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Dec 312013


The first time, I thought I was just having an off day. The next time, I feared the anorgasmia was returning. Determined, I tried yet again with no success. But I didn’t give up there. I tried and tried to orgasm with the Minna Limon. I wanted to give it every chance in the world to work for me. I absolutely love Minna’s other vibrator, the Ola so I just couldn’t accept the fact that the Limon and I were so completely incompatible.

I would have given up on other vibrators a lot sooner but I just couldn’t turn my back on the Limon. Plus, I needed to know what it was about this vibrator that was so totally wrong for me. So, I kept using it and then… finally… it happened. I eked out one lackluster orgasm from the Limon. To achieve this, I had to entirely change the way I normally stimulate my clitoris.

I get the most pleasure out of lightly stroking my clit with a strong rumbly vibrator. It’s very picky about what it likes. I can’t just plop a vibrator down on it and hold it there in one spot. It needs to feel the vibration moving around on it. And pressure tends to send me in the opposite direction, making it less likely that I will have an orgasm. My usual techniques don’t work very well with the Limon. So, how did I finally achieve an orgasm with it? I pressed down and rubbed that thing against my clit so furiously, it was like I was trying to make fire in the wilderness. This is not at all how I like to do things but it worked. I finally had meager orgasmic success with the Limon.

So, does this mean it’s a shitty toy? I don’t think so. I just think that it’s not a good match for me. Everyone has their own way of masturbating. Some like pressure. I like light touches. Some like diffuse broad vibration. I love focused pin pointy vibration. I guess you could say that the Limon just isn’t my type. It’s really made for someone who likes to put pressure against their clit and feel the vibration broadly over the entire area.

limon2 (1)

I thought that cute little nub at the end would work for more focused stimulation but it doesn’t. The vibration isn’t concentrated down into that point. It radiates out, through and all around the whole of the toy. So, it’s really more effective to place the Limon at a bit of an angle so that the broad round surface is in contact with the clit, rather than the pointy tip. At least, that’s how it seemed to work best for me. It’s not my favorite kind of stimulation, which likely explains why I have so much trouble coming with the Limon.

OK, it’s not great for me but I know this is exactly the kind of stimulation that some of you are looking for. And that’s why I can’t give this vibrator a bad review. I think if you need the broad, diffuse vibration and you like pressing down on your clit, this will be a great vibrator for you. The vibration is considerably rumbly, it’s just not concentrated into any one point on the vibrator.

Even though the Limon isn’t a good match for me, it is one seriously cool little vibrator. It employs the same squeeze pillow technology as the Ola and allows you to create your own patterns. It is a lot of fun playing with it that way. But if patterns aren’t your thing that’s OK too. The Limon can be set to a steady vibration as well.

Here’s how it works. You have one button. Press it to turn it on and it will pulse one, two or three times. Three pulses means you have a full charge and you’re good to go. Two pulses remind you that you need to charge it soon and one pulse means it’s nearly drained.

You begin in “free play mode” (only the power light will be on). In this mode you can squeeze the Limon however you like but it doesn’t save any patterns. Squeeze it lightly and get a little vibration. Squeeze it hard and you’ll get a lot. If you want to start making your own patterns, you press the button again, putting you in “record mode” (a circular arrow lights up). Then squeeze the Limon however your heart desires, wait a second and it will start replaying your pattern, until you squeeze it again. So, if you really like the pattern you’ve created you press the button again, putting it in “lock mode” (a lock shape lights up) and it will play it back to you, over and over for as long as you like. Unfortunately, the Limon has no memory so, you can’t save your pattern. Once you turn it off, it is gone forever. I think being able to save your patterns would be a cool little feature.

limon2 (2)

Patterns not your thing? The Limon has you covered there as well. To set it on a steady vibration, in record mode, simply squeeze it with as much force as you like for about 5 seconds and release. After a short pause, the Limon will play back a continuous steady vibration at the intensity you set it. If you squeeze again, you interrupt the steady vibration so, to lock it in, you would have to press the button once again (going into lock mode) without squeezing it. Another way to do it is to squeeze it as hard as you like in record mode and at the same time, press the button. That will lock in your steady vibration at your desired intensity.

The Limon is waterproof making it safe to take into the tub or shower and also easy to clean. A little antibLimonProducts_LARGE_largeacterial soap and water will do or you could use a toy cleaner. If you need to sanitize it, you can bathe it in a 10% bleach solution. It is made of body safe, nonporous, phthalates free silicone. You’ll probably want to use water-based lube since some silicone lubes can damage some silicone toys. The Limon comes in two colors – pink and teal.

If you travel with the Limon and change altitude, like on a flight, the squeeze pillow can deflate. There is a tiny port between the two charging contacts and you’re supposed to push something like a ball point pen into it, to re-inflate it.

This vibrator is USB rechargeable which some people like. I’m not one of those people but it seems to be a trend that’s not going away. So, if you don’t like charging your sex toys on your computer, you’ll need a USB to A/C adapter. Limon’s light (it says “Minna”, how cute) blinks while it is charging and stays on steady when it’s fully charged.

Packaging is quite nice and similar to that of the Ola. It’s cylindrical and the manual and charging cable/base are inside the lower portion. The container is sturdy enough that it could be used for storage. You get a cute little storage pouch for it as well and Minna covers the Limon with a one year warranty.

The Minna Limon just isn’t a good match for me. It can’t provide the kind of stimulation that my clit prefers. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good toy. If you like to apply pressure and broad, diffuse vibration then I think the Limon could work very well for you. If you need focused pin point vibration, like me, it’s best to look elsewhere. Incompatibility aside, I have to say that it is a very innovative vibrator and Minna deserves all the credit for creating something completely unique.


Minna provided the Limon in exchange for my unbiased review.

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