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Jan 252015

Bubble Love

Want a new way to have orgasms? Well, maybe not so new if you’re like me and have experimented with the bubble jets in a jacuzzi tub. Oh come on, don’t act like you haven’t at least thought about it. It can be a feat of flexibility sometimes but when you get that jet of bubbles aimed at your clit, wonderful things can happen. But damned if it isn’t uncomfortable contorting yourself that way and if someone walked in on you, well… you’d probably never live it down. So what’s a girl to do? Enter, Bubble Love – your personal pleasure jet.  It’s like a jacuzzi1 for your clit.

If you spend a lot of time taking long hot baths then you might enjoy the Bubble Love. It has the power of a jacuzzi jet right in your hand so, you can aim it at just the right spot. Just be careful how you aim it so, you don’t spray yourself in the face (or spray water all around the bathroom). Not that I did that or anything. I’ve been told it can spray 18 feet.

As you can imagine, this feels nothing like a vibrator and I think it’s more gentle than a powerful vibrator. If you need Herculean levels of stimulation to get off then Bubble Love may not work for you. But I am able to have orgasms with it and it’s really hard for me to have them sometimes. If you know you’re a power queen then I’m not sure Bubble Love will do it for you. Then again, since the sensation feels totally different from using a vibrator, you might not need the same kind of power.

So, how is this thing any better than a shower massager?   To me, this doesn’t feel anything like the jet spray on my shower massager, which does nothing for me, as far as orgasms go.  The bubbles in the water feel very different to me plus, I can’t get reclined in my shower like I can in my big tub (I have a separate shower stall and tub).


If your bathroom is set up like mine, you’ll be able to relax in a nice warm bath instead of trying to get off standing up in the shower, which I can’t do.  I did try using the Bubble Love in the tub/shower in my smaller bathroom but that tub is quite narrow and I couldn’t get my legs spread apart as much as I needed to.  So yeah, you’re probably going to need a larger tub.  If you do have a comfortable tub/shower combo, maybe you could get a shower massager with a longer hose and try using it under the water.  If that leads to orgasms for you then you’ve spent a lot less than you would on the Bubble Love.  But then, you’re adding more water to your bath and if it takes you a long time to get off then… maybe I haven’t thought this all the way through.

Bubble Love attachments

Notice how the weight of it pulls against the suction cup. The Dilly also fell off several times while trying to take this picture. Not the best set up.


There’s a suction cup that attaches to the bottom for “hands-free” operation but it just wasn’t working out for me. It’s probably the texture on the floor of my tub, combined with the weight of the device. It wouldn’t stay suctioned and didn’t position the jet at the right height for me anyway, even though the height of the suction cup is sort of adjustable.  It’s just not realistic to expect hands-free operation.  Besides, you’ll want to keep a grip on this thing anyway so you can maintain control of the jet at all times.  I just hold the unit and tilt it up and down slightly so the bubbles caress my clit. It feels pretty damn wonderful and you don’t get numb like you can from a vibrator.

You can adjust the intensity of the bubbles by turning the little heart-shaped dial on the top. This is also where the tube for the float connects if you’re going to be usingBubble Love dial it in water that’s deep enough to cover the dial.  Even using the float, it still sucks in water sometimes and makes ridiculous sounding slurping noises.

You can also vary how the jet feels by moving the unit closer or farther away. Farther away, it feels more broad and diffused. Close up, it feels more pinpoint. I prefer to have it right up against me.

There is a silicone dildo attachment that Bubble Love calls the Dilly2 and it wasn’t really my cup of tea. It fits loosely into the socket beneath the bubble jet nozzle and kind of swivels around and easily falls off.  I think that if you want dual stimulation you’re probably better off just using a separate dildo, if you have enough room under the Bubble Love.

The instructions say that a full charge will last for over an hour of run time. The power switch flashes red when it needs to be recharged. The switch will flash green while it’s charging then go to steady green when charging is complete. This might seem like common sense but I do advise you to let the device dry out thoroughly before you plug it in to charge. You’re not supposed to run the Bubble Love when it’s not submerged in water. If you try, it’ll shut down and reset when you turn it off and on again.

Not gonna lie, this thing is kind of loud. I do think people outside your bathroom are going to hear you using it, unless maybe you have a jet tub and it’s running at the time. I guess you could always try to say that it’s a massager for sore muscles but I can’t promise that anyone would believe you.  Then again, the Bubble Love doesn’t scream “sex toy”. Of course, with the Dilly attached it’s a lot more obvious.

Bubble Love packaging

Bubble Love is certainly a fresh approach to self pleasuring. Granted, bubble jets are nothing new but having the power of one in your hand, allowing you to direct the stream exactly where you want, is something that I haven’t seen before.  It is rather expensive but anything new and different usually is. Unfortunately, that makes it a big gamble. I would hate to see someone spend that kind of cash and be totally disappointed. That’s why I say that those who need really intense stimulation might want to think long and hard about this one before buying it but I do think that people who have a large tub and relax in it often, will be pleased with the Bubble Love – just skip the Dilly, forget about using the suction cup and aim carefully.


I received the Bubble Love in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Yes, I know “jacuzzi” is a brand and should be capitalized but frankly, I don’t give a damn.
  2. It is 4.75” long and 1.5” in diameter

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 Posted by at 9:31 am
  • I’ve actually never used a showerhead before. Nor have I had the thought of using a showerhead to masturbate until I joined this community. But sadly, I don’t live in a house with a removeable showerhead. The Bubble Love seem to be a perfect thing for me to try but… I think I’d rather go buy a removeable showerhead than to spend a fortune on this. I really don’t see the difference between this and a shower head @[email protected]

    • I thought I explained how it’s different but maybe I didn’t do it well.

      To me, it doesn’t feel the same. And you can be down in the water with the BL. If you try to use your shower massager under the water, you’re adding water to what’s already in the tub and if it takes you a long time to orgasm then you’re going to have to stop and drain some water out of the tub.

      But yeah, the BL is expensive.

      • You explained it well! I should have worded my comment better. I just don’t see how the price justifies it. But that’s just me! And plus, I’ve never used a showerhead before so I don’t know XD

        • Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I have a hard time justifying the price too but I don’t know… maybe it’s worth it to someone who likes relaxing in the tub a lot.

  • Camryn Jones

    I really like the idea behind this product, but I don’t have a big enough tub right now to even attempt to use this thing.

  • Sincerely Yours, N

    I like the idea of this product, but I seem to never have the time to take baths anymore. Thanks for the review! It’s nice to know that this toy is decent; I wasn’t expecting it to be worth a second glance when I first heard about it!

  • Heaven

    Oh this thing sounds awesome but I am not sure if I be able to use it now these days. I used to do the same thing with the water from the jets even in the shower. I love your tub, mines is not even half that size so it may not be so enjoyable.

  • I still have to review mine. I WISH I had a tub like yours though. I’d be using Bubble Love at least weekly.