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May 112014

CalEx Mix It Up

Participating in CalExotics’ Sexpert program, I am eligible to get a new sex toy to review every month, as long as I get them done on time, which I haven’t been great at lately. You get to make a wish-list but there’s no guarantee that you will receive anything on it. I haven’t so far. So, it’s very likely that something totally random will show up on my door step and it might not necessarily be something I would have chosen for myself. That was the case with the CalEx Mix It Up vibrator that I received for review. It really wasn’t something I could get excited about, which might account for my delay in reviewing it.

Well, it’s nice to know that I can still be surprised. I wasn’t expecting much from the Mix It Up, especially since it runs on AAA batteries. Vibrators like that are often weaker than I like. I won’t say that this vibrator is a powerful one by any means but it’s really not terrible. Power queens need not concern themselves with this vibrator but for more sensitive folks, this vibrator just might do it for you. It did it for me, totally unexpectedly.

The vibrations lie somewhere toward the middle of buzzy and rumbly, leaning slightly more toward the buzzy side, though not extremely so. It isn’t a numbing kind of vibration at all. The Mix It Up feels pretty good internally and I do get some mild G-spot stimulation out of it. When I pair it up with a clit vibe I do achieve moderately intense blended orgasms. Not the kind of orgasms that have me seeing stars but still quite enjoyable. There are some undulating ribs that swirl around the middle of the shaft and it’s a very subtle texture. My vagina is very particular about texture and it didn’t seem to mind. This vibrator is not squishy at all. It’s silicone over hard plastic, which I tend to prefer since it allows me to put strong pressure on my G-spot.

Where this vibrator really shines for me though, is on my clit. I was totally caught of guard by how good it felt. It had me approaching orgasm pretty quickly. The vibration is concentrated toward the end and that slightly pointed tip nestles down between my labia very comfortably. The orgasm came with relative ease. I’ve had to work a lot harder with much more expensive vibrators. I was in disbelief that this vibrator could get me off so easily. Just goes to show that you can’t always judge something without trying it.

CalEX Mix It Up

The Mix It Up is made of body-safe silicone and plastic and it’s waterproof so, it’s easy to clean. Soap and water will work, as would a toy cleaner. If you need to sanitize it, you can bathe it in a 10% bleach solution. It’s probably best to use water-based lube with this vibrator since some silicone lube can damage some silicone sex toys.

I do have a couple of complaints about this vibrator. First of all, it’s loud. I mean, really loud. If discretion is required then maybe this won’t be the vibrator for you. Then there’s the button. It’s big and it’s sensitive. I’m constantly turning it on by accident. So, that could also be a problem if you need discretion. It’s also annoying when you bump it ever so slightly while you’re using it and it switches to the next mode.

The vibrator starts on high steady vibration, then goes to medium and low. It feels counterintuitive and it’s a small annoyance. There are 7 patterns of varying pulsation and escalation. CalEx names them – Gradient Burst, Intermittent, Surge, Inta-Surge, Even Step, Roller Coaster Spurt and Pulsate. Press and hold the button at any time to turn it off. When you turn it back on, it will start in the mode that comes after the one you were on when you shut it off.

The packaging for the Mix It Up is very minimal and not really suitable for storage. You also don’t get a storage pouch. I find that a zip-lock bag works fairly well. The silicone has a powder soft matte finish that has very little drag and it’s not a lint magnet. This vibrator measures about 7 inches in total length with 4.5 inches from the tip to the silver band where the cap twists on. It has an average size girth of 1.35 inches at the widest point. There are three color choices – Pink, Purple and Teal.

CalEx Mix It Up colors

I absolutely was not expecting to like this vibrator but guess what… I do. Truthfully, it’s not going to replace my favorite rechargeable luxury vibrators but really, for the price of this thing, it’s actually not bad. I think experienced sex toy enthusiasts might be bored with it but I honestly think this would be good for a beginner who’s trying to figure out what they like.1 If you are a beginner, just know that there are much more powerful vibrators out there but the Mix It Up is a good place to start, if you want to try a vibrator that’s body-safe and inexpensive… but good luck finding a place that sells it. I couldn’t find it at any of my affiliates but you can get it on Amazon (which I normally don’t recommend) but beware, it looks like some merchants are charging a ridiculous price for this vibrator. I don’t think it should be a penny over $30 and I found it priced much lower than that.

Cal Ex

CalEx provided the Mix It Up in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Some reviewers use the “good for a beginner” line to sugarcoat their review on a toy that wasn’t really great. It’s not my intention to do that. I truly believe that given the price, body-safe materials and moderately strong vibration, it would be a good toy for a beginner.

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