Review: Womanizer Pro W500 - A Different Perspective

Review: Womanizer Pro W500 – A Different Perspective

I previously reviewed the Womanizer Pro W500 and despite the awful name and gaudy looks, I did enjoy it. But after a short while, it just sat in a drawer collecting dust. I have many other toys that I prefer to play with. I saw some #TeamAmazeballs folks talking on Twitter and someone mentioned the Womanizer. @AfterrDarkk chimed in that she’d really love to try it but …Read more

Review: Womanizer Pro W500

Review: Womanizer Pro W500

Yes, I’m going to start this review off with a rant. Can we rename this thing for fuck’s sake? Who the hell thought “Womanizer” was a good name for sex toy? That word generally has negative connotations pretty much everywhere. Every time I hear the name in my head I think of this guy1 and that’s not conducive to my masturbatory success. I thought maybe …Read more