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Oct 182013

This image represents something I hope to never face.




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  • Brilliant shot!

    • Thanks. Wish I could have done better with the photochopping but you get the idea.

  • Property Of Potter

    I hope you never face it as well! Sort of surreal seeing the image like this.

  • Heaven

    I agree I hope you don’t face it as well. What a great image.

  • Bunny

    Nicely edited 🙂

  • I think it something that all women fear. Tough subject to tackle but this is an impressive and very thought provoking image


  • Beautiful.

  • KaziGrrl

    Lovely image 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  • johndstories

    I hope you don’t have to face it as well; clever picture!

  • Well holy crap dizzy girl have I told you before how similar our bodies are? I was in a film last year in which I cover one breast and contemplate breast cancer- yes let’s cross our fingers not much else we can do.

  • Miss July

    It’s so surreal to imagine it. It could just happen in the blink of an eye without much thought behind it. Hopefully we’ll never have to experience it.

    Incredible image nonetheless!!

    xxx Miss July xxx