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Dec 132015

NobEssence Fling 2

Wooden dildos are nothing to fear. When crafted with love there are no splinters here. OK, was that cheesy? Sorry, had to do it. I do need to clarify that properly finished wooden dildos are nothing to fear. There’s some pretty scary shit being sold on Etsy. Then again, there are some very talented artists who are doing things the right way too. You just have to be careful when buying wooden dildos. You want to make sure that they are coated with a nonporous, waterproof, phthalate free finish.

One way to make sure you’re getting a safe wooden toy is to buy one made by NobEssence. They’re the most well-known company that makes wooden sex toys and the proprietary finish that they use (they call it Lubrosity) has been tested as safe.

NobEssence Fling

My first wooden dildo was the NobEssence Seduction and it was love at first sight and use. It’s a G-spotting superstar and equally as beautiful. NobEssence dildos are like potato chips1… you can’t stop at just one. And so, I longed to have another one of their lovely works of art. I had my eye on the Fling for a long time.

Well, what can I say other than, “Holy Fuck!” First time using the Fling resulted in three blended orgasms with squirting on the third. Now, the Fling didn’t do this all on its own. I do require clit stim to orgasm but the G-spot stimulation from the Fling is what pushed the orgasms over the top.

I love absolutely everything about the Fling. It’s perfect. It was designed for G-spot stimulation and it delivers in spades. Wood is such a wonderful sex toy material because you get that rigidity but without a lot of weight and it has a natural warmth that I find comforting.

With a bit of lube the Fling has no perceptible drag, that I can tell. The great thing is that you can use whatever type of lube you prefer. When you’re done having amazing orgasms, all you have to do is wash it with soap and water.

Fling and Seduction

I can’t decide which I like better – the Fling or the Seduction. They’re both meticulously hand-crafted sensual sculptures that excel at targeting the G-spot. Here’s an odd little fact about me… for whatever reason, if I have something large in my vagina and I’m stretched, it somehow makes it more difficult for me to orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Bodies are weird. But that’s another thing that makes the Fling so perfect for me. It tapers to a very small diameter between the bulbous end and the finger grip handle so, my vagina is not stretched at all. It’s like NobEssence knew how my vagina works when they designed the Fling.

Fling box

So, should you get yourself the NobEssence Fling? Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Do bears shit… I think you get my point. I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t, unless you have some inexplicable aversion to gorgeous sensual sculptures and mind altering orgasms. If you like G-spot stimulation then this fabulous wooden dildo was made just for you. There is not a single thing that I can complain about and that’s kind of rare for me because I can find fault in damn near anything.

To maybe make your decision a little easier, you can save 10% with the code: DIZZY at checkout and you’ll get free shipping. I know NobEssence toys2 are pricey but they are totally worth it.


The NobEssence Fling was originally provided by a company that has gone out of business. But you can purchase yours at PeepShow Toys through my affiliate links. 

  1. Or whatever you like to binge on.
  2. It doesn’t feel right calling them toys, they’re more sophisticated than that.

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  • Spangle

    How do you hold yours? When I use mine with my fingers in the holes, my hand blocks access to my clit.

    • OK, I use the right hand for the clit vibe and the left hand for the dildo. And I found that putting my thumb through the hole with fingers wrapped around was the best way for me to hold it.

      I don’t usually thrust a lot with dildos like this. It’s more of a rocking motion so just having my thumb in there works well.

      I think the finger holes on the Idée du Désir Structured Orchid that I reviewed actually work a little better.

      Also, I suspect that I might have a longer than average distance between vagina and clit.

      • Spangle

        Cool, I’ll have to try that. The only way I’ve found that works is having my girlfriend hold it, but I want to use it by myself too! It is a really gorgeous and comfortable toy.

        • I also tend to push down on the handle of G-spot toys like this so that the head comes up and puts strong pressure on my G-spot. That might help keep my hand out of the way of my clit too.

    • They do make a Fling Long that might not create that problem for you. I’m actually interested in that one but not sure I’ll review it now that I have this one.

  • Sophie Rose

    I feel such envy…… I have wanted a Seduction for a long time. Then I saw the Fling and wanted that one too! Soooo beautiful!

  • Heaven

    They are both really beautiful toys and no your rhyme was not cheesy at all it was cute.

  • Mandi

    “Do bears shit?” I adore you, Dizzy. hahaa

    • Haha, thanks. I am very fond of you as well. 😛