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Dec 312014

Perfect Plug and Plus

Congratulations Cajer and Diane!  Each of you has won a Tantus butt plug!

It’s a new year and Tantus has two new butt plugs and I’m giving one of each away. This is the second new year for my blog and I’m glad ya’ll still wanna read what I have to say. I also turn 40 this month and I don’t quite know how to feel about that. Happy to be celebrating another year on the planet but conflicted with all the feelings that come with getting older.

Now, what you’ve come here for. Late last year, Tantus released two new butt plugs – the Perfect Plug and the Perfect Plug Plus. The Perfect Plug, as its name implies, is perfect for beginners with its petite size.

The Perfect Plug Plus is a vibrating butt plug with a size more suited for an intermediate anal explorer. Well, the plug itself doesn’t actually vibrate. It has a bullet vibe cavity in the base and comes with a basic bullet. But if you have the We-Vibe Tango, it works great with this plug. Just ask dizzyguy, who normally doesn’t take much interest in my toys but saw it and immediately decided he wanted to try it. He’s pretty inexperienced in anal play and he was able to handle the size of this plug. Both plugs have the same wonderfully shaped base as the Tantus Neo. It’s designed to fit comfortably between the cheeks.

This giveaway will have a creative entry option. Do something creative to show your love for Tantus and submit it by commenting on this post. I will choose two creative entries and contact those people with a code for the bonus entries on 1/25 . Make sure I have a way to contact you.

Big thank you to Tantus for sponsoring this giveaway!


There will be two winners. You’ll have to tell me which one you want to win, in the widget. This giveaway is open internationally. By entering this giveaway you agree that you are of legal age to purchase sex toys where you reside. I will contact the winners by email and they will have two days to respond otherwise, new winners will be drawn. Giveaway ends 1/31.

So I can identify your entries, the widget asks for the first part of your email address so, everything before the @. Don’t give me the full address or, it’ll be hidden from me by Gleam.

Tantus Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus Givaway


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 Posted by at 12:03 pm
  • I may do something creative just to do it, if I can get motivated… cause I’ve got these sitting and waiting for me to give away too. Just trying to think of something cool to do with them lol

    • I’d love to see what you come up with.

  • I wasn’t sure the best way to post an image for my entry, so I just put it on twitter.


    • I thought Disqus gave you a way to post photos. I know I’ve done it before but now I don’t know how. Maybe you just have to use html and have the photo hosted elsewhere.
      But I see your entry and I love it so, thank you!

      • On Epiphora’s, there is a little image button, but I don’t see it on yours. I wasn’t sure if HTML would work or not. Let’s see…

        • Ah-ha! It was a setting. Got it now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

          • Good. Now you have a pic of me and my cock on your blog. 😛

          • Woohoo!

  • trix23

    I haven’t written a poem in a while, and it probably shows. 🙂 Had fun, though. I’m Trix in the widget, hope that doesn’t complicate things too much…


    by Trix

    It looked like swirly copper,
    A tiny bowling pin.
    I’d wanted it so much, yet I
    Was scared to put it in.

    I grabbed the lube and took a breath
    So scared that it would hurt.
    Fear melted into instant love–
    My glorious Little Flirt!

    The Ripple had me squealing next
    Each bulb a luscious tease.
    With every inch I felt so blessed
    It knows just how to tease!

    I nearly swooned when I first touched
    The Tantus 02 Flurry.
    Plush silicone and gorgeous tones
    Aroused me in a hurry.

    The firm shaft felt good in my hand,
    The soft head teased my mouth.
    I knew I couldn’t wait for long–
    I moved that phallus south.

    What bliss I then discovered as
    I thrust the Flurry into me!
    Like some perverted George McFly,
    I cried “You’re my dual density!”

    When I browse the Tantus website
    I feel consumed with greed.
    From the ProTouch to the RealDoe Slim
    It knows my every need.

    Here’s my word to the wise:
    The next time that you spread your thighs,
    There’s just one brand to win the prize.
    Oh Tantus, how you tantalize!

  • Lexi

    My creative entry! Its the best photo I can get with my phone. Its a perfect plug plus with lots of tantus plugs and patterns inside. So many hand cramps happened for this.

    • That’s beautiful. I’d love to have one that really looked like that.

  • Wren

    I know you already saw this on twitter, but I did a rubber band loomed Tantus Ryder cell phone charm because all my photo attempts turned out crummy and nothing else was coming to me so I did a cell phone charm.