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May 152016

Tantus Rumble

Tantus is the quintessential manufacturer of premium body-safe silicone dildos and butt plugs (and one of my favorite companies). Now, with the Rumble, they’ve entered the world of vibrators. It all started with a popular crowd-funding campaign, for which there was an outpouring of support. They wanted to create a vibe that could be used by anyone, regardless of gender or disability. I think Tantus succeeded in what they set out to accomplish with the Rumble.

First, a quick run-down of the pros and cons.


  • Removable, washable silicone head
  • Silicone head is not a lint magnet (pay no mind to the lint in my photo) and is silky soft
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, easy to hold
  • Simple controls
  • Gender neutral colors
  • Moderate power
  • Rumbly at lowest intensity
  • Great for broad stimulation
  • Flexible head
  • Rechargeable


  • Broad head is not good for me. Interested to see future attachments. Need something more pinpoint and something insertable would be good.
  • Not as powerful as a wand massager like the Magic Wand but it was never meant to be. Tantus wanted it to have levels of intensity that are suitable for a wide range of people.
  • Vibration gets kind of buzzy at highest intensity
  • Not waterproof or splash-proof

Tantus Rumble

The Rumble isn’t the fanciest vibe I own but sometimes, simplicity is better. I often don’t need a lot of the bells and whistles that other vibes have. Just give me some good rumbly, steady, pinpoint vibration and I’m happy.

The controls are situated so that you aren’t likely to accidentally turn it off. If you click the (+) button too many times and end up in pattern land, a place I loathe to find myself, you can click the (-) button and get back to the steady vibration settings.

The shape is angled in a way that it’s not awkward to hold while reaching the places you want it.

I would really like to see at least a splash-proof version. I don’t want to use it in the bath, I just want to be able to easily clean the unit itself. For now, antibacterial wipes will have to do.

Rumble attachments

I definitely need to reevaluate the Rumble with attachments that are better suited for me. It’s not that I dislike the Rumble. I think it’s a quality vibrator with a thoughtful design. It would be perfect for those who enjoy broad stimulation but that rarely gets me off. Tantus does have plans for some additional attachments and it looks like at least one of them will be just what I need. Who knows, with a pinpoint-y attachment it might rock my world and I could be ranting and raving about the Rumble. For now though, all I can really say is that it’s well made and probably good for people with preferences that are different from my own.


Tantus provided the Rumble in exchange for an unbiased review.

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