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Apr 182017

vamp super soft

What’s old is new again, sort of. One of my favorite no-nonsense Tantus dildos is The Vamp. I believe I called it a workhorse of a dildo. By that I mean, it just works. There are no bells and whistles, no overly pronounced head, no g-spot curve (for folks who don’t like that) and it’s not uber realistic (for those who are squicked out over dildos that look like amputated penises).

Well, Tantus being Tantus, they’ve taken a proven classic design and turned it into something new. The Vamp original is made of a rather firm and rigid silicone with not a lot of squish. Tantus’ new iteration is pretty much the diametric opposite of that. Enter, the Vamp Super Soft. If you like soft squishy dildos then this one’s for you.

Tantus Vamp Super Soft

How is it different from Tantus’ dual density O2 toys? It’s squishier through and through. The O2 toys have a firm inner core of silicone surrounded by softer silicone but the Tantus Vamp Super Soft is squish-tastic all the way through.

Mini review:
It’s awesome. The End.
Seriously though, the Super Soft silicone makes it a bit easier to insert than The Vamp original.
Oh yeah and, the new copper color is beautiful.

Get your Vamp Super soft today!


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