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Aug 152014

Jimmyjane Form 4

Part of me didn’t want to like the Jimmyjane Form 4. Let’s face it, they can be kind of pretentious, with their 4 hour flight on a private jet for $35,000 and the battery operated vibrator made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds for a mere $3,500.  But despite the fact that I was already somewhat biased against the company, I could not help myself from falling madly in love with this vibrator.

I don’t even know exactly what it is that makes me love it so much. All I know is that there’s something special about the vibration that can coax the orgasms out of me so easily that I am amazed each and every time it happens. Maybe it vibrates at just the right frequency to resonate with my sacral chakra or something. Hey, anything’s possible.

It’s so perfect for me that I begrudgingly accept its flaws. Well, besides the high price tag there is really only one glaring flaw. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Jimmyjane would manufacture a luxury vibrator with such a horrendous seam. This seam… it cheapens the toy so much. I have far less expensive toys that are seamless so, I really can’t understand why Jimmyjane would think it’s OK to have such an ugly, distracting seam on a toy that costs so much. And I hate like hell that I have to say that because I DO love this vibrator so very much.

Jimmyjane Form 4 Seam

The seam.

So, I think we’ve established the fact that I really hate the seam but what do I love about the Form 4? Everything else! The vibration and the shape are perfect for me. It’s not the most powerful vibrator I own and it’s not the rumbliest. But there’s just something about the vibration that feels incredible on my clit. The orgasms are effortless and I enjoy getting there so much more than with other vibrators. With other vibrators, it feels good but I’m really focused on getting to the orgasm as fast as possible. With the Form 4, I like to linger awhile and enjoy myself, slowly building up to some really fantastic orgasms.

It’s tough when I love a toy that costs as much as the Form 4. Of course, I want to shout from the rooftops about how good it feels and tell everyone that they must have one. But the high price tag throttles me back a bit because I know it’s a large chunk of change for many people. I’m not even sure I would have ever paid that much to buy one for myself but now that I know how great it works for me, I’d definitely spend the money to get another one if someone broke into my house and stole it. The problem is, it’s very likely that someone is going to hate a toy that I love.

So, who should probably not get this vibrator? Maybe people who require uber-powerful vibration. The Form 4’s vibration is in no way weak and it has plenty of power for me but it’s not the strongest vibrator I’ve ever felt. Some have described the vibration as buzzy and that surprises me because I don’t think it’s buzzy at all. It’s certainly not the rumbliest clit vibe out there but again, there’s just something about that vibration that feels different from other vibrators I’ve tried. Whatever it is, it’s just right for me and I hope that it’s just right for anyone who buys it on my recommendation. Because I do recommend it… despite the stupid seam and the price. As someone who often struggles to have orgasms, when I find a vibrator that makes it easy, it becomes very special to me and so it is with the Form 4.

The Form 4 has 5 levels of steady vibration and 3 patterns of pulsation and escalation. You select the patterns with the (~) button. It remembers the mode you were in when you shut it off. You can adjust the intensity of the patterns with the (+) and (-) buttons. The travel lock is engaged by pressing the (+) and (~) buttons at the same time. It is unlocked the same way.

Jimmyjane Form 4 Buttons

The motor is located near the tip so you feel the vibration where it’s supposed to be. The shape of this vibrator works incredibly well for me. The tip nuzzles down between my labia and while it’s not exactly pin-point stimulation, it does feel very focused and concentrated, rather than broad and diffuse. It’s very comfortable to hold but you do feel the vibration quite a bit in the handle. It’s not enough to really bother me though. I don’t think the noise from this vibrator is anything out of the ordinary and if you’re using it in a room with the door closed, you should be fine.

It takes 8 hours to fully charge but you won’t know if it is by looking at it on its charger because the light just stays on continuously. You have to remove it from the charger and the light will blink three times if it’s fully charged, two times if it’s partially drained and once if it needs to be recharged. The packaging says that a full charge gives you up to 7 hours of run time but Jimmyjane’s website says 4 hours of run time. Outlet adapters for the US, EU, UK and AU are included. I like how it sits in its charger but you do have to place it just right for the contacts to connect.

Jimmyjane adapters

The Form 4 is fully waterproof so feel free to use it in the bath. It’s easy to clean with soap and water. If you need to sanitize it, you can use a 10% bleach solution, rinsing well with water. Despite the seam, I do really like the feel of the silicone. It’s powdery soft will minimal drag. As with all silicone sex toys, it’s safest to use water-based lube since some silicone-based lube can damage some silicone toys.

I do need to address the marketing of the Form 4 because I don’t want my readers to be misled. Jimmyjane claims that it is flexible and conforms to the body but it absolutely does not, at all, in any way. It’s as rigid as the day is long and it certainly does NOT do this. I have no idea where they came up with that. They also claim that it’s great for G-spot stimulation. I’m not really sure how. The shape and size are in no way optimized for G-spot stimulation. Yes, you could insert the Form 4 into your vagina but I don’t really see the point of doing so. You only have about 3.5” to insert at a girth of about 1.4”. So, let’s call it what it is – a clit vibe. That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

When you spend this much on a vibrator you expect to get a storage/travel pouch but with the Form 4, you do not. Jimmyjane ought to be ashamed of themselves for that but they aren’t the only company to sell luxury toys with no pouch. The packaging is nothing to write home about and I suppose you could use it for storage but I don’t think it’s ideal. At least they are giving you a long warranty period of 3 years.

Jimmyjane Form 4 2

Yes, the Jimmyjane Form 4 costs a small fortune and yes, it does have a ridiculous seam but I adore it anyway. It’s the kind of sex toy that I daydream about and I get all tingly thinking about how good it feels. It’s so disheartening when you masturbate a desperately long time without being able to reach orgasm and that’s probably why I’m so fond of the Form 4. I know that when I use it, I’m pretty much guaranteed to have an orgasm and sometimes even multiples. How could I not love it?

Update: Since writing this review, the price of the Form 4 has come down quite a bit so, that’s pretty great! You can buy yours through my affiliate links within the review.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 was provided in exchange for an unbiased review by a company no longer in business. 

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  • Camryn Jones

    I choked up laughing at that giant seam. It looks like a pink shoestring *giggles*
    I like that you mention the frequency of the vibrations because I often forget about that and only think in terms of rumbly or buzzy. I should do some research on that!

    • Yeah, I can’t get over that seam. Of course, none of Jimmyjane’s stock photos show the seam.

      There’s something about the frequency of vibration that has a lot to do with how my body responds to it. I don’t quite fully understand it though.

  • Heaven

    Glad to hear you enjoy it and damn that seam is something else. I have yet to try anything by Jimmyjane and if given the chance would not even know what to get from them. That seam though would drive me nuts looking at it all the time.

  • HGG

    The Form 6 has the seam too, not enough to detract from the pleasure but just a bit ‘cheap’ looking.

  • Poppea

    I have to thank you! I had my eye on the Form 4 ever since I got a Form 2, but as it is a 1-motor-toy I didn’t think it could offer me something the Form 2 hasn’t. Your review made me see there is something the Form 4 offers, it’s its the broader stimulation.

    I bought it and I love it to bits. It takes turns with my Form 2 and I couldn’t be happier! It not only makes my heart and my clit sing, it is also made me dump my magic wand habit for good. Which was a good thing as the magic wand died a couple of days later anyway after being my sole orgasm maker for about 4 years. The Form 4’s vibrations are much more satisfying and I also think it is due to the incredible low hertz rate (50 – 60 hz) of the Jimmyjane toys. They seem to travel really deep into the tissue.

    As for the price: I managed to snag one when a shop had them for half the price as they stopped selling Jimmyjane, so I bought a spare Form 2 along with it. So everyone who can’t afford them right off the Jimmyjane site have a look around for an offer, it works. Also, Jimmyjane does offer sales themselves. Or team up with a friend. When you register a toy you are offered a 25% discount on your next buy.

    • I love hearing this. So happy that you like it. It doesn’t always work out that way and I feel bad when someone buys something I raved about and then they hate it.

      So, thank you for telling me this. The positive feedback is what keeps me going.

      Just so ya know, I’m testing the Form 6 right now and… it’s not that great. Review for that one will hopefully be soon.

  • Poppea

    Oh, no!!! I was just looking around the web for a deal on the Form 6. I turned down a Mona 2 because I was afraid I wouldn’t like the vibrations and thus settled for their couples toy (even though I have VERY bad memories of the We-Vibe 2) and wanted to buy a Form 6 instead.

    How are the vibrations of Uma in comparison to those of Form 4? Do they match in rumbling?

    There is another toy that sounds great, the L’Amourose Rosa. Unfortunately its very expensive and it is hard to find any reviews yet. However, the reviews out there are all very exited.

    • I’m really not liking the Form 6. Just doesn’t do much for me. Pretty useless for internal stimulation.

      Mona 2 is great. I’d definitely recommend that one.

      I love Uma. It’s quite a bit more rumbly and stronger than the Form 4. And it’s good for internal and external stimulation

      I really would like to try the Rosa. Haven’t tried contacting the company directly yet. Maybe someday I’ll get my hands on one.

      Don’t know if you’ve seen it but here’s a review of it.

      • Poppea

        Thank you for the link. Yes, I saw this. Like I said, it seems to be very good.

        But thanks to your confirmation that Uma is even stronger than my beloved Form 4, I will buy one right away. 🙂 I appreciate your taking the time to answer!

        Maybe I should get an older version of the Form 6. They have those patterns that roll between the two motors, which sounds awesome and the vibration strength in the two motors were controllable seperately. Its quite cheap now, so wouldn’t hurt so much, when I don’t like it that much. Hm. Food for thought again.

        And please let me say it once again: You really made me buy something I love like crazy. Thank you!