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Oct 222016


It has been awhile but I’m back to review the Aneros Vice. This was a toy that I was very interested in trying because I’ve owned the Helix for a few years and have had pretty good success with it. The fact that the Vice has a removable vibe is what really intrigued me. How much of a difference would vibration make? That’s what I was looking to uncover in this review.

The packaging for the Vice is pretty cool. It definitely lets you know what you’re in store for. It displays a “Winner of the AVN “O” award for outstanding product design for men” sticker and “over 1 million sold” on the outer packaging. The red outer sleeve has a pic of the Vice on the front and a description on the back. The storage case on the inside is a little more stealthy. It’s a red folding box that has Aneros written on the sides. The Vice and its vibe sit in a plastic form fitted piece that also contains the user’s manual. Storing this in plain view might not be a problem because anybody who knows what Aneros is will understand. But it’s also unusual enough that it might lead to questions.


The bullet vibe uses 1 AAA battery and is crafted from stainless steel. The Vice is constructed of high quality, medical grade silicone so, glycerin and paraben free water-based lube is recommended.

The first thing that I noticed is the size difference between the Helix and Vice. The Vice tip width is 1 1/4” compared to the Helix’s 1 1/16”. The Vice mid ridge width is 1 1/4” to the Helix’s 15/16”. Both have an insertion length of 4”. If you have any experience with butt plugs or other prostate toys, size shouldn’t be a problem.


The tabs at the base of the Vice are also different from the Helix. The perineum abutment tab (massages the taint) and the Kundalini or K-tab (which provides pressure on the Kundalini spot between your buttocks) are smooth and very comfortable. No more hard plastic edges rubbing my skin, which was a problem with the Helix. Once inserted, this toy stays in place and is very snug. Removal takes some effort.


The first time I used it, I wasn’t expecting the mind-blowing hands free orgasm or the multiple prostate orgasms but the main thing I noticed was how comfortable it is. Insertion was slow and steady but not painful or uncomfortable at all. Of course, I’m not shy with the lube and you shouldn’t be either. Once in place you can definitely tell that you’re hitting the prostate because of that having to pee feeling.

The breathing and squeezing technique with the Vice is a lot more intense than with the Helix because of the size, which gives you a more full feeling. It was very easy to get into that relaxed squeezing mood and I’m not sure how much time went by but I had quite a bit of leaking happening and I hadn’t even turned on the vibe.

The vibe has 3 different vibration strength settings with 2 patterns in those settings. They go from low, medium, and high. The vibration functions are steady, low to high (escalating), and tap tap tap.

The low constant vibration is very soothing and relaxing. It’s soft enough to get you warmed up but not too intense to be overwhelming. I found the low setting to be a good place to try the patterns. After a while the constant vibration is a bit much because it seems to numb things and feels a little too predictable when combined with the squeezing and relaxing. The low to high escalating pattern was the one that I found to be the best. When you’re squeezing and holding in this setting, each repetition feels like you’re building closer and closer to an orgasm. The tap tap tap pattern was too predictable and I found it to be distracting.

The medium setting is my favorite. The vibrations are very intense and feel more like a rumble. The constant setting is very powerful but after a while will make things numb. The tap tap tap pattern was a bit more pleasurable but still felt predictable. Again, the low to high escalation is my favorite pattern. The vibrations are intense enough to keep you going but not too high to numb the area. This resonates all the way up to your lower abdominals. Squeezing with the medium power escalation pattern was bar none, the best part.

The high setting is definitely that. It’s more like a buzz than a rumble. The vibrations didn’t make me numb but very sensitive and tingly. I wasn’t able to stay on the constant vibration setting for more than a few minutes because it didn’t feel like I was building toward an orgasm at all. It felt more like just a vibrator. The tap tap tap pattern felt a lot better on this speed than the others but I think the little break in the rhythm combined with the high vibrations made me feel like my prostate was under attack. The low to high escalation is next level stuff. The rumble at the bottom and the buzz at the top are very intense. I found that after using this pattern for a while though, things leveled off and didn’t seem like I was building toward an orgasm.

Clean-up is very easy. I recommend putting a small amount of lube on the vibe before inserting it into the Vice, as it will make removal a piece of cake even with lube everywhere. Antibacterial soap does the trick on the Vice but I’m a bit more cautious cleaning the vibe. There is an o-ring under the cap but it is not recommended for submerging underwater. Antibacterial wipes are perfect for cleaning the vibe. Cleaning the lube off of myself seemed to take longer than actually cleaning the toy.

I have yet to achieve the coveted hands free orgasm or multiple prostate orgasms with the Vice but I’m definitely not done trying and I’m here to tell you this is a great product. After each session I feel completely whooped. When I do have an orgasm, the length and volume far exceed regular masturbation. My ass is usually buzzing and very sensitive. The closest thing to describe this feeling is when you are on the receiving end of a good rim job. This toy also works great when combined with a blowjob. I can usually last awhile but with the Vice inserted, Dizzygirl doesn’t have to work very hard to get me off.

I had used the Vice quite a bit before writing this review because I feel it’s impossible to review a prostate toy after only one or two tries. This is a toy that you’re going to want to be patient with unless you are a very experienced prostate toy user. I’ve found this product to get better with each use. I definitely do recommend the Vice. I did find what I was looking for in reviewing this toy. The difference of having vibrations with a prostate toy is pretty incredible. I’m not going to stop using non-vibrating prostate toys but the Aneros Vice has definitely found its way into my rotation.

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PeepShow Toys provided the Aneros Vice in exchange for an unbiased review.

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