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Nov 142017

fleshlight turbo thrust ignition

I just got blown by a Fleshlight!

Fleshlight has allowed us to bang porn stars, freaks and helped to improve our stamina but now they claim they can get us blown. That’s quite a bold statement so, I am willing to put the Turbo Thrust and Ignition through the paces for you all to see just how much they feel like getting a blowjob.

Fleshlight claims to be the #1 selling sex toy with millions sold but I’ve never met anyone that admits to owning one (just a little joke). For the record, I do own the Fleshlight STU and the On a Mission mount so expectations were high.

As with all the other Fleshlight products the Turbos are made of the Superskin material. What goes into it is a secret but the material is very soft and stretchy so, don’t be afraid to get physical with it. A packet of water-based lube is enclosed but I found that more is needed so don’t be afraid to go heavy.

Fleshlight has given us toys that resemble the lips, vulva and asshole. This is where the Turbos differ. They’re built to simulate a mouth but don’t resemble one at all. They’re broken down into 3 entry points – the lips, tongue, and throat.

fleshlight thrust ignition

The outer case is the same as other models and comes in Blue Ice or Copper. Total length is 9.75” and insertible length is 8.5”. So, if you’re bottoming out, consider yourself lucky. For all of us mortal men these measurements are fine. The suction is controlled by a screw-on cap on the bottom. This also acts as a cum catcher.

The feel of this material is different from the STU. It feels a little sticky but nothing gets on your hands. Once lube is applied it gets slick… almost like the mucus membranes on the inside of the mouth. So, if you’re looking for a sloppy blowjob use plenty of lube.

The internal textures of the Thrust and Ignition are completely different but it’s difficult to describe so, I present you with a picture.

fleshlight thrust ignition textures

Click to enlarge.

As with all sex toys, I’m not shy about lube. The Turbos are no exception. I recommend a good water-based lube like Sliquid. I gave the opening, inside, and my dick a good coating before use.

Insertion is pretty easy but you’ll need a good hard-on to get in. I treated this just like a real mouth. The first entry point, the lips, surprised the hell out of me. Running the head of my dick around the opening and slowly pressing in is the closest thing I’ve experienced to a real set of lips. It’s soft, tight, and hug the head all the way in.

The way the Turbos are designed is really where the magic is. As soon as you get through the lips you’re immediately greeted with the tongue chamber. Again, this is super soft and slick. This does a hell of a job on the tip as the lips chamber keeps a tight hold of my coronal ridge. A twisting motion with some back and forth was the key with these two entry points. It made me think of the teasing moments during a blowjob, before the shaft is engulfed.

Now on to the throat chamber. This is where the difference is between the Thrust and Ignition. The textures look very different but the feeling between the two is subtle. This is the part of oral that a lot of men don’t get to experience, the infamous deep-throat. I found that slow back and forth movements mixed with some twisting delivered the knockout punch. Between what’s happening to the head of my dick in the throat, the tongue on my shaft, and the lips at the base, there’s a lot to take in. I dare you to try to hold out. I have to hand it to Fleshlight. With the Turbos, they promised and they delivered!

Just like other Fleshlight products, the semen stays fully contained. Just withdraw and head for the sink. Clean-up is a breeze with some antibacterial soap, elbow grease, and drying time. Don’t be afraid to get physical while cleaning the material. It’s flexible and strong enough to handle it. If you take care of the Turbos, they will take care of you for years to come.

I really didn’t find that big of a difference between the Thrust and Ignition so I personally don’t see a need to purchase both. I’d say, pick a design you like and you’re in.

I’ve also used the Turbos with the Liberator On a Mission mount. Let’s just say that if you’re looking for that fuck-a-mouth scenario, you can have it. If you use some pillow architecture, you can hit all those sought after porno positions.

With the Fleshlight Turbos, you’re only limited by your imagination. In my mind, the performances of such greats as Little Oral Annie, Linda Lovelace, and Annette Schwarz are alive and well in my room.

So, dizzyguy wanted to make a video (he likes to do that) of one of the Turbos in use. It’s cool to see how the first entry point seems to slurp his dick. And you can see his dick through the case!


fleshlight turbo thrust

Fleshlight provided the Turbo Thrust and Ignition in exchange for an unbiased review.

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