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Nov 192013



** The Ceramix line has been discontinued but you can find SheVibe’s selection of ceramic sex toys here. **

If Dr. Seuss made dildos this is exactly what they would look like. I love the quirkiness of the Ceramix line by Pipedream. The shapes and colors are whimsical but that’s not all that’s special about these sex toys. As the name implies, Ceramix is made of, you guessed it, ceramic. Yes, pottery for your pu… nah, not gonna say it. They aren’t the first to make ceramic sex toys but it isn’t something you see everyday. And it’s not just the material that makes them unusual. Pipedream has made the dildos and butt plugs in this line uniquely suited for temperature play. These toys are hollow inside and have silicone plugs in the base. This allows you to fill them with hot or cold water and just as your ceramic cup keeps your coffee warm, these toys will retain the temperature of the water for quite a long time.

no51When SheVibe offered to let me review something from the Ceramix line I had a hard time choosing between the No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6. They all appeal to me in one way or another but something about the No. 5 stood out. I’m sure I’ll end up with the others eventually. There are also vibrators in the Ceramix line and I’m very curious about how the material will carry the vibration.

I think I had the No. 5 in my possession all of about 20 minutes before I gave in to temptation and took it for a spin. I filled it with hot water from the tap and let me tell you, the warmth felt amazing! It was nice not getting that initial shock from a cold dildo and I loved how it held onto that heat for my entire session. I was expecting a lot of sloshing sounds from the water inside as I thrust but there really wasn’t much. I was also pleased that the water didn’t leak during use.

The No. 5 is 1.75″  in diameter and since this is a rigid material with absolutely no give, you’re going to feel every bit of that girth. I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting it but I was initially surprised by how large it felt. Nothing about it was uncomfortable. It just took a little finesse to get it in and get going but once I was warmed up, it was a really nice fit. That up-curved swollen head of the No. 5 found my G spot with ease and the ribs down the shaft added a bit of subtle texture that I mainly felt at my vaginal opening as I thrust. When paired up with one of my favorite clit vibes it delivers intense G spot involved orgasms. This dildo has all the length I need and then some with 7 insertable inches (7.75″ end to end). The base is 2.5″ across and makes the No. 5 safe for anal use and it’s harness compatible.


Ceramic is a nonporous, body safe and phthalates free material. You can wash this dildo in antibacterial soap and water or to sanitize, bathe it in a 10% bleach solution. Allow it to completely dry inside before you replace the silicone plug. Don’t boil this dildo or pour boiling hot water into it. The temperature you get from the tap is probably the hottest you want to use. You shouldn’t freeze this dildo either but you could chill it in the fridge, if cold is your thing. The finish on this dildo is sleek and smooth so, just a little lube goes a long way. And another great thing about ceramic is that you can use any lube you prefer.no5

The No. 5 doesn’t come with a storage pouch but the packaging is sturdy and there is a large chunk of foam that holds the dildo safely inside the box. I’m not certain about the durability of ceramic. I feel like this dildo is lot more delicate than one made of solid glass. I’m not saying that it will break during use but just handle with care when cleaning and storing. Make sure you inspect it for any cracks or chips before use.

Looking like something you might find in the Red Queen’s toy box, the No. 5 is as fun as it is functional. It sits atop my dresser along with the other sex toys I’ve deemed too pretty or unusual to hide away. The Ceramix toys are something that I’ll definitely end up with more of. Each one has its own unique personality. If you’re into temperature play, you really need one of these dildos. And even if you don’t care about warming it up or cooling it down, the No. 5 is still a really great G spotting dildo. If you’d like to get one of these pieces of pleasure pottery, SheVibe carries the whole Ceramix line and you’ll help support my blog if you click through one of my affiliate links to make your purchase.

Update: Before you consider buying Pipedream products, please take a moment to read this.


The Ceramix No. 5 was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

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