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Jun 152015

Penchant Premium lube

I was completely shocked by how much I like Penchant Premium lube. In fact, dizzyguy and I both love it. Now I know I blather on and on about our favorite go-to silicone-based lube and how nothing else has quite measured up to it. It was a total surprise to both of us that this one does. I didn’t expect much because honestly, it’s a brand I’d never heard of and it’s only sold on Amazon. It’s not carried by any of my favorite sex shops but I think it should be. It’s that good. My only complaint about this lube – give me bigger bottles with a pump!

I’m not even sure what more I can say. It’s perfect. It has a nice viscosity and texture and stays slippery as long as we need it to, not pooping out on us like so many other silicone-based lubes we’ve tried. It even seems to be easier to clean off of the skin than our ol’ reliable brand.

It also costs about the same as that lube we’ve loved for years so, the pricing isn’t way out of line. About the only reason I wouldn’t buy a bottle of this instead of our go-to is because it only comes in 4oz squeeze bottles. We like buying very large bottles of the lubes we love and bottles with pumps are the best. So, I’d like to see Penchant come out with some. They’ve told me that they’re planning on offering larger bottles in the future. I think that’s definitely a good idea.

I have heard that the fewer ingredients a silicone-based lube has the better. Supposedly, this makes it more likely to be compatible with silicone sex toys. Penchant has only 4 ingredients1 and they just happen to be exactly the same as those in our go-to lube. No wonder I like it so much. You should always spot test silicone-based lube on your silicone sex toys because sometimes they can be incompatible and it’ll ruin your toy. I tested Penchant on my Tantus Vamp and there wasn’t the reaction where the surface of the toy gets tacky but it was nearly impossible to clean off all of the residue.

I’m not even going to be making a commission for recommending this lube2 and the only compensation I’ve received for this review was the lube itself. So really, trust me (as if you didn’t already) this is phenomenal lube. It’s gotten great reviews on Amazon and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t love it. I really hope this company has great success and it would be awesome if I could find Penchant Premium at some of my favorite retailers.

Penchant Premium

Penchant provided the Penchant Premium lube in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone
  2. Amazon says my blog is too sexually explicit to be in their affiliate program, yet they sell sex toys.

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