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May 052014

Nobessence Seduction

There is one safe sex toy material that I haven’t had much of a chance to cover until now and that’s wood. Yes, sex toys can be made out of wood and please, don’t make me say it. Oh, alright… you won’t get splinters from a wooden sex toy. That’s usually someone’s first question.  But isn’t wood a porous material?  It is but when you buy from reputable manufacturers, your toy will be sealed with a nonporous, body-safe finish.1

With wooden sex toys it is so important to buy from a reputable company. There are some wooden toys being sold that have questionable finishes. You can even find wooden sex toys on Etsy but often the safety, porosity and durability of the finish are not known. Recently, another reviewer had a really bad experience with a toy made by Dee Lee Doo, where the finish broke down and degraded when exposed to water, which you should be able to do with a properly finished wooden sex toy.

Due to the prevalence of unreliable finishes there is, as of this writing, really only one wooden sex toy manufacturer that I trust and recommend and that’s NobEssence. They use a proprietary finish that they call Lubrosity and it has been tested for safety and durability. It is water resistant and compatible with all types of lubricant, which you’ll need very little of. They handcraft the most elegant, sensual wooden sculptures that are unbelievably smooth and virtually flawless. I’ve been so fortunate to have gotten my hands (and vagina) on one of their pieces, thanks to SheVibe, and it instantly became a favorite.

My NobEssence Seduction is pure perfection. I’m resisting the urge to tell you that it’s beyond incredible and you should just run to get your wallet and order one RIGHT NOW (or maybe I just did).  I think the Seduction is a must have for anyone with a G-spot2 and I could end the review right there because it really is that simple. I loved this dildo from the moment I opened the box and gazed upon its splendor then I used it for the first time and it was truly magical.  The Seduction appeals equally to both my inner sex geek and my inner nature geek.

Nobessence Seduction

The smaller ball-shaped end, which is 1.43″ in diameter, perfectly targets my G-spot and since the wood feels as hard as glass, I can get all the pressure I need, yet it’s so lightweight. It’s really nice that you can have that rigidity without all the weight of glass or steel. It makes for much easier thrusting plus, it doesn’t slip out when I let go of it to lube up my clit vibe because there’s not all that weight pulling down on it.

My first time with the Seduction, I paired it up with the Je Joue Uma on my clit and I had one of the absolute most intense blended orgasms I’ve ever had and I knew at that moment that this would be a dildo that I’d reach for time and time again. It’s one of those toys that I find myself daydreaming about and it makes me want to drop whatever I’m doing and go rub one out.

Nobessence Seduction

The smaller end totally rocks my G-spot but with the Seduction, you get a two for one. You can also use the large end and make no mistake… it is rather large. It was a bit of a challenge for me to get it inserted. The girth pushes my limits and since the end isn’t tapered, it was a little more difficult.  It wasn’t painful, there was just a lot of resistance as I tried to push it in. Once it did slide in, I felt completely full and stretched in a very pleasant way. It filled me up so much that there wasn’t a lot of room for thrusting so, I just sort of rocked the handle up and down, which is how I tend to use curved G-spot toys anyway.  This feels really nice but I definitely prefer the smaller end. The large end creates a broad, diffuse sensation whereas, the smaller end really concentrates the pressure, providing more intense stimulation.

NobEssence Seduction

The good news is, if you go for girth, the large end of the Seduction won’t let you down. Mine measures 1.8″  in diameter at the thickest point. Since these are handcrafted, each one will be unique and measurements can vary slightly but you will get something that is very close and because this is a rigid material, it feels all the more imposing.

Because of their Lubrosity sealant, NobEssence sex toys are easy to clean. You can use soap and water or a mild, 10% bleach solution. Just make sure not to use anything abrasive. If you accidentally drop the Seduction, look for damage to the finish.  If you’re unsure whether the finish has been damaged, you can soak it in water for a minute. If any dark spots develop then the finish has been compromised and you really shouldn’t use it anymore… and that would be tragic so, be careful.

NobEssence Seduction Wood Types

Click to enlarge.

The Seduction comes to you in a really lovely, stylish box with two elastic bands to hold it in place.  NobEssence sculpts the Seduction from 7 different types of wood – Iron Wood, Yellow Heart (which is the one I have),  Padauk, Sirius, Wenge, Black Palm and Laurel.  When you order directly from them you can specify which wood you want. You don’t necessarily get a choice when ordering from SheVibe but they’ll do their best to accommodate requests. No matter which type of wood you receive, they are all stunning and SheVibe has a better price plus free shipping. As always, when you purchase from SheVibe through my affiliate links, you’re supporting my blog and that is very much appreciated.

SeductionboxNobessence Seduction Box

NobEssence’s wooden sex toys are a bit pricey but what fine, handcrafted products aren’t? Anytime it takes great craftsmanship, patience and pride to create a product, you’re going to pay more for it. So, is the Seduction worth it? Absolutely, a million times YES.3 I adore this dildo. It’s so gorgeous that I like to leave it displayed as a fine piece of art (and you will too). It does an outstanding job of stimulating my G-spot and it has a natural warmth to it that you don’t get from steel or glass sex toys. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s just something uniquely sensual about masturbating with a toy that was lovingly made by hand.


The NobEssence Seduction was provided by SheVibe in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Want more information on wooden sex toys? Check out this article by the venerable Dangerous Lilly.
  2. I’ve heard rumors that it’s pretty damn good for folks with a prostate too.
  3. And don’t just take my word for it.  Read another glowing review.

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