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Apr 252016

Jimmyjane Intro Vibes

Jimmyjane has always been a bit of pretentious brand. I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. At one time, they were advertising a ride on a private jet for $35,000. You’d have to spend over $100 to get any of the vibes in their Form line. I really liked the Form 4 but the Form 6 was ridiculously bad and totally not worth the exorbitant price.

Somewhat recently, the same company that owns Pipedream (a company that I don’t support) bought Jimmyjane. So, that might be what led to the creation of their new Intro line of vibes. I do like the idea that they’re trying to offer more affordable toys. These vibes are all made of body-safe silicone – I wouldn’t be reviewing them if they weren’t – they’re waterproof and batteries are included, which are probably the best attributes of any of them.

A couple of their Intro vibes come in the same shapes as their Form vibes (the 2 and 6) but they use batteries instead of being rechargeable. I was disappointed to find that they all use 2 AAA batteries with the exception of the Intro 1, which uses three watch batteries – uhm, no. Early in my reviewing career I would have been more forgiving of a vibe powered by watch batteries but now? Not so much. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that Jimmyjane would put their “prestigious” name on a vibe that uses watch batteries.

Given the fact that they’re powered by AAA batteries and watch batteries, they’re not nearly as powerful as Jimmyjane’s rechargeable Form vibes. I think maybe they could have gotten more power using 2 AA batteries instead. Would it have been that difficult to design them that way?

Jimmyjane Intro 1

Browsing Jimmyjane’s offerings, I realized that if you wanted a small, watch battery-powered vibe, you could get their Iconic Bullet. It probably feels a lot like the Intro 1, which is weak and buzzy, but I don’t think it has patterns. If you simply must have patterns, the Intro 1 is 12 bucks more but since patterns don’t do much of anything for me, I don’t think it’s worth it. Suffice to say, I’m not impressed with the Intro 1. Not even a little. But at least it’s made of body-safe silicone and it’s waterproof.

Honestly, this vibe didn’t blow me away either but if you want something similar that costs less, I can recommend the BMS Factory Rain Vibe. It’s small, waterproof, uses one AAA (instead of 3 friggin watch batteries) and has more power than the Intro 1. Then again, I think a gentle breeze across my clit would be more stimulating than the Intro 1.

Jimmyjane Intro 2

Next up we have the Intro 2, which looks a lot like the Form 2 or, what many like to call… the tooth vibe. I’ve tried one of these pronged vibes before and that one did nothing for me. My clit just doesn’t work that way. I almost always use vibes on the right side of my clit (it’s a righty) or on top. The left side doesn’t get a lot of love but it doesn’t really want any so, the Intro 2 isn’t designed for me in mind. But different clits do like different things and as I understand it, some people actually like the Form 2 so, maybe those people would also like the Intro 2. It might be hard to be objective since the Intro 2 isn’t my kind of vibe but I feel like it’s rather weak and buzzy. It’s like sandwiching my clit between two frenzied bees on meth.

Jimmyjane Intro 4

The Intro 4 looks nothing like the Form 4 (which I love for clit stim) and the shape of it totally did not excite me in any way. And you might be noticing a pattern here… it was pretty much weak and buzzy. I really don’t have anything else to say about this one. It’s totally forgettable and I don’t even think Jimmyjane needed to add it to the collection.

Jimmyjane Intro 6

The one vibe in the Intro line that I thought might have half a chance of impressing me was the Intro 6. Yes, I hated the Form 6 but I thought its shape was OK for G-spotting so, I figured the Intro 6 at least had that going for it.

So, was the Intro 6 the saving grace of the Intro line? Well, I did like it the best but that’s not saying much. As expected, the shape is pretty good for G-spotting but it just doesn’t have enough power for me. My G-spot needs more power than my clit does so, the Intro 6 just doesn’t make the cut. On my clit if feels… just OK. It’s kind of boring and as with all these Intro vibes, it’s weak and buzzy. It’ll work in a pinch but I have other vibes I would much rather use for clit stim. It’s like, I can orgasm with it on my clit but I don’t enjoy it all that much.

A good alternative to the Intro 6 is a vibe that I really do like and it’s only $9 more. The Lovelife Cuddle is more powerful and rechargeable. The only complaint I have about it is that it’s splash-proof and not waterproof. But I don’t use my toys in the bath so, that’s fine with me.

Overall, I’m just totally underwhelmed with the Jimmyjane Intro vibes. I know I can’t expect the same level of quality and powerful vibration as a $100+ vibrator but still… I really can’t get excited about any of these vibes. And that ain’t just the depression talking.

This isn’t an attempt to sugarcoat but I have to say it – if you don’t need deep, powerful vibration then these vibes might work for you. I still recommend you stay far away from the Intro 1. It’s just awful. Get that Rain Vibe instead if you want a small, battery-powered vibe like that. I think for the price points of the Intro vibes there are similar battery-powered vibes that feel about the same and cost less. In other words, I just don’t think these vibrators are anything special.

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Trystology provided the Jimmyjane Intro vibes in exchange for an unbiased review.


I believe this is a Carpenter Bee. There were many. They didn’t seem to mind the vibrator photo shoot.

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