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Aug 122014

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Liberator Throe? I found it. If you need to protect your bed from messy sexy activities, Mambe’s waterproof blankets will do it and cost you less than a Liberator Throe. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Throe but I’ve heard time and time again that they’re just too expensive for a lot of people1. So, I started searching for something that could do the job for less. Granted, I didn’t have to search very long. I Googled “sex blanket” and Mambe’s site was first in the results. Nowhere on their site do they mention using their blankets as sex blankets but they must know that’s what some people will use them for.

They have several different types of blankets, all of which are waterproof. Some have fleece on one side and nylon on the other. I was looking for one of their most affordable options and found their “furniture covers”. These have fleece on both sides with a waterproof layer in the middle. I ordered the 60X60 for $59 and shipping was $10. You can get them large enough to cover the bed if you want to spend more. For the size they’re still a better value than the Throe.

Mambe Blanket

That’s the 60X60 furniture cover on a king size bed.

My blanket arrived fairly quickly considering it came from the Pacific Northwest and I’m in the Midwest. I was immediately impressed with how lightweight it is compared to the Throe. It feels very well made and the fleece is nice and soft.

I put it on the bed and poured some water on it and the water beaded up, not really soaking in. On one hand, I thought this was good because it shows that it’s not going to soak through to the other side but it could also be messy if you moved the blanket and the liquid rolled off onto the bed. I machine washed and dried the blanket and it came out perfect. I tested it again and this time, it absorbed the water but did not soak through to the other side. My bed stayed perfectly dry.

So obviously, I can’t speak to the durability of this blanket since I just got it but Mambe’s site does say that they’re “guaranteed for life”. I think I might actually like this blanket better than the Throe. My cat seems to like it too but the fleece is a fur magnet.KWDDSUS3QRDT7G73NLD3HW

If you’re looking for an even better deal, check their clearance items. Right now they have the furniture covers with minor cosmetic flaws in the fleece on sale at 40% off so, a 60X60 is only $35.  To make a sweet deal even sweeter, they’re running a free shipping promo.  You might also be happy to know that their blankets are sewn in the USA.

I am not affiliated with this company in any way and I bought my own blanket. I was just so excited to find a good alternative to the Liberator Throe that I had to tell you all about it.

  1. Some people were looking for an alternative because they have personal reasons for not wanting to buy from Liberator.

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  • Emma

    ooh, nice find! May have to try it out since I’m getting new sheets soon and I’m literally the laziest person in the world so washing the lube stains out isn’t something that really appeals to me.

    • The 60X60 for $35 is a good deal if you don’t mind cosmetic flaws. I don’t know why I didn’t get one of those instead.

  • FredKitten

    My throe collects water in droplets that roll off if I move, is that not normal?
    Anyway it sounds perfect, I don’t even like mine having a satiny side, double soft is much better, if I ever need another one, I’ll go for this.

    • Which Throe do you have? They come with a few different fabrics. I have the microfiber and the liquid soaks in. I assume you’ve already washed your Throe.

      The liquid beaded up in droplets on this Mambe blanket the first time I tested it but that was before I washed it. After washing, the liquid soaks in but does not get through to the other side.

      I agree, I like the soft fabric on both sides.

  • Camryn Jones

    This is great! I get really frustrated with the mess that squirting makes but I can’t justify the price of a Throe. I’m so happy you found an alternative!

  • NimbusDX

    Ah! How wonderful! I have wanted a Throe for a while, but simply cannot justify the cost. I will almost certainly get one of these!

    Thank you, dizzygirl. I really appreciate that you realize not everyone has bazillions of dollars to spend on sex toys and try to find actually inexpensive (yet safe) products to review rather than only inexpensive-by-luxury-standards products. A lot of review blogs are so not budget conscious and sometimes won’t even bother reviewing less expensive products.

    • My Mambe blanket is working out well for me. I’m glad I could help you find something useful.

      I do try to review products from different price ranges, as long as they’re body-safe. Although, I do believe that you get what you pay for. That doesn’t necessarily mean that an expensive toy is automatically good because it’s “luxury”. Goodness knows there are some expensive duds out there.

      As the price point goes down, I find fewer products that I feel comfortable recommending, simply because they aren’t that great but every now and then I find something that’s affordable and worthy of my recommendation.

      • NimbusDX

        That is so true. As the price point goes down, the safe and acceptable quality products are a lot harder to identify. That’s why “budget” toy reviews are so helpful to have around 🙂

  • Leah

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have purchased it within 10 minutes of reading your post!

    • I think you’ll be very happy with it. It works just as well as the Liberator Throe. I use mine all the time. Washes and dries just fine.

  • lickedbyfire

    Thank you for this! May I ask what exactly makes you like this better than the Throe (besides the price)?

    • It’s much more lightweight than the Throe and all the layers are bonded together. With the Throe, the layers are only secured around the border so you can actually like, pull the layers apart if, if that makes sense.

      • lickedbyfire

        Thank you! Helped me decide to go for this over the Throe.

  • quinn

    I just checked out the Mambe site and the indoor version mentions “intimate encounters” so obviously they got clued in at some point. (Also I really want the light brown/dark brown one now).

    • Haha, yeah. Apparently, they saw the traffic coming from this page because they approached me to review their new blankets. I just got one of them and the material is so silky soft.

      • quinn

        What’s your recommendation if I want a wand vibrator that’s a pleasurable toy and also good for pain relief? I would prefer one that at least has the option of getting a silicone head, and the easier to clean the better. (I have pretty significant chronic pain and lousy pain management options.)

        My sincere appreciation for this blog, and also for any answer to my question if the rest of your life permits it.