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Aug 272016

A couple of years ago, I went on a search for an alternative to the Liberator Throe. Why? Well, I’d heard so many of my readers say that they’d love to have one but the Throe was just too expensive. I admit, it wasn’t too difficult to find what I thought was not only a better bargain but also, a better product.

All I did was Google “sex blanket” and the first link was to Mambe Blankets. I took a look around their site and found their furniture covers. They seemed like just the thing I was looking for so, I bought one. You can read the review for that one here.

Apparently, Mambe had gotten enough traffic from that review that it caught their attention because just recently they contacted me about reviewing one of their new blankets, the Silky Waterproof Throw. I checked out the product page and was thrilled to see that they suggest it can be used for “intimate encounters”.

Mambe Silky Blanket colors

Mambe sent me the 60×60 Silky Waterproof Throw in “Dove/Buff” and the 30×36, just so I could see the other color option. The moment I took it out of the packaging and felt the material, I was in love. It is so incredibly soft and as the name suggests, has a sort of silky feel to the fleece. The furniture cover I bought a couple of years ago is nice but the material is nowhere near as luxurious as this.

The first thing I wanted to do was wash it to see if it came out feeling just as soft as before. The care instructions tell you not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets. I know that they can sometimes leave residue on fabrics and over time, actually make them less soft. The Silky Waterproof Throw came out of the dryer feeling just as fluffy and silky soft as when I first opened the package. The only thing left to do was to test its ability to keep my bed clean and dry during “intimate encounters”.

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my newsletter or get my blog posts via email, my libido is in the shitter. Don’t know why and that’s not what this review is about anyway. Plus, I’m not a reliable squirter so… I tested the Silky Waterproof Throw with half a cup of water. I’m not sure anyone squirts half a cup but if so, I commend them.

Mambe Silky blanket cup

I poured the half cup of water on the Throw and what happened next was unexpected. The water beaded up and did not soak in. Now, this happened with the furniture cover that I bought but that was before I washed it. After I washed the furniture cover, the liquid soaked in but not through – exactly what you want from a sex blanket.

Mambe Silky Blanket beading 1

Mambe Silky blanket beading 2

I let the liquid sit there for about ten minutes and it just stayed beaded up on the fabric. So, imagine you’ve squirted all over the Throw and you roll off the bed and… there goes ejaculate all over your bed. In fact, this is what happened when I carefully tried to fold up the blanket with the water on it. Some rolled off and got my bed wet. Essentially, my bed stayed dry until I tried to remove the blanket.

I adore how this material feels against my naked skin. It is truly luxurious compared to the furniture cover that I bought before. But it doesn’t really perform like a sex blanket should. And if you used it to protect your chair from dog piss, it would present the same problems. I really wanted to like the Silky Waterproof Throw but it just doesn’t work for me as a sex blanket. I might keep in my car in case I ever break down in a rain storm with no cell signal and I have to walk.

Note: After I told dizzyguy about how the Mambe Silky Waterproof Throw performed, he said he should try using it to protect his car seat when he comes home from the gym all sweaty and nasty (this is a boxing gym set up in a dude’s barn so, no showers). It works perfectly for this purpose.

The Silky Waterproof Throw didn’t perform how I wished it would BUT I still highly recommend Mambe’s Furniture Covers.  I have the 60×60 Furniture Cover and right now it’s only $69 AND you can save 10% with code TMG2016

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