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Jan 042014

500_emblemCongratulations @sassycat38, you won the GiGi 2!  Thanks everyone for playing and following!
I have 2 new giveaways running, make sure to enter! Links are at the top of the page.

Well, I made it.  Count ’em… 500 followers on twitter.  I promised that once I got there, I would give away a LELO sex toy and I am!  Thanks to all of you who diligently RTed to help get me there.  I wish I had a bunch of these to give away to all of you.  Good luck!


Winner chosen at random.  Contest ends 2/4.  Open worldwide however, outside the US must pay for shipping. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 7 days to respond, otherwise a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be announced on this blog and on twitter so, don’t use your real name if that bothers you.  By entering this contest, you agree that you are of legal age to purchase sex toys where you reside.

On 1/20 I’ll be sending out a newsletter with a secret code for extra entries in this giveaway.  Subscribe if you want ’em.


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 Posted by at 2:40 pm
  • Kindred

    Tell me something interesting about you.

    Although I was a biology major in college, I was also a Fine Arts minor which is why I still love art so much.

  • Camryn Jones

    Something interesting? I talk to my ancestors quite often.

  • Sydney

    Tell me something interesting about you: i have synesthesia!

  • Kat

    Interesting… ummm…
    I’m a huge fan of burlesque and am crafty to boot, so making pasties is a hobby of mine.

  • Pero1202

    Hmm… Something interesting… I speak four languages.

  • Kelsey Lynn

    I’ve gone bear hunting and have the rug to prove it! I prefer knowing where the meat I eat came from, and sometimes that means getting it myself.

  • friskysextoys

    Something interesting about me? Well, I studied at three different middle schools and four different high schools lol

  • InquisitiveClam

    I studied abroad for one of my two student teaching placements when I was in college. I went to England for two months and taught middle school students.

  • nicholesmith

    Something interesting… I was a Detroit city cab driver.

    • OMG, yeah… that’s interesting. I lived in the metro area for 5 years. Went into the city once.

  • Karen B

    I ran a marathon in San Francisco in 2005. (is that interesting?, no?) I used to be a funeral director/embalmer, (long story) and I was a combat medic in the army.

  • Heaven

    Hmm, something interesting you may not know about me is I have bi polar. But not a lot of people know unless they are really close to me. As you know me I am the calm cool one it really does take a lot to get me upset but if it happens then watch out now. I explode or have a nervous breakdown.

    • I’ve been Dxed different things by different doctors and BP is one of them. I don’t really have any highs anymore though. Been stuck in depression for a long, long time. But my med cocktail would point to something other than straight up depression. I’m doing much better these days. Found an effective combo of meds. So, I kind of know what you’re talking about.

      • Heaven

        I take meds too but not all the time. I can deal without them but if I need them I have them and will take them. The only time I really get depressed is during the winter months it is worse for me. Takes me time to do anything. That or I just want to be left a lone.

  • Elena Kate

    Interesting? Hmm. I work as a vegan cook and I am terrible at making the bed.

  • thelesserunknown

    Something interesting? I’m a broke engineering school student, we do nothing interesting. I have a lot of titanium hardware installed in my skeleton, and I look really young for my age.

  • daveslack73

    I’m a married 40 year old man and we have only recently begun to explore each other in different ways

  • Five random facts about me..
    1. I judge food more on texture than flavor.
    2. I run an boutique online sex store.
    3. I’m Dutch, but live in South Africa.
    4. I love glitter, pink, and bows.
    5. I love baking, but can hardly cook.

  • I never make the bed unless it was after changing the sheets. LOL

  • KK

    Hmm… I have Spastic Diplegia, and was told I’d never walk. Not only do I walk 3 miles a day on most days, I’ve rocked climbed, too!

  • Mr. Will

    I so want it, just for reasons!

    • I don’t know what those reasons might be but I will point out that it does not have a flared base.

  • Mr. Will

    Also, because I didn’t read the instructions first:

    I can give a manicure and pedicure. 😉

  • Something interesting about me…

    When I was about 7-8, I tried to ride a bike with no seat. I made it about one foot before I felt this sharp pain on my inner thigh and saw the blood running down my leg. I ended up having to have 4 stitches and still have a scar on my inner thigh. And no, I didn’t try to sit on the seat. I tried to stand up ride.

  • Nick Hardon

    I like to write erotic fiction. My wife and I don’t get things going as often as I would like so I find it a good outlet to write down what I would love to do with her if she would.

  • Lametastic

    My interesting thing is that I am obsessed with the video game series Paper Mario. I may be 21, but that does not stop me from being a huge video game nerd.

  • Something interesting about me? I still love stuffed animals like a 2-3 years old kid. As a bonus, I’ll add that if you ever meet me for the first time, I WILL be as still and quiet as a tree. However, after seeing that you are just as silly and weird as me, I’ll hype out so much that you wished you’d never bothered this tree.

  • trix23

    LL Cool J and I have the same birthday, seven years apart.

  • trix23

    Drat, I made the mistake of Rafflecoptering before coffee and put in the code from the 1/8 newsletter by mistake. If there’s a way to have that undone, I’d really appreciate it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • Fixed

      • trix23

        The RC is still showing that it’s filled in on my end. Sorry for all the trouble–I don’t want to get credit for something I didn’t do yet…

        • Well, if you’re the Trix I’m seeing in the entries, I did remove it and it is not showing up when I search on your name. So, nothing else I can do. Maybe contact RC.
          [email protected]
          I’ll tweet at them and see what they say but you might want to email them.

          If you need to contact me again for this, please use my contact tab up at the top.

        • The only help I got from RC is telling me to enter it manually so, that’s what I’m doing.

          • trix23

            Thanks so much–I’m sorry! I sent a screenshot to Josh at RC, and he couldn’t figure out what happened, either…

  • I drive a hearse

  • BMoney

    My birthday is the same day that you will send the seeeeeecret code. Let’s hope it’s lucky!

  • Kasey

    my fun fact – someone once mistook me for a tree, and I still sometimes try to figure out why

  • Dijon

    Something interesting :3, I love music, and have been to 100 + concerts 🙂

  • Angel

    Something interesting? Avid reading librarian here who loves to share reading erotica and sharing a toy or two with The Better Half. However, I started out in engineering as a college freshman, til I saw the light to become an educator instead (I have a teaching degree too).

  • NimbusDX

    An interesting fact about me? I’ve met Bill Nye the Science Guy in person. That’s kinda neat, I think.

  • granvillesbitch

    Hmm. Sorry this is sad interesting, but I’ve spent way too much time in a children’s oncology ward. It still breaks my heart to think about it.

  • I’m schizo-affective/ Claire sentient

  • SM2220

    Just wanted to say, I have a serious problem binge reading your blog… I start reading some reviews, and checking sales on things I have to have, and suddenly its two in the morning..
    Something interesting about me? Well, I read blogs pretty often, look at sales all the time, and I have one toy at the moment… all too often I research things so much to make sure I’ll love it, and then talk myself out of it. So maybe if you say the Gigi 2 is great, I should just bite the bullet.
    Also, I’m paralyzed with fear near iguanas. Like can’t breathe.

    • It’s so nice to hear that you like reading my blog. And honestly, I haven’t been keeping on top of my sales page lately. I didn’t think anyone was interested in it and I was a little burned out after promoting all the holiday sales. Guess I better get back on it. 🙂

  • Heather Malin

    Something interesting..I emailed you a little more detail..but fairly well off to basically homeless… Sounds pretty interesting..

  • Guest

    I’m a

  • Aida Delos Reyes

    I’m have a degree in computers, but I work as a journalist

  • Cherry

    I’m allergic to honeydew

  • BlackAsphodel

    I love anime and M/M fiction.

  • BruisedNBroken

    Oh something Interesting about myself.. I have visited most of the locations as to where Harry Potter was filmed =)

  • Martina


  • Giulia

    I really want it!

  • Justin

    This is my first time on this site!

  • My favorite toy used to be a Lelo vibe – but the charger was stolen in a robbery!

  • Raine Dawson

    I have 5 cats so I’m a crazy cat girl (yes I dress them up in cat clothes). i’m a book addict and I love the show Supernatural. I also fix cars for a living-grew up learning/helping in the garage with my dad every night.

  • Kate Ex

    Some people find this interesting… totally unintentionally, every boyfriend I’ve ever had has had my last name as one of their names [first, middle, or last]. Ended up marrying one who has my last name as his middle name =D

  • Jennifer P

    Something interesting about me? Hmmm… Grew up in the Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago, and went to school for a couple years in Kent, England before coming to University in the US.