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Apr 202015

Tantus Uncut 1

I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually seen an uncircumcised penis in the wild, only on the internet. I suppose as an American, that’s not so unusual. But that didn’t suppress my excitement when I was one of the first to get my hands on one of Tantus’ new Uncut dildos. I know I’m not the only one excited about them. Tantus unveiled them at ANME in January and Twitter was all a buzz. Apparently, there are some folks who have been feeling left out due to the scarcity of uncut dildos in the marketplace and that totally makes sense. It kind of makes you wonder why it took so long to create some1. Well, Tantus finally did and I think they’ve done a pretty fine job of it.

The dildo that I received is the Uncut #2 and it’s a sample. It was just sheer luck that it ended up in my possession. These dildos aren’t even available yet but I’ve heard that they should be next month. There will also be an Uncut #1, which is larger, with a more bulbous head and less exposed glans.

The very first thing I noticed when I got it out of the box and started squeezing it, was how squishy the head and foreskin area is compared to the shaft. This squishy silicone felt familiar and I knew immediately that Tantus had used their O2 silicone. It feels a lot like the Flurry and Cush, maybe even a little softer but I could be imagining things. It is pliable but not as much as Vixskin dildos. The shaft is quite a bit firmer with some flexibility but not so much that it would droop in a harness.

Uncut #1 in wild

Uncut #2 in the wild.

Tantus was going for a totally realistic look with this dildo and quite honestly, due to my lack of experience with the real thing, I might not be the best judge of how close they came to cloning an uncut cock. It does have veins and slight creases and the surface has a subtle texture to it that resembles real skin.

The Uncut #2 feels more real and natural than say, something like the Tantus Vamp. When the uncircumcised head penetrates me, I do notice a subtle difference from dildos with prominent, exposed glans. I’d say using the Uncut #2 is a relaxing and leisurely experience. It doesn’t give me super intense stimulation of any kind but it is nice to thrust with while using a vibrator on my clit. It doesn’t give me blended orgasms because there’s not enough G-spot stimulation for that but thrusting with it as I’m having an orgasm feels great. I do crave a little more girth than what the Uncut #2 has to offer so, I think the Uncut #1 would give me more of what I’m looking for. But the size2 of this dildo is going to be great for those who need something smaller.

You can care for this dildo just like any other silicone dildo and for more on that go here. Water-based lube is recommended. A high quality silicone-based lube, like Sliquid Silver, may be compatible but you should always do a spot test on the base because some silicone-based lube can damage some silicone sex toys. The Uncut dildos are going to be available in three colors – mocha, cocoa and cream.

Tantus Uncut #1

There has been a real need for dildos with foreskins and leave it to Tantus to fulfill it. I can’t tell you if it feels similar to a flesh and blood, uncircumcised penis since I’ve never felt one up3 but it does feel different from other dildos I’ve used. Of course, the foreskin is not retractable and I’m sure when someone can figure out how to pull that off, it’ll be a big hit. But I think it’s nice to finally have something that represents what the majority of penises in the world look4 like.

You can’t buy the Tantus Uncut dildos yet but keep checking this post because I’ll update it with a link to where you can purchase them when they are available.

Update: The Tantus Uncut dildos are now available at PeepShow Toys for just $79 –  both sizes! Use code DIZZY for 10% off that and get free shipping on orders over $70!

PeepShow Toys

PeepShow Toys provided the Tantus Uncut #1 in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. I’ve seen packers and fantasy dildos with foreskins but no realistically human silicone dildos.
  2. 1.5” in diameter at the thickest point and 6.5” of insertable length.
  3. Please don’t make any offers.
  4. There is some debate whether “look” or “looks” should be used in this sentence. I’ve read this and I’m still not sure. What do you think?

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