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Dec 032013

Oh my god. I just tried the njoy Pure Wand for the first time and… I…. I just… I’m in awe….. no words. Here…

+ + fascinator-red=squirt


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  • I saw the title of this post and I was scared to click because what if, just what if, for some reason, you had a bad first experience, and then I would’ve screamed in despair.

    But no. Good. This is good.

    • Your recommendation is a big part of why I wanted one. It did not disappoint. I love the Comet too but the Pure Wand is easier to reach with that handle curving up like that.

  • Camryn Jones

    The images. I died. I’m dead now. *is still laughing*

  • Heaven

    Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  • Heaven

    Omg, I had to look at the images again. I am cracking up in tears over here. But that is a wonderful combination for sure.

  • InquisitiveClam

    I love my njoy Pure Wand! I’m not a squirter (yet), but I love the weight of it and how it gets so hot from my body heat while it’s inside me.

  • Heaven

    I have the Tango on it’s way to me. Now I just need the Pure Wand and the Liberator throw LOL.

  • daPistol

    Oh, that Pure Wand… Oh, oh, OH!
    Haven’t squirted yet, but is it ever fun trying. 😉