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Nov 192013


If Dr. Seuss made dildos this is exactly what they would look like. I love the quirkiness of the Ceramix line by Pipedream. The shapes and colors are whimsical but that’s not all that’s special about these sex toys. As the name implies, Ceramix is made of, you guessed it, ceramic. Yes, pottery for your pu… nah, not gonna say it. They aren’t the first to make ceramic sex toys but it isn’t something you see everyday. And it’s not just the material that makes them unusual. Pipedream has made the dildos and butt plugs in this line uniquely suited for temperature play. These toys are hollow inside and have silicone plugs in the base. This allows you to fill them with hot or cold water and just as your ceramic cup keeps your coffee warm, these toys will retain the temperature of the water for quite a long time.

no51When SheVibe offered to let me review something from the Ceramix line I had a hard time choosing between the No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6. They all appeal to me in one way or another but something about the No. 5 stood out. I’m sure I’ll end up with the others eventually. There are also vibrators in the Ceramix line and I’m very curious about how the material will carry the vibration.

I think I had the No. 5 in my possession all of about 20 minutes before I gave in to temptation and took it for a spin. I filled it with hot water from the tap and let me tell you, the warmth felt amazing! It was nice not getting that initial shock from a cold dildo and I loved how it held onto that heat for my entire session. I was expecting a lot of sloshing sounds from the water inside as I thrust but there really wasn’t much. I was also pleased that the water didn’t leak during use.

The No. 5 is 1.75″  in diameter and since this is a rigid material with absolutely no give, you’re going to feel every bit of that girth. I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting it but I was initially surprised by how large it felt. Nothing about it was uncomfortable. It just took a little finesse to get it in and get going but once I was warmed up, it was a really nice fit. That up-curved swollen head of the No. 5 found my G spot with ease and the ribs down the shaft added a bit of subtle texture that I mainly felt at my vaginal opening as I thrust. When paired up with one of my favorite clit vibes it delivers intense G spot involved orgasms. This dildo has all the length I need and then some with 7 insertable inches (7.75″ end to end). The base is 2.5″ across and makes the No. 5 safe for anal use and it’s harness compatible.


Ceramic is a nonporous, body safe and phthalates free material. You can wash this dildo in antibacterial soap and water or to sanitize, bathe it in a 10% bleach solution. Allow it to completely dry inside before you replace the silicone plug. Don’t boil this dildo or pour boiling hot water into it. The temperature you get from the tap is probably the hottest you want to use. You shouldn’t freeze this dildo either but you could chill it in the fridge, if cold is your thing. The finish on this dildo is sleek and smooth so, just a little lube goes a long way. And another great thing about ceramic is that you can use any lube you prefer.no5

The No. 5 doesn’t come with a storage pouch but the packaging is sturdy and there is a large chunk of foam that holds the dildo safely inside the box. I’m not certain about the durability of ceramic. I feel like this dildo is lot more delicate than one made of solid glass. I’m not saying that it will break during use but just handle with care when cleaning and storing. Make sure you inspect it for any cracks or chips before use.

Looking like something you might find in the Red Queen’s toy box, the No. 5 is as fun as it is functional. It sits atop my dresser along with the other sex toys I’ve deemed too pretty or unusual to hide away. The Ceramix toys are something that I’ll definitely end up with more of. Each one has its own unique personality. If you’re into temperature play, you really need one of these dildos. And even if you don’t care about warming it up or cooling it down, the No. 5 is still a really great G spotting dildo. If you’d like to get one of these pieces of pleasure pottery, SheVibe carries the whole Ceramix line and you’ll help support my blog if you click through one of my affiliate links to make your purchase.

Update: Before you consider buying Pipedream products, please take a moment to read this.


The Ceramix No. 5 was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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  • Camryn Jones

    I’m probably going to grab one of these. It’s Pipedream, yes, but you can’t screw up ceramic, right? I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • I’m glad you liked this- these are adorable and the Dr. Seuss pic is inspired.

      Here’s my concern- for the record, I love ceramic toys and these are GORGEOUS! I totally want one! – but here’s how your screw up ceramic- toxic paint and if anyone could do it…

      Also, at ANME when I saw these I started talking to a rep and told him how much I love the ceramic piece I already have. He proceeded to mansplain to me that they were the first company to ever make ceramic toys so, you know, I was wrong about owning the one I own.

      • That rep was monumentally stupid. I’ve only been reviewing sex toys since April of this year and I knew that they weren’t the first to make them. But I can’t hold a stupid rep against a toy.

        You’ve got a point about the paint and while I wouldn’t want them to use toxic paint at all, if it was sealed under the glaze (I assume there is some final clear coat that is applied) then I wonder how harmful the paint could be to the body. Then you have to wonder if the glaze is toxic.

        • Frankly, I’m pretty sure the rep was probably a temp brought in to help with the convention and probably not all that sex-toy aware. I can’t hold it against them.

          The toys are gorgeous- I couldn’t tear myself away from them at ANME. I didn’t even think about the paint thing until a shop owner mentioned it on my twitter feed and then it scared the crap out of me…

          I still kind of want one though.

          • I think this really boils down to reputation of the company due to past and other current products sold. If it were one of the commonly “trusted” companies we’d never question it.

            I dunno, maybe a job for Dildology.

      • If I am to believe what is written on the packaging this didlo is:
        body safe
        phthalate free
        Lead free
        Nickle free
        Cadmium free

      • Camryn Jones

        I didn’t think of toxic paint! *facepalms* I know it’s glazed over, but like Dizzy said, if we’re going to question the paint we should ask about the glaze.
        I’m willing to give that guy the benefit of the doubt for the blatant lie (he may have been told that these were the first and didn’t know any better), but it is unacceptable to tell someone (especially a reviewer like ~YOU~) that she/he “must be wrong” about a toy that they own. It’s rude as Hell, unbelievably patronizing, and more than a bit sexist from the sound of things. I’d inform someone at Pipedream that their floor guy is not showing their company in a good light. >.<
        Also I wish they'd stop with the "first ones ever!" tagline. Even I know about other ceramic toys; in fact, I can think of 3 different makers!

  • Heaven

    Glad you enjoyed this pretty toy and love the picture you used.

  • PUAHAHA! This toy really looks like something that would link to Dr. Seuss. I just laughed at the connection you made with it. But really. If there was no painting blabla issue, I’d totally rush on over to one of these ceramic toys. They just look so fun! Especially if you can fill it with either cold or hot water. If only No.5 came in a smaller size….=/

  • adriana

    I have literally described the colors of this as Seuss-like!

    • Cool. I’m not the only one who sees it. I pictured it in Alice in Wonderland too. And I think even the shape of this one looks more Seuss-like than the rest in the line.

  • Rob Phaneuf

    Thank you all for your praise and concerns about our Ceramix line. I’m not sure who the “floor rep” a few of you mentioned was, but you have my word that we don’t hire temps to pitch our products! I apologize if anyone was mislead into thinking that Pipedream was the first company to manufacture ceramic vibes. We never claimed to be the first, but we do claim to be the first company to do it right!

    I’ve read through the comments and I hear lots of talk about paint. Before you jump to conclusions, you need to understand the manufacturing process of ceramics. With ceramic pottery, there is no paint used at all– instead, the colored glaze is a vitreous substance that has been fused to the ceramic object through firing. The glaze strengthens, decorates, and waterproofs the ceramic item. It’s not a paint that is applied to the outside of an object that can chip or wear off. Much like anodized aluminum, the glaze is infused into the ceramic substrate. Once the piece is fired and comes out of the kiln, its texture becomes smoother because of the glaze. There should be no concern about paint, much like there’s no concern over colored ceramic and porcelain dinnerware. Nobody I know has ever second-guessed eating out of a glazed ceramic plate or bowl, so why should a ceramic vibrator be any different?

    What is true is that our Ceramix has attracted a ton of questions all around the globe and we understand why. It’s our job to educate our customers and reassure everyone that our line took over two years to develop and we’ve covered every angle, literally! The success of the line has been overwhelming at every trade show we’ve attended around the world, and we hope that our customers will appreciate the research and development we put into this line for the past two years. We’re confident that we’ve got it right with this unbelievable line. And despite your past opinions about Pipedream, I can personally ensure you that this line will conform to all European health, quality, and safety standards and it is everything the packaging claims to be.

    I personally hope everyone who is intrigued by the line gives it a chance, and please, let me know what you think, I believe we’ve created something special here, and I’m confident that you’ll agree after trying. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason….

    Best Regards,

    Rob Phaneuf

    Vice President of Product Development
    [email protected]

    • Thanks for he explanation on the manufacturing process. I really appreciate your clearing things up on that.

      I have really enjoyed the No. 5. In fact, I can’t wait to try others in the line. I’m really curious about the vibrators. I think these products are really well made and the ability to fill them with water is very unique.

    • I appreciate that you took the time to comment on a review over concerns that even I had.

      @disqus_O0QUB6yTq3:disqus these totally look Dr. Seuss like. Hehe. They look nice, but I’m iffy about ceramic. I’ve never liked the feeling of it. For some reason when I touch it, it makes me cringe and I start to gag. I’m an odd ball.

    • Sada

      I just purchased this toy and am glad to hear it’ll be safe to use. It has an awesome design.

  • NimbusDX

    I am very interested in trying ceramic. I have lately been interested in trying every material I can get my hands on. Well, every one that’s safe of course. I LOVED solid aluminum for it’s wonderful ability to conduct warmth, so I figure I might also enjoy ceramic. I’m glad I read your review because I didn’t realize about the size of this toy. I do not think this toy would be for me. It is kinda too long and girthy, I think. It is too bad because I adore the fun and unique aesthetic of this line, and this shape looks intriguing. If only it came in a slimmer size… oh well.

  • Stephanie R.

    I got this today, and while it’s gorgeous and the warmth is very relaxing, I didn’t realize that the black and white striped section is a good 3 inches long! My cervix is very finicky, so I could only insert about an inch of the purple part.