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Sep 302016

It’s a long story and I don’t need to bother ya’ll with it but in a nutshell, the company that was running that last giveaway that I was promoting, didn’t handle it well. Their entry form quit working halfway through. I only found out because a reader told me. They said it was a technical glitch and seemed to fix it.

The giveaway ended on the 19th and I’ve been asking if a winner has been drawn. I have gotten no response. I can only assume that they did not draw a winner (if I find out that they actually did, I’ll correct my statement).

I think it’s a pretty shitty move on their part and I feel bad for sending my reader’s to a bullshit sham of a giveaway.

So, I have used what they paid me to promote their giveaway to buy a $75 SheVibe gift card that I will give away! And trust me, I won’t cut and run. Someone WILL win this gift card.

The giveaway is open worldwide. You must be of legal age to purchase sex toys where you live. Winner will be sent gift card code via email by SheVibe. Giveaway ends 10/31

This giveaway is sponsored by me!

*whispers* Psst, hey you… yeah, you… while you’re here entering the giveaway, why not take a second to vote for me?

$75 SheVibe Gift Card

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 Posted by at 11:18 am
  • C. Poly

    Oooh! Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize. It SUCKS that the last company who was hosting ghosted on you like that!