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Dec 302013


I never thought I would like being spanked. Sure, dizzyguy gives me the playful swat on the ass with his hand now and then but smack me with a paddle? No, way. That’s kinky stuff, right? Well, leave it to Tantus to give me yet another way to enjoy myself in the bedroom. They sent me the new Plunge Paddle and quite honestly, I wasn’t all that interested in using or reviewing it. Dizzyguy and I joked around about it but being a big sissy when it comes to pain, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about trying it.

Then I started reading other reviews of it and it finally did pique my curiosity. The first thing I did was smack myself with it on the leg for a bit, getting a feel for just how hard I could swing it and still tolerate the pain. If you put some force behind it, you’re definitely going to feel quite a sting. I was chatting with a sex toy reviewer/blogger/twitter friend, who has much more experience in things like impact play and she advised me that dizzyguy should use it on himself first so he could get a feel for how hard to swing it. So, one evening I handed it over to him and told him to give himself a good whack with it. He was surprised by the amount of sting it produced. But this was beneficial because now, he knew how much force to use when he spanked me with it.

My first time being spanked with a paddle went surprisingly well. Dizzyguy started out really lightly, putting just a bit of wrist into it. I let out a squeal each time. With every smack he would try putting a little more force behind it and each time, I’d squeal a little louder. Eventually, he reached a point where it really stung and I told him that was about my limit but I did enjoy the sting. I just didn’t want him to go any harder than that. So, it was a lot of fun getting spanked with a paddle for the first time and to my surprise, it really seemed to get dizzyguy quite aroused.

Other reviewers have said that the Plunge Paddle isn’t good for beginners and I have to disagree. As total beginners ourselves, we had no problem using it. You just have to get a feel for how much force to apply and if you go really gently, you get just a small sting that’s not bad at all. On the other hand, I have heard that this paddle works quite well for the very experienced in impact play and it can deliver the pain that some desire.

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So, the Plunge Paddle sounds like a pretty cool silicone paddle, right? Well, it is but it’s even more than that. It’s a dildo too. That’s right, you can spank and penetrate with the same tool. Tantus fashioned the handle into the shape of a dildo. And as a dildo, it works fairly well. The head of it is slightly up-turned, giving mild G-spot stimulation. I personally, would like it more if it had more girth but I suppose it’s a nice average size for most people. The only problem with using the dildo-handle is that you’re holding it by the floppy paddle end and trying to thrust with it so, that’s a little awkward. But overall, I think the paddle-dildo hybrid concept is pretty cool.

I think Tantus created a really unique kind of sex toy by combining a paddle with a dildo-handle and I enjoy using it more as a paddle than a dildo. But there is one glaring problem. And the second I opened the box my eyes zeroed right in on it and I immediately thought: Tantus, you know better than this. The obvious flaw with the Plunge Paddle is that Tantus put a hole through the head of the dildo-handle. I assume the hole is for hanging purposes but it kind of ruins the dildo functioning of the handle. Well maybe it doesn’t completely ruin it but makes it a pain in the ass to clean properly.

Here you have this silicone paddle-dildo thing that ought to be easy to clean because it is made of silicone, after all. But then there’s that damn hole. How are you going to get all the body fluids, lube and if you use it anally, fecal matter out of that hole? Some have suggested pipe cleaners but I haven’t tried it. And who wants to buy pipe cleaners for the sole purpose of cleaning their Plunge Paddle? You can’t get the bristles of a toothbrush down in there to scrub the gunk out. plungethwack

So, how do I clean it? Oddly enough, I already had the perfect little round brushes that fit right down into and through that hole. These are little brushes I use to clean the ports of my hummingbird feeders so, I don’t expect the average person to have these lying around.  You could always put a condom over the dildo-handle if you didn’t want to mess around with all of that fiddly cleaning.  If you’re not all that interested in using it as a dildo then it really does make a fine paddle but I wonder if it might make more sense to purchase the Thwack paddle for about $10 less if you aren’t interested in having the dildo-handle.

The Plunge Paddle is made of Tantus’ premium silicone so it is easy to clean (except that stupid hole). Antibacterial soap and water is perfect for cleaning it unless you need to sanitize it in which case, you could bathe it in a 10% bleach solution. You could also boil it for a few minutes if, you have a pot large enough that the paddle doesn’t touch the sides or bottom. If you’re going to use lube with the dildo-handle, it’s probably best to use water-based lube because some silicone lube can damage some silicone toys. However, it is possible to use them together and I have done so successfully with Tantus products but it always requires a spot test to confirm compatibility.

The Plunge Paddle is 13” long overall. The paddle portion is about 6.5” long, 3.13” wide and .25” thick. The dildo-handle is 6.5” long. The head is 1.31” in diameter and the shaft is 1” in diameter. It comes only in one color, black.

Due to the hole in the dildo-handle the Plunge Paddle makes a better paddle than dildo but you could always put a condom over it when you want to use it as a dildo.  I think the Plunge Paddle can deliver the bite that those experienced in impact play desire. But it’s also perfectly fine for beginners who can use it more gently to deliver an exhilarating little sting. I didn’t think we would enjoy it but it really has given us a whole new way to have fun in the bedroom.


Tantus provided the Plunge Paddle in exchange for my unbiased review.


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