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Dec 112015

Fun Factory Miss Bi

It’s a Christmas miracle – a rabbit vibe that actually works for me. And that’s no small feat. Rabbit vibes or, dual stimulators, often don’t fit me right. The clitoral stimulator usually sits too low on most rabbit vibes I’ve tried. This would lead me to believe that I might have a little longer than average distance between my vagina and clit, though I have yet to break out the tape measure to find out.

But Fun Factory’s Miss Bi works for me in every way, which is a really difficult thing to achieve with dual stimultors. Since everyone is built differently, rabbit vibes are hard to recommend and it’s nearly impossible to know if one will fit you right until you’ve already spent your hard-earned cash.

So, I can’t promise that Miss Bi will work for you the way it does for me but I can tell you why it works for me. First, the clit arm reaches high enough1 to make contact with my clit and it’s flexible so that gives you some wiggle room on the fit. Next, the shaft isn’t too long. Many dual stimulators have a shaft that is simply too long and when the clit arm makes contact, the shaft is far too deep and misses the G-spot entirely. Try to adjust the shaft to hit the G-spot and now the clit arm isn’t making contact anymore. See how frustrating dual stimulators can be?

Miss Bi’s shaft is rather short2 and most people’s G-spot is at a shallow point inside the vagina. So with Miss Bi’s design, it’s hitting my clit and G-spot at the same time, which is the whole point of rabbit vibes in the first place.

So, fit is one thing but what about the vibration? Fun Factory knocked it out of the park on that too. Both motors, in the shaft and clit arm, are pleasantly rumbly and powerful enough to satisfy me. In fact, I don’t need to crank this vibe all the way up to get off. I’ve mentioned it before but there is just something totally unique about the way Fun Factory vibrators feel. It’s a difficult quality to describe but they feel different in an entirely good way.

Considering my track record with dual stimulators I was totally shocked when Miss Bi gave me an orgasm fairly easily the very first time I used it. I will probably always still prefer using two different toys for dual stimulation but if I’m feeling especially lazy and want to go at it one-handed, then this vibe will do it for me.

Miss Bi buttons

The controls on the Miss Bi are pretty straight forward. There is a fun button (I love that Fun Factory vibes have fun buttons) that turns the vibe on and off. Then there are two more buttons, one to control each motor. On many cheap rabbit vibes you don’t have the option to control the motors independently but on a luxury vibe like this one, it is expected.

You can operate this vibe in a plethora of combinations. Both motors on steady vibration, one on steady the other on a pattern, both on patterns… you can even have one on and the other turned off. So, a lot of versatility there. Of course, not being a big fan of patterns, I enjoy this vibe with both motors on steady vibration. This vibe also has a travel lock, which is nice to help avoid accidental activation.

Oh and, that hole in the handle isn’t just there to look cool, which it does but it’s actually very comfortable to stick a couple of fingers in there and hold the vibe that way while your thumb works the buttons. Those Germans… they’re pretty darn smart.

Miss Bi colors

Miss Bi comes in some nice color choices but I like the turquoise the best and was thrilled that I got that one. This vibe is fully waterproof so you can play in the bath. It also makes cleaning it a breeze. Soap and water is usually all you’ll need. Water-based lube is recommended. Fun Factory’s silicone usually produces a fair amount of drag so, you’ll probably need it.

This vibe is USB rechargeable and the charging cable connects magnetically to the metal contacts on the handle. An adapter is not included so, if you don’t want to charge it from your computer, you’ll have to get one.

I often forget to address noise levels in my reviews and that’s probably because discretion isn’t an issue for me but Miss Bi’s noise certainly got my attention. It’s pretty damn loud. I’m not sure how sneaky you can really be with this vibe.

It’s a phrase that I can’t often say but: I like this rabbit vibe. It’s always going to be a bit of a gamble when you buy a dual stimulator – it might fit, it might not. But I can tell you that the design of the Miss Bi was obviously thoughtfully planned. It’s like Fun Factory looked at all the other rabbit vibes that suck and said, let’s do the opposite of that. And for me, it works beautifully.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory provided the Miss Bi in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Rises about 2” from shaft when fully extended.
  2. 3.25” from tip to clit arm and 1.6” in diameter at thickest point.

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  • Lunabelle

    I have similar sentiments about rabbit vibes, but this one looked more sensibly designed than most. And as you say, Fun Factory is pretty damn good at generating orgasms. This one is definitely on my wish list!

    • I hope you get to try it and I hope it works for you. Very impressed with Fun Factory products the more I try them.

  • Heaven

    Glad to hear this one worked for you, rabbit vibes are so hard to find. I have two now that I enjoy and fit my anatomy.

  • Cindy M

    This vibrator suuuuucks please don’t buy it. not powerful. flimsy feel. so disappointing, so expensive

  • Lindsay Hoppe

    I was a bit disappointed in this vibe. It was said to be super strong, but the clitoral stimulator isn’t strong enough for me. I’m better off going two handed and using the Hitatchi for with a dildo. Still, it does hit me in the right places, the handle is very ergonomic and it’s good for a warm up toy. Not totally useless, but I wish I’d bought their pulsator dildo instead to use with my Hitatchi. Rabbit style vibes are just not for me I guess.