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Sep 212015

NS Novelties Colours Pleasures 5

I like this dildo but my vagina doesn’t agree with me. On my quest to find cheap sex toys that don’t totally suck, this one looks like a winner on paper. It just doesn’t do a whole lot for my vag. But it’s inexpensive and made of body-safe silicone plus, it has a suction cup! And I do think it will be perfect for some folks.

It’s hard for me to say exactly why the Colors Pleasures 5” doesn’t do it for me. I guess it just doesn’t give me enough of the stimulation I like and it gives me a little stimulation I don’t like. It’s a great thrusting dildo but it doesn’t give me any kind of G-spot stimulation and I find that kind of boring. And while it’s not extremely textured, my vag just doesn’t like the feel of the veins but my vag is a bit fickle when it comes to texture.

It’s a decent, average size1 although, it won’t make girth fanatics happy. Luckily, there is a larger version for those folks. And if G-spot stimulation just isn’t your jam but you enjoy thrusting with reckless abandon then I think you’ll really like this dildo. And it has a suction cup (!), which is actually quite strong. I don’t use my dildos suctioned to anything but I think someone who does will have great success with this one.

I really like the blue color. There just aren’t enough sex toys in those shades. The balls look kind of funny to me and I don’t really think that they were necessary but it does give you a little something to hold onto. The silicone has a matte finish that produces some drag but some water-based lube will easily fix that.  The silicone is quite firm.  You can bend it a little but not much.

NS Novelties Colours Pleasures5

As mentioned, it’s body-safe and free of phthalates 2. Do you think I’d recommend anything else? While I am looking for more affordable sex toys, compromising on this is just not an option for me and it shouldn’t be for you either. And bonus… it has a suction cup.

You can easily wash this dildo with soap and water or you could use a toy-cleaner. You can sanitize it by boiling for a couple of minutes or, with a 10% bleach solution. And if you’re sharing this dildo or using it vaginally and anally, you should be sanitizing it.

It comes in basic packaging and you don’t get a storage pouch but at this price, I really didn’t expect one. Ziplock bags might not be glamorous but they work just fine.  If however, you are just far too classy for that, you can purchase a storage pouch separately.

I think this is a great dildo, especially given the price (under $25!). I just wish my vagina felt the same way. But just because my vag doesn’t like it, that doesn’t necessarily mean yours won’t either. And your ass might have an opinion of its own. If you’re on a budget, desperately need a dildo now and you’re not looking for much G-spot stimulation then I think you’ll be pleased with the Colours Pleasures 5”. Did I mention, it has a suction cup?

You can use code: DIZZY and get the Colours Pleasures 5″ for just $21.60
Get the Colours Pleasures 8″ for $44.10

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PeepShow Toys provided the Colours Pleasures 5″ in exchange for an unbiased review.


  1. 5.25″ insertable length and 1.5″ in diameter
  2. Not all dildos in the Colours collection are silicone but these two are.

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  • TheUdoon

    I actually really like mine (though it’s pink >:( ) and thinking about getting the big one as well.

    • Great! I knew it would be right for some folks.

  • Spangle

    How squishy is it? And can you feel the veins?

    • Ah, forgot that part. It’s firm. Like can’t bend it in half.
      And I said that I didn’t care for how the veins felt.

      • Spangle

        Hmm, I was considering this one for pegging, but the texture would probably be even more abrasive anally.

        • Possibly. Or, my vag could just be extra sensitive to texture. I dunno.

  • Heaven

    Sorry to hear your vag did not agree with you on this toy. It is a beautiful blue though. I don’t like a lot of firmness either so this may not work for me.

    • Yeah, I think some people would really like it. Shame that it wasn’t great for me though.

  • Camryn Jones

    It is a very nice blue 🙂 But does it have a suction cup? *giggles*
    Thanks for reviewing one of these. I’ve been semi-aware of them for months now but was unsure how nice they actually are. Super sweet prices though!

      I just think this one was a little to vein-y for me in that firm silicone. Other reviewers have this one or the large and seem to like it.