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Nov 302015
Duke, Silk Small, Warm Up

Duke, Silk Small, Warm Up

It’s like a dildo, only smaller. Seriously, this thing is downright diminutive. When the package arrived at my doorstep I swore SheVibe must have sent the wrong product. Wondering what in the world they could have sent instead of what I requested, I cut open the box and peered in at it. That was it alright.

I guess my half-functioning brain didn’t comprehend the measurements (plus the name should have been a clue) so, I was really caught off guard when I saw the size of the Tantus Warm Up in person. But small does not automatically mean bad. It has its uses. Will it please everyone? Of course not but no sex toy can. That’s why it’s nice that Tantus makes toys the size of the Warm Up all the way up to the beastly Hoss. They truly have something for everyone.

There are a couple of things to love about this cute little guy.  First, the price… under $30.  And Tantus’ somewhat new triangular base.  What’s the big deal about a triangular base?  Well, I have often gotten frustrated with dildos twisting while I’m thrusting with them.  Then the head misses the mark and you have to reorient and start over.  I thought it would be cool to have some kind of irregular shape, rather than round, that would allow you to keep the dildo pointed in the right direction.  And what do ya know?  Tantus did it with a triangle.  Perfect.  Just keep the point, pointed up.  I’ve also heard that the triangular base works really well in harnesses but I can’t speak to that directly.  I’ll explain why.

Tantus Warm Up Base

The triangular base is so simple yet, so smart.

When I saw how small it is, I knew it wasn’t something that I’d be really thrilled about using. I’m not a size queen by any means but the Warm Up is really too small for me, vaginally anyway. Then I started thinking… I had just been sent the Black Widow Harness from Tantus and was preparing to try pegging for the first time in the near future (if I could build up my nerve). Maybe the Warm Up would be good for that I thought, even though I had purchased the Silk Small to start out with. Then dizzyguy saw the Warm Up and he asked if it was the one we were going to use for pegging. He seemed confident that he could handle the Warm Up, even though he doesn’t often engage in anal play.

Well, I’m sorry to report that I’ve chickened out of trying pegging. I’m so frustrated with myself. It was something I REALLY thought I wanted to try and dizzyguy was always kind of on the fence about it. Then one day he said, “Sure, let’s try it.” Exuberantly, I requested the Black Widow Harness from Tantus and eagerly awaited its arrival. The ring that came with it was too big so I ordered the ring set. And now, I had everything I needed to fulfill this fantasy I thought I had.Warm Up strap on

Then, I don’t know what happened. Performance anxiety? Fear of being awful at it? Concern for hurting him? Maybe I’m afraid of looking dumb. Whatever the reason, I totally lost my nerve and suffice to say, Tantus is still awaiting my review of the Black Widow Harness. I’ve sincerely apologized for not being able to fulfill my promise.

I haven’t given up though. I’m hoping there will be that one day I throw caution to the wind and pop our pegging cherry. It could happen. The planets just need to be aligned perfectly, I think. And if/when it does happen, we’ll have the perfect dildo to play with.

Warm Up colors

So, coming of off that tangent, I can say that the Warm Up would be good for folks who need something small for vaginal use and I think it would be a reasonable size for newbie peggers. To test this out, I stuck it in my own ass, even though I haven’t felt much urge to stick things in my butt lately, but I had to do it for science. And ya know what? It was a nice easy fit and I’m an anal novice. I feel like if I can handle a butt thing then most people can probably handle that butt thing. My butt is nothing special. So, I definitely think the Warm Up has its place in one’s toy box. It’s just not going to do anything spectacular for my vagina but that’s OK. Tantus makes plenty of other toys that can do that.


SheVibe provided the Tantus Warm Up in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  • Polly Vincere

    This is a great review and the pictures are awesome. I love the shot of it in the harness. I’M that’s the best way to see the size.

    I also like that you described it for those of us who aren’t so into having things up our bum. I’ve been looking for something that will get me ready for anal. Does it bend easily? That seems to be an issue for me.

    Annndddd, pegging isn’t a natural instinct for everyone, just like PIV isn’t either. Don’t beat yourself up for being nervous about it. It’s like wine: some people love it right off, some people don’t like it at first but then love it, and some people hate it from the first taste.

    (Wine comparisons for the win!)

    • Yeah, it’s fairly flexible but still firm enough that it’s not going to bend when you try to insert it into the butt.

  • Tzipora

    You look great in that harness! What awesome lighting with the tree in the background too.

    I’m so intrigued honestly, at least as a lesbian, by how popular pegging has become. Strapons and harnesses were such a novelty or even bizarre idea to most hetero people I knew not too long ago now everyone is talking about them. I’ve helped advise people on what ones to buy and how to get more pleasure for the wearer and its just.. Amusing I guess. Sort of makes that aspect of lesbian sexuality more mainstream.

    With that said, don’t beat yourself up if you’re nervous. You’ll work your way up to it. Just trying the harness on like you did and all is a great first step. If I was into men I think I’d be more nervous because hey thrusting like that isn’t as natural for any woman as for a man. II don’t think you have to worry at all about hurting him though you’ll perhaps be a bit sore after, on your pubic mound and also from using muscles in a different way than you’re used to. But it’s fun, I promise! And if dizzyguy has a flashlight or even a stroker of any sort, you could always privately practice with that first, get a feel for things and all.

    The warm up looks awesome, the head would probably feel even better on a prostate than the silk small, I’d guess. Looks like it’d be great for anal on anyone. If I had a partner right now I’d so get one. May get one anyway because it looks fun. And I was so just talking to someone online looking for good beginner pegging toys and he and his partner were considering Tantus… They were torn between the Sport and Silk Small and I told him the sport would be noticeably larger, maybe too big, but this looks like the best of both worlds, literally what happens if the silk small and sport were combined! So awesome, going to have to go mention this to him.

    Good luck on your future pegging adventure too. Like I said, you look great in the harness!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I was a little nervous about posting it. And thanks for the advice. Maybe some day I’ll feel confident enough to try.

  • Heaven

    What a lovely pic of you in the harness, I am sure one day you will venture into pegging. I am not one for anal either but this looks comfy enough to give a go. I got one from them that I ended up giving away because I did not know it was meant for anal and I did not like the design of it, and it looked too big for me.

    • Yeah, maybe someday I will have the courage to do it.