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Feb 252015

Rocks-off Bamboo

It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a $25 vibe. It’s not powerful and it’s very much surface buzzy. However, it can actually give me orgasms that feel pretty good. Granted the first time, I was coming off a dry spell and a subtle breeze across my clit might have done the job just as well. But it is what it is… an inexpensive vibe. And I know there are folks looking for just that.

If you don’t need a lot of power and you like buzzy vibrations then the Bamboo by Rocks-Off is probably going to be a great little vibe for you. It’s just the type that you can tuck into your purse or pack for a trip. It would be great for travel because you wouldn’t be heartbroken if it got lost, damaged or stolen. You could pack the single AAA battery separately to avoid any vibrating luggage incidents.Bamboo open

I hesitate to recommend cheaper buzzier vibes to beginners simply because they’re inexpensive. Just because someone is a beginner, it doesn’t mean that weak and buzzy vibrations are going to get them off. But I can say that if you’ve never tried vibration on your clit before and you’re wondering if you’ll even like it, this wouldn’t be a terrible purchase. Just know that much more powerful rumbly vibrators do exist if this one doesn’t do it for you, though you’ll be paying quite a bit more for them.

I think my clit’s personality has been changing a bit lately because when I first felt the Bamboo’s vibration, I did not expect it to get me off. And yet it did, fairly easily. I also notice that I’m not using my powerful vibes at full throttle (on my clit) very much anymore. So, maybe I’m becoming more sensitive. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy my more powerful, rumbly vibrators much more than the Bamboo but I’m still quite surprised that this little vibe can get the job done for me.

The Bamboo has three levels of steady vibration and annoyingly starts on the highest. The lowest level is far too weak for me and the highest level is too buzzy. So, I enjoy this vibe most on the middle setting. It does also have 7 patterns but I usually don’t care much about patterns and this vibe didn’t change my mind on that.

This vibe is waterproof and made of body-safe ABS plastic. You can use any kind of lube you like with it. Clean it up with soap and water or, if you feel the need to sanitize it, a mild 10% bleach solution can be used. One AAA battery is included and the vibe even has a 6 month guarantee. There are 5 colors but currently Filthy Dirty stocks the Rose Gold and Pink Passion.

Bamboo compared

Bamboo, Tango, Lipstick

The Bamboo certainly isn’t going to join the ranks of my favorite clit vibes but come on, what can you get these days for $25? Can you even feed a family at Taco Bell for that anymore? You know how some people wear their fake diamonds when they’re on vacation because they don’t want their good jewelry getting lost or stolen? This vibe is kind of like that. It works in a pinch and you can take it with you everywhere and not really have to worry about it.

I’m always trying to find decent inexpensive sex toys because I know that the luxury stuff just isn’t practical for some folks. I think this vibe is good for what it is and its price. If you know that this kind of vibe isn’t going to do it for you and you’re willing to spend more and would like something close to the same size, I highly recommend the We-Vibe Tango. But you really can’t directly compare the Bamboo to the Tango. They are very different vibrators at very different price points.

So, if you’re thinking about buying this or another vibrator please consider purchasing it from Filthy Dirty. Why should you buy from them? For starters, you’d be supporting my blog and a wonderful, woman-owned, sex-positive small business that is committed to curating only quality, body safe sex toys. Filthy Dirty is so serious about this that they even pledge a “Body Safe Promise”. These are the kind of retailers that should be the norm and that can only happen if we support them.

As always you can get 15% off your order at Filthy Dirty with my discount code: TMG15
Plus, if you spend over $75, your order ships free.

Filthy Dirty

Filthy Dirty provided the Rocks-Off Bamboo in exchange for an unbiased review.

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