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Oct 272014
No More Wet Spot blanket

NMWS blanket on king size bed.

It says what it does and does what it says. I guess they could have come up with a more creative name but as long as it keeps my bed clean and dry, I really don’t care what they call it. Usually, when one thinks “sex blanket” they think of the Liberator Throe. Well now we have an alternative, the No More Wet Spot water-proof blanket, and it is very different from the Throe. However, it does live up to its name and saves me from having to wash the sheets every time I have a squirting orgasm.

The NMWS blanket is very similar to another water-proof blanket that I recently reviewed, that is not marketed as a sex blanket. Unlike the Liberator Throe, which has a satiny side, this blanket has fleece on both sides and the water-proof layer in the middle and I think I like that better than slippery satin. The layers of this blanket are bonded together whereas the layers of the Throe kind of move around and can be pulled apart. I think this is another advantage over the Throe.

This blanket looks and feels to be well made. It is machine washable and can go in the dryer. So far, it seems durable, surviving the washer and dryer with no problem. The dimensions are 50″X60″ so, that gives you a fairly generous area to play on. The NMWS blanket comes in two color choices, one is turquoise and purple, the other is red and gray. I think more color options would be nice, like maybe something more neutral on both sides.

NMWS colors

You’ll want to wash this blanket before you use it the first time because it has something on the fabric that makes the liquid bead up and run all over the place. After washing, liquid soaks into the fleece but not through to the opposite side. The fleece is reasonably soft but I definitely wouldn’t describe this as plush and luxurious. The only complaint I have is that during long sessions it does get a bit hot.

The NMWS blanket was shipped to me with only brown paper wrapped around the product packaging. There was no outer shipping box (I hope they don’t ship to customers this way). The paper was torn and the plastic packaging was coming apart along the seam. Thankfully, I don’t think it was ripped enough for someone to get a good look at the product packaging inside because, it is not discreet. It pretty much says what it is and what it’s for and there is a woman in her underwear. Maybe they could improve the packaging to be a little more discreet (I don’t think the scantily clad woman is necessary). It might help prevent some embarrassing situations.

This blanket is priced below the Liberator Throe but is about $20 more than the other water-proof blanket I reviewed, which is slightly larger as well.

I do like my No More Wet Spot blanket very much. It does exactly what I need it to – preventing lube and body fluids from reaching the bed underneath. I think maybe they could come down on price just a little since I did find that other blanket, which is practically the same thing, for less. Bargain shopping aside, I do think it’s a well made product that serves its stated purpose and as an added bonus, you can take it picnicking to keep your butt dry.

NMWS logoThe No More Wet Spot blanket was provided in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  • Heaven

    This is a neat blanket, glad to hear it does what it does but damn they have most of these things so pricy.

    • You can actually get a really good deal on that other blanket I linked to.

      • Heaven

        I remember the other one after I posted my comment, LOL that one was in a good price range.

  • Camryn Jones

    That name is so unoriginal I can’t quite take them seriously *laughs* I like the color options though; I’ve always liked turquoise 🙂