefully we get the chance to find out soon.

  • Sarah Bohr

    I have always wanted to try one of these!

  • granvillesbitch

    I hope you guys have a great anniversary month 🙂

    • Thanks. Good luck in the giveaway!

  • mlyn peters

    happy happy anniversary

  • Ivy

    i’ve always wanted to try the wevibe!

  • Stacy Wollett

    I would love 1 of these!

  • Jennifer aka Vicki Vix

    I think it’s great you met that way! I actually dated using those phone lines, and using online ads as well. Back in the old days! And here I am now using online dating… not really so different. Anyhow, congrats on 15 years… that’s pretty awesome. I have been dying to try the we-Vibe, and finally have someone to try it with [yay! May I be as lucky as you this time round – the dating thing gets old even with time-outs] so I am excited about the giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one!

  • Black Asphodel

    I’m not very savvy in the sex toy department, but this looks right up my alley. Thank you for the chance to win it!

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Bex

    happy anniversary! i love the story of how you met, it really is a special thing to fall in love with a ‘stranger’ like that.. my boyfriend and i met at a bus stop 😀

  • daveslack73

    Surprise Christmas present for my Wife? Oh, go on then!

  • Mary

    Happy Anniversary! This toy is so cute, really love the color scheme.

  • KinkyCornish

    What a fantastic prize! Happy Anniversary!

  • claire turner

    great prize, fingers crossed 🙂

  • Summer

    Happy anniversary!