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Mar 012015


I can’t believe that my little ol’ blog turns 2 years old this month. When I started all this, I had no clue how far I’d go with it. But here I am, still doing what I do. And there you are, still caring about what I write and that’s the most amazing part of it for me – that so many people would actually care about what I have to say about sex toys or, anything else for that matter.

If it weren’t for you, the readers and followers, and support from amazing retailers and manufacturers, this blog simply wouldn’t exist. So I can’t thank you all enough for all that you’ve done for me.

But I am going to try to say thank you by giving away some awesome prizes (9 of ’em) and it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful companies that graciously donated them. So, make sure you support these companies by clearing your cookies and clicking through my links before making your purchases. By doing so, you’ll be helping me keep this blog alive and giving back to the companies that make all of this possible.

You can enter all of these giveaways but you will only win one prize.  I will start with the random drawing for the Tantus prize.

I will contact the winners by email and they will have two days to respond.  If they do not, another winner will be chosen.

All of these giveaways end on 3/31

Prize #1

gift-cardSheVibe has been one the biggest supporters of my blog.  They’re a wonderful company for bloggers to work with and an even better place to buy your sex toys.  SheVibe has donated a $75 gift card so, you can buy whatever your heart desires.

This prize is open to the US only.

I will be passing your contact info to SheVibe.

Winner: Jesse

Click here to enter to win the SheVibe Gift Card.

Prize #2

filthy dirty gift card

Filthy Dirty is one of my newest blog sponsors but they’ve already given me a ton of support.  Their selection is carefully curated for quality and best of all is their “Body-safe Promise” which lets you shop with confidence.  Filthy Dirty has donated a $50 gift card to spend on whatever you want.  Also, I can’t thank them enough for sponsoring my trip to Woodhull’s SFS this summer.

This prize is open to the US only.

I will be passing your contact info to Filthy Dirty.

Winner: Anita

Click here to enter to win the Filthy Dirty gift card.

Prize #3

GV prize

Also sponsoring my trip to Woodhull this summer is a wonderful sex positive retailer known as Good Vibrations.  They’ve been so supportive of my blog and the company is nearly as old as I am.  You can’t stay in business that long unless you know what you’re doing.  GoodVibes has donated two of my favorite things, a We-Vibe Tango and a bottle of Please Cream lube.  This is one prize.

This prize is open to the US and CA

I will be passing your shipping info to GoodVibes and they will ship the prize.

Winner: Kindred

Click here to enter to win the Tango and Please Cream

Prize #4

SIRI-2_blackLELO makes one of the most beloved G-spotting vibes on the planet, the MONA 2.  This infamous vibe has a cult following.  Now LELO has released what’s become my 2nd favorite LELO toy (behind the MONA 2), the SIRI 2.  I was very impressed by the power this vibe possessed.  It has a sound responsive mode that frankly, I could live without but as an orgasm inducing clit vibe, it performs splendidly.  Now you have a chance to win one, thanks to LELO.

This prize is open worldwide.

I will be passing your shipping info to LELO and they will ship the prize.

Winner: Kelly

Click here to enter to win the SIRI 2.

Prize #5

Lovehoney prize


Lovehoney is huge.  No really, they’re everywhere.  Well, almost everywhere.  With operations in the US, UK and AU they have the capacity to reach more customers than any of my other blog sponsors.  They have an unheard of returns policy that gives you 365 days (you read that right) to return an item for any reason.  Yes, even if you’ve used it.  They also have one of the best shipping deals I’ve seen.  Spend just $40 and your orders ships for free.

They have generously donated a Lovehoney Satisfy Me Curve Silicone Dildo – I’m working on reviewing one myself and so far, I really like it- and a Lovehoney Lockable Small Sex Toy Case.  This is one prize.

This prize is open to the US, UK and AU

I will be passing your shipping info to Lovehoney and they will ship the prize.

Winner: dirty-gardener

Click here to enter to win the silicone dildo and case.

Prize #6

Wet Platinum

Wet Platinum is my all time favorite silicone-based lube.  It’s the only thing dizzyguy and I use together and I also love to use it with my sex toys.  We’ve relied on it for years and it never lets us down, even – in our opinion out performing some more expensive brands.  Since I wanted to give away things that I loved, I contacted Wet to see if they’d like to donate a bottle of my favorite lube to my giveaway.  I was thrilled that they said, yes.  I hope that the winner of this lube loves it as much as I do.

This prize is open worldwide.

I will be shipping this prize.

Winner: Crystal

Click here to enter to win the Wet Platinum lube.

Prize #7

Liberator Wedge PeepShow Toys

The Liberator Wedge was the first thing I bought when I entered the world of sex toys and accessories.  It continues to be one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for my sex life.  With the Wedge, I discovered an entirely new kind of stimulation that I’d never felt before.  With me on my back and the Wedge under my butt, it puts me in the perfect position for dizzyguy to hit my AFE zone.  And I absolutely fucking love it!

So you can imagine how excited I was when PeepShow Toys offered to donate one for my giveaway.  I want to be able to give one to someone else so they can hopefully experience all the wonderful things that I have.  We use the Wedge every time we have sex.  We might try other positions and stuff but we always want to come back to using this.  Nothing else comes close to feeling as good as when we use the Wedge.

PeepShow Toys has been a reliable supporter of my blog and they’re a great place to buy your sex toys and accessories because they only carry products made of body-safe materials.  They are also a highly appreciated sponsor for my trip to Woodhull this year.

This prize is open to the US only.

I will be passing your shipping info to PeepShow Toys and they will ship the prize.

Winner: Erica

Click here to enter to win the Liberator Wedge.

Prize #8

l_amourose Rosa Rouge

I’d call the L’amourose Rosa Rouge the Cadillac of vibrators but that would cheapen it.  Sarah said it best when she called it the Aston Martin of vibrators.  My micro review on twitter pretty much sums it up.  This thing is incredible.  I’m still working on my review of it and I’m worried that I won’t make it sound as amazing as it really is.  If you need strong rumbly vibration, the Rosa Rouge will absolutely delight you.  Oh, and did I mention… it’s heated too!

This prize is open worldwide.

I will be shipping this prize.

Winner: @TMIwithPanda

Click here to enter to win the L’amourose Rosa Rouge

Prize #9

Tantus prize Echo Handle

Click to view in glorious detail.

Now, I’m going to do something a little different for this unique prize.  Tantus graciously donated a beautiful, one of a kind, blue and white swirled grab bag Echo Handle and a bottle of Sliquid Silk (one of my favorites).  For a prize this special, I thought I’d run a different kind of giveaway.

To enter to win this prize, find a creative way to wish me a happy blogiversary and thank Tantus for this prize.

It can be anything – a drawing, a picture, pottery, painting, music, poetry… anything.  But it has to have taken some effort. Writing “happy blogiversary” on a piece of paper won’t cut it.

Also, tweet to thank Tantus for offering such an awesome prize.

Email your submission to me (dizzygirl812 @ gmail.com), along with a name you want to use publicly, and the link to your tweet.

I will add the submissions to the comments section of this post and I will enter your name into a spreadsheet.  On 3/31 I will use this random number generator to pick a winner.

I will be shipping this prize.

This prize is open worldwide.  Good luck!

Winner: Liza

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