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Nov 082013


One look at the Roxy sent me into a fit of laughter. My first thoughts were: Am I supposed to lasso my clit with this thing? And would that make me some kind of clit wrangler? Does my clit even want to be corralled?  I usually prefer stroking vibrators up and down my clit so I didn’t have much hope that this vibrator was going to work for me. But of course, I will try something and give it a fair chance before I pass final judgment on it. So, I did and… it’s pretty much what I expected.

The little loopy thing on the end did absolutely nothing for me. For starters, you really don’t feel much vibration in the loop. Plus, I just don’t think encircling my clit is how it likes to be stimulated. I tried putting the body of the vibrator (where you feel most of the vibration) against my clit and rubbing up and down, which usually works with other vibrators but, no luck. I just think the loop concept is all wrong for me and the weak, buzzy vibration didn’t help. So the Roxy is pretty much a total bust for me.

I usually try to find some good traits in a sex toy, even if I didn’t like it, because I know we’re all unique individuals and respond to different things. But I’m having a really hard time coming up with anything. Well OK, there are a couple of things I don’t hate about it. It’s waterproof and made of silicone and plastic. So, it’s going to be easy to clean and safe for your body. The materials used in this vibrator don’t contain latex or phthalates and are nonporous so, you can sterilize it in a 10% bleach solution. For routine cleaning, antibacterial soap and water are fine or, you could use a toy cleaner. You’ll also want to use water based lube with this one since some silicone lubes can damage some silicone toys.

So, I’m glad it’s made of safe materials but I can’t recommend it based on that alone. When I try to consider who this vibrator might work for, all I can come up with is maybe, possibly those who are very, very sensitive and can’t tolerate most other vibrators. Then and only then, do I think the loop thingy has any chance of getting someone off. You also gotta ask yourself if encircling your clit is the way to go in the first place. Obviously in my case, it is not. My clit likes to be stimulated right on top of its head, not all around it.

The Roxy uses one AA battery and has two buttons. One button is for power and the other cycles through its 10 modes, which consist of 7 patterns and 3 levels of steady vibration. Interestingly, the patterns on this vibrator are the same as those of another Cal Exotics vibrator I reviewed awhile back. This vibrator wasn’t strong enough for me in any of the modes and I’ve been known to get off on some pretty weak buzzy vibes but not this one. It comes in one color, soft lavender. So, I know many of you will be thrilled about that. It doesn’t come with a storage pouch (but a ziplock baggie works) and, It’s relatively quiet but for its lack of power, you’d expect it to be.

Overall, the Roxy was pretty disappointing but I can’t say that surprised me. Once I felt the weak vibration, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to give me orgasms. It is very affordably priced at around $25 so, if you’re really very sensitive, you might decide to give this a try and it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it underwhelmed you. I don’t know much about Dr. Laura Berman but I think she missed the mark on this one.



California Exotic Novelties sent me the Roxy in exchange for my unbiased opinion.


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