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Oct 022017

Tenga Flex Silky Rocky

Tenga is back again to take your masturbation to a new level. This time with a twist or, should I say a flex on their stroker series. I present to you, the Tenga Flex Silky and Rocky strokers.

Both have a unique spiral ribbed outer casing with a vacuum hole that controls the amount of suction on the inner sleeve. The removable cap not only helps seat the inner sleeve but it also doubles as a drying stand. At first sight they looked a little cheesy but to my surprise, they work very well.

The inner sleeve is constructed of elastomer. This material is porous so I wouldn’t recommend sharing. It’s strong and flexible yet, very soft. A good water-based lube is definitely required! More on that later.

The inner depth is 6.58” and inner width is 2.75”. They weigh in at .68 lbs. When using, it feels very light but if you have good stamina you can get yourself a workout in the process.

Now that all the particulars are out of the way, on to the usage.

First up, The Tenga Flex Silky (white). This is the softer, gentler of the two. The inner design looks like the combination of a medieval torture device and a predator’s mouth. One of the textures resembles the suckers on an octopus arm. Don’t let this concern you though, it’s amazing how good it feels. You can really feel the difference in the textures with slow insertion.

Tenga Flex Silky

As with all strokers, lube is a must but with this toy it is the LAW! I recommend a good water-based lube like Sliquid. Tenga sends a sample packet of their lube with the Flex but I’ve found that their lube is a bit sticky and it contains ingredients that dizzygirl recommends you avoid, like glycerin and parabens.

On my first use, I was amazed at how tight this stroker is. I’ve never had to use this much lube before. It took several tries and reloads of lube to get fully inserted. There’s no going at this half-cocked. The Flex requires a rock hard erection. Once inside, that’s where the real magic happens. I wasn’t able to use it as a full on go-for-broke stroker. It’s more of a small, slow movement type of toy.

Once fully inserted and covering the vacuum hole, pulling out created the sensation that this toy was made for. The sleeve will twist due to the ribbed outer casing. The twisting action in the promotional video is a lot more pronounced than it was for me but it’s pretty damn good nonetheless.

The best part for me was twisting while fully inserted. This brought out all the different textures, especially where the head of my dick was. It felt like a tongue twirling all around the tip. That’s what put me over the top. It took me a few tries to get the feel and the right amount of lube but once I figured out the best way for me to use this stroker, it did a fine job. It definitely gives a different sensation than other Tenga products.

Now, the Tenga Flex Rocky (black). This stroker is very similar to the Flex Silky but it has different textures and feels a little firmer. Just like the Flex Silky, plenty of lube is a must. I found myself using more lube with this stroker than the Silky. You’ll get that dragging feeling pretty quickly so, don’t be afraid to go heavy.

Tenga Flex Rocky

The suction created from the vacuum hole was pretty intense but I didn’t get the twist from the inner sleeve because it felt more like it was hugging my dick. I also wasn’t able to go full on stroker with the Rocky but had very good success using slower twisting movements. It’s also very tight. The sensations are not as pronounced as the Silky, it’s just a little firmer.

The best part of the Rocky was the chamber where the head of my dick was. It felt like a very firm tongue. Twisting plus small back and forth movements put me over the edge.

The cool thing about the Flex strokers is that when you’re done, just withdraw and head for the sink. There’s no dripping or mess, everything stays inside. Clean-up is simple. I recommend an antibacterial soap. The sleeve material is very flexible and durable so, don’t be afraid to turn it inside out. Then pat dry and use the drying stand. Like I said, the design looks a little cheesy but it works really well. Once fully dry, insert the sleeve into the outer casing and store.

Tenga Flex

My favorite of the two was the Flex Silky. For me, the softer material and the textures are superior to the Rocky. The Tenga Flex is a mid-priced stroker and if care is taken with clean-up and storage, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t last for a long time.

Tenga Flex

Tenga has definitely created something different with the Flex strokers. If you have any experience with other Tenga products, this one will surprise you. If you’re used to aggressive stroking, this might not be the toy for you. The Flex requires slow and steady movements but if you’re patient and enjoy long pleasurable sessions then check it out.

Get your Tenga Flex Silky or Rocky at Shevibe and GoodVibes.

Tenga provided the Flex Silky and Rocky in exchange for an unbiased review.

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