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Jun 012014

Since I totally dropped the ball and forgot to plan a giveaway for my one year blogiversary, which was in March, I’ve put one together now, in June.  Why June?  Because it was this time last year that Blogger brought the hammer down on sex blogs with affiliate links leaving many scrambling to set up self hosted blogs.

So, it’s been one year that I’ve been self hosted.  Why not celebrate with a giveaway?  I have 4 awesome prizes for you from some equally awesome sponsors.  Make sure you support them because by doing so, you support this blog and I can keep bringing you new reviews and great giveaways.

Winners drawn at random. One prize per person.  Giveaway ends 6/30.  By entering this giveaway, you agree that you are of legal age to purchase sex toys where you reside.

NobEssence Romp

SheVibe has been as awesome as they always are and have sponsored an incredible prize.  Last month I reviewed the NobEssence Seduction and it instantly became one of my favorite dildos.  I love it so much that I asked SheVibe if we could give away something from NobEssence and they offered to donate the Romp.  The Romp has gotten high praise by choosey reviewers and now, you have the chance to own one.


SheVibe is responsible for prize fulfillment and will ship the prize within the US.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We-Vibe TangoGoodVibes wanted to help me celebrate by donating a We-Vibe Tango, one of the most beloved bullet vibes in existence.  I don’t have the Tango, yet, but I have the Salsa (its cousin) and it is one of my all time favorite vibrators.  I think everyone should own a Tango.  It’s simple but very effective and it’s surprisingly powerful and thuddy for its size.  Plus, it fits into toys with bullet cavities.


GoodVibes is responsible for prize fulfillment and will ship to the US and CA.
a Rafflecopter giveaway     $50 Lovehoney Lovehoney stepped up and offered to donate a $50 gift voucher which will allow the winner to buy whatever they want.  Who doesn’t love that?   Lovehoney The voucher is for the US Lovehoney website and they will ship to the countries listed here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway  

 Healy Glass Dildo

Healy Glass Dildo

Click to enlarge.

Matthew Healy is a truly gifted glass artist and he has an Etsy shop, Ttamage, that opened in 2009.   I reviewed one of his pieces last year and it’s a beautiful one of kind glass dildo.  He has kindly donated another one of kind piece to my blogiversary giveaway.  Make sure you stop by his Etsy shop.  I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

This glass dildo is about 7.75 inches end to end, measured along the curve.  The pointed head is 1.31 inches in diameter.  The shaft is .92 inches in diameter.  The rounded ball end is 1.23 inches in diameter.

I am responsible for shipping this prize and I will pay for shipping within the US.  Outside the US, winner pays shipping.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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 Posted by at 12:00 am
  • All the Ttamage toys are so pretty. I think the eggs look lovely in green.

    I’d buy Matryoshka from Good Vibes.

    Lovehoney has some lovely wetlook pieces, so that’s what I’d get from there.

    And from SheVibe, I’d buy one of the Tantus harnesses. Probably the Amazon Connoisseur Strap-On Harness by Tantus.

  • Stephanie R.

    So many beautiful toys to choose from! I especially love the color of this one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/185812882/small-curved-dark-green-twisted-massager?ref=shop_home_active_17 but I also like the shape of the one you’re giving away and the Smileys.

  • DanaesDen

    Happy self-hosting anniversary! These are great prices.

  • Kindred

    I would buy something Vixskin, probably Bandit.

  • Kindred

    The Medium Twisted Anal Plug from Ttamage is beautiful.

  • Lametastic

    I would buy the Lelo Mona 2 or the Tor from Shevibe

  • Lametastic

    My favorite of the rad glass toys is the ”
    Medium Large Curved Cloudy Unobtainium Nob Massager” I also appreciate the name.

  • Lametastic

    If I won the LoveHoney giftcard, I would use it to pay for party of the Wevibe 4.

  • trix23

    At SheVibe, I’d get a Vixen Spur, a Mona 2, or a Mystic Wand.

    At Goodvibes, I’d get a Laya Spot.

    At Lovehoney, I’d put the card toward a Gigi 2.

    The Large Clear Curved Nobby and Medium Twisted Teal dildos are lovely!

  • Property Of Potter

    This is my favorite from Ttamage:


    It’s just really unique compared to other glass pieces I’ve seen.

  • Black Asphodel

    My favorite is the Medium Colorful Amber Purple Mushroom The Anal Plug.

  • Black Asphodel

    I’d buy the Icicles No 25 Smooth Glass Butt Plug.

  • Black Asphodel

    From GoodVibes I’d get the Pure Plug.

  • Black Asphodel

    From SheVibe I’d buy the Pretty Plugs – Clear Crystal And Stainless Steel Anal Toy.

  • Fodra Sun

    For Ttamage I adore this one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/180279265/medium-curved-twisted-rainbow-massager?ref=shop_home_feat_3 I dont know why, but I love the idea of having rainbow sex toys, so this and a similar butt plug in small would be awesome.

    Lovehoney, I have a sizable list for them. I might go for a vixskin mustang, since they have it in the tie-bright color. There’s also a “strapless” strap-on toy with an inflatable end for the giver’s side that I’m considering. I’d probably take the plunge if I had the gift card, since I wouldn’t be out $70 if it doesn’t work out, or if I discover it isn’t actually silicone.

    I’d likely get a magic wand and silicone cap from Good Vibrations, maybe one of the tenga eggs to try on my mystic wand, or one of their dildos that they make.

    As for SheVibe, I’d probably grab something from BSAtelier. They have some really cool dildos,with really pretty colors.

  • Teal Valentine

    Matthew makes amazing pieces, there is no way I could choose one. I love all the multicoloured dildos but the blue/green butt plugs are beautiful too.

    As for what I’d buy from lovehoney, I have a wishlist full of items I’d love to buy but I think I’d go for the Lelo Ella or Tantus Charmer/Curve.

  • Katie

    There’s not much that I wouldn’t buy from Good Vibrations, but right now I’m kind of in the market for some kegel balls and the Je Joue Ami looks intriguing so I’d probably start with that.

  • Gem

    If i was lucky enough to win I’d buy a violet wand.

  • Elidia

    Oh man, shopping lists! I want a BS is nice dildo from SheVibe, I’ve been meaning to get dental dams from Good Vibrations, with the Lovehoney cert I’d probably pick up the Marc Dorcel Geisha plug, and oh, the glass toys … I’m stuck between one of those gorgeous rainbow plugs, and a tentacle to chase my friends around with.

  • vulgarvag

    I would probably buy the Stronic Eins Pulsator from Good Vibrations.

  • BlackOrchid

    I love Matthew Healy’s stuff from Ttamage, especially his new stuff like listing #191367929. His colors are amazing.

  • InquisitiveClam

    I’m in love with this butt plug. I love how long and thin it is. It isn’t too girthy, and I think the colors are gorgeous.


  • InquisitiveClam

    If I won the $50 to shop at Lovehoney, I’d buy something for my fiance. Maybe a cock ring since we haven’t found one that we like yet. Or maybe I’d get him a couple of Tenga Eggs or Cups. All he has right now is one Fleshlight, so I’d want to get him something new to play with.

  • Mandi

    I would put the $50 from Lovehoney towards the Lelo Smart Wand Large since it’s already on sale!

  • Camryn Jones

    SheVibe has the best price on the Pipedream Ceramix toys (no surprise there), so I would get the No. 5 or No. 6. Or maybe both, I’m still undecided *laughs*

  • Camryn Jones

    I really want to try one of the Pleasure Works dildos, so that’s what I’d buy from Good Vibrations. Probably the Admiral.

  • Camryn Jones

    Lovehoney has a lot of stuff! I want to try their Satisfy Me G-Spot dildo. It reminds me of the Lelo Ella.
    On the other hand, the Glas Candy Land Juicer Texture Glass Dildo is exactly the kind of glass toy I’ve been meaning to try, so I think I’d buy that.

  • Camryn Jones

    Omg, look at this! This is my favorite! It’s teal and my body loves this shape! I need it! https://www.etsy.com/listing/173349035/medium-teal-smiley-dildo?ref=shop_home_active_8

  • Heaven

    There is so much to buy from Lovehoney that I like but it probably be lingerie because I enjoy getting it from them.

  • Heaven

    I like the one that you have up for the giveaway the colors are amazing on it.

  • Peter Andreae

    If I were shopping at SheVibe I would be tempted to buy the
    Metal Worx Magnetic Nipple Clamps by Pipedream.

    On the other hand, if I went to the GoodVibes site I might stock up on Sliquid H2O lube.

  • Peter Andreae

    The curved nob dildo at the Ttamage store looks intriguing for the three nobs.

  • Nik

    What would I buy from SheVibe? What wouldn’t I buy! There’s so much good stuff to choose from.

  • Nik

    Same thing as with SheVibe…..I want it all! I’d probably get some bondage tape or the Aneros EVI Hands Free G-Spot Massager.

  • Nik

    If I won the Lovehoney Gift Voucher, I’d use it towards the Rocks Off Ro-Deo Rechargeable Ride-On G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator. It looks like fun!

  • MistyWindy

    I’d totally buy the We-Vibe Touch from SheVibe… Already got the Tango!

  • MistyWindy

    What would I buy from Goodvibes? Anything I wanted right this moment, because they totally have a rocking store less than an hour from me!

  • MistyWindy

    Let me tell you, do I ever have plans for the $50 voucher — aka, njoy pure wand here I come!!!

  • Atreau

    I would buy the Corkscrew Glass Dildo by Fucking Sculptures – Large, Red from SheVibe.

  • Atreau

    From GoodVibes, I’d buy the Original Magic Wand Vibrator.

  • Atreau

    From LoveHoney, I’d buy the
    The Whooper Swan Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator.

  • Atreau

    I like the
    Small Twisted Earthy Green Curved Standing Dildo.

  • Tim

    The Large Long Strait Purple Twisted Bumpy Massager from Ttamage looks like something my wife and I would have a lot of fun playing with.

  • DaddyDom

    Let’s see… what would i buy from
    Shevibe: Jackboot Paddle by Raging Stallion
    good vibes: Jopen e4 Ecstasy
    Lovehoney: Double Diver Double Penetration Vibrating Cock Ring
    and, my fave from Ttamage is: Medium Small Bright Rainbow Plug With Foot

  • Ross

    What would I buy from:

    Shevibe: Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator, if I had money to burn. The Bound by Tantus is also super tempting.

    Goodvibes: the Leaf Vitality.

    Lovehoney: the Devil Tongue from Glassvibrations.

    My favorite piece from Conscious Creations is this guy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/188073302/big-curved-painted-colorful-massager?ref=shop_home_active_24

  • ms tk

    i like the tantus echo from shevibe, the lelo smart wand from goodvibes, some roza ballerina stockings from lovehoney, and the medium curved from matthew.

  • Kris

    Each store has something I’d like to get.

    SheVibe has this breathable silicone ball gag, which looks perfect for my sensitivities to anything remotely toxic and my inexperience with ball gags.

    I’ve bought from GoodVibes before, and I’m always finding something I’d like to get. Though I’ve had my eye on the Fun Factory black Slinger for a while now.

    LoveHoney is a little trickier, as I’m just grasping just how much they carry to finally start whittling down my list. But for $50? The Bondage Boutique Steel Collar would be my pick.

    Ttiamage is more uncertain, as I’ve never had a glass toy and have no idea what I’d like with that material. But his Twisted Lave Orange Kegel Ball and Egg looks pretty enough that if it doesn’t work out then I’d have a gorgeous paper weight.

  • Bex

    From SheVibe, I’ve been thinking about buying the new Bound dildo, from GoodVibes I’ve been looking at the Siren dildo, and if I had $50 to spend at Lovehoney I would probably try their Happy Rabbit Natural vibrator because it looks like it would actually work with my body!

    I love Matthew’s glass toys so much, and I’ve been lusting after them for quite a while.. I especially want the small rainbow plug. The mushrooms are pretty cool, too!

  • NimbusDX

    From SheVibe there are many things I would buy! Particularly, I would buy the tie-dye Vixen Mustang. I swear, as soon as I have the money, it will be mine.

    From GoodVibes I think I might get the Pure Plug Medium. I have a nearly identically shaped plug that I absolutely adore, but the handle on it is just too bulky and obtrusive. The lower profile handle on the Pure Plug seems like it would be the perfect fit.

    As for LoveHoney, I think I might pick up their “Beaded” glass dildo or maybe Icicles #47. Something glass, I think.

    From Ttamage…. now this is the tough one. It is impossible for me to pick just one thing as my favorite. Everything he makes is just amazing pretty to look at. I love his internal glow-in-the-dark mushroom pieces. I love his plugs with the internal rainbow swirls. If I could, I’d buy at least 4 or 5 pieces from him. And best of all, he sells these beautiful pieces at extremely reasonable prices. Huge fan of this shop.

  • Pete

    What would you buy from SheVibe?
    At the moment I definitely need some storage for all our toys so I’d say: Devine Toybox in Black Faux Leather Toy Storage Box.

  • Pete

    What would you buy from GoodVibes?
    I would love to get the Fleshlight Flight Sleeve!!

    Fleshlight Flight Masturbation Sleeve
    Fleshlight Flight Masturbation Sleeve

  • Pete

    What would you buy if you won the $50 Lovehoney Gift Voucher?
    I would buy this outfit for my lady: Livia Corsetti Luna Satin and Lace Babydoll and Thong Set

  • Pete

    Comment on this giveaway telling me which one of Matthew’s pieces is your favorite.
    I definitely like this awesome Nobby Curved Blue Mushroom Massager.

  • sue

    I’d buy the Lelo mona or something vixskin =) gotta love that vixskin squishiness

  • Ima godiva

    I’ve kind of been craving the Mona 2,..

  • kay

    I would buy the Marc Dorcel 7 Function G-Spot Silicone Vibrator from Love Honey

  • kay

    I like the Adore Me Pleasure Set at GoodVibes

  • InquisitiveClam

    Did I miss the announcement of the winners?

    • I announced on twitter that the winners had all been contacted by email. I didn’t announce names. All winners were contacted and responded.

      • InquisitiveClam

        Thank you!