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Dec 032015

OhMiBod Nex 2

The OhMiBod Cuddle has gone all high-tech, changed colors and is now being called the Nex 2.  It is basically, the same exact thing as the Cuddle which, as far as I’m concerned, is the best of OhMiBod’s Lovelife line. What kind of bells and whistles did they add to justify that inflated price tag? You can control the Nex 2 remotely via Bluetooth from a smartphone or long distance over Wi-Fi. That’s basically it. It’s a remote control Cuddle that can connect long distance. Your partner can be anywhere in the world and with an app on their phone and yours, they can control the Nex 2. It is actually a rather cool concept and I could see it being a hit with folks in long distance relationships or maybe if your partner travels a lot.

Aside from the remote control feature, this review could be exactly the same as my Cuddle review. It has the same functions, the vibration feels exactly the same and just like the much less expensive Cuddle, the Nex 2 is not waterproof. I got a bone to pick with OhMiBod on that one. I understand that for the Lovelife line, they wanted to try to keep the prices down a bit and in that they succeeded. But for how much the Nex 2 will set you back, it’s really inexcusable that they didn’t make it water-proof. So, if you don’t mind spending $130 on a vibe that’s not waterproof then read on but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.

I reviewed 3 of the Lovelife vibrators and definitely thought the Cuddle was the best. So, as far as the vibration goes… I do like the Nex 2. It’s moderately powerful and not buzzy but also not the most rumbly vibe out there – it’s nice, ya know? It doesn’t suck.

The shape of it hits my G-spot quite well, though I wouldn’t might if it had a bit more girth. It’s certainly not going to impress girth fanatics. But for folks who need something smaller, it is perfect.

Nex 2 and Cuddle

So, what do you get for $61 more than the cost of the Cuddle? A damn flaky ass app, that’s what. We first tested the Nex 2 with dizzyguy’s Samsung smartphone and it paired via Bluetooth easily and he was able to control the Nex 2 from his phone with the app. But some of the functions of the app just don’t seem to work all that well. It’s like the vibe doesn’t precisely respond to the input you’re giving the app. Still, I guess it was kind of cool being able to control a vibrator from a smartphone.

Trying to set up the Wi-Fi capability is where things really fell apart. In order to control the Nex 2 over Wi-Fi, you need two Android or iOS devices. Imodes don’t have a smartphone, only dizzyguy does. But he also has an Samsung tablet that, according to OhMiBod’s site, ought to work. But for some reason, getting the Nex 2 to pair with the tablet via Bluetooth was like pulling teeth. I honestly don’t know what magical combination of things I tried that eventually made it work but it finally connected.

So, I’m controlling the Nex 2 with the app on the tablet through a Bluetooth connection, we haven’t gotten to the Wi-Fi thing yet, and messages kept popping up on the app about losing communication with the device. But it would only appear for a brief moment and the app would go on operating like normal.

You have to set up an account with OhMiBod to control the Nex 2 over Wi-Fi, so I tried to do that through the app on the tablet and had a hell of a time. It kept disconnecting and then buttons wouldn’t do anything when I tapped them. I had just about had enough when on like the 5th try, everything went through and the account was created.

At this point, I wasn’t liking this thing very much at all but I begrudgingly set out to test the Wi-Fi capability and it was just as much a pain in the ass as I thought it would be. After several attempts of trying to get dizzyguy’s phone to make the Wi-Fi connection to the tablet that was paired to the Nex 2, it finally did but not without a lot of screwing around.

So, I spent some time playing around with it. Hmmm, cool… I guess. I’m controlling a vibrator across the internet with a smartphone. What a time to be alive. I’d probably be more excited about it if the app and whole connecting process wasn’t so quirky. At one point during the Wi-Fi connection, the connection was lost and at another point, the app just locked up and stopped working on dizzyguy’s phone.

Maybe I missed it somewhere but what I really would like to have seen was a way to just increase and decrease the intensity of steady vibration through the app. Every one of the app’s functions are pattern-like. For example, in one mode you can tap your fingers on the screen and make the Nex 2 vibrate. But even then, it doesn’t really feel like it’s vibrating to the exact pattern that was tapped.

So, what if you’re like me and you just enjoy steady vibration? I didn’t see any reliable way of a partner remotely controlling the vibe in that way. Seems like an oversight when you consider all the other fancy modes built into the app.

If the app were more stable, I’d say it might be something fun for a LDR couples to play around with but I have no use for it. I don’t think I’ll be looking for another Bluetooth/Wi-Fi equipped vibrator to review any time soon.

Verdict? Save your cash and get the Cuddle. It is actually a nice vibe at a nice price even though, like the Nex 2, it isn’t waterproof. But there’s just no excuse for the Nex 2 not being waterproof, given the price. I really wasn’t all that impressed with the Nex 2’s hi-tech capabilities. I just want a vibe to get me off and I don’t want to spend a lot of time dicking around with it to make it work.

And lest you think that I am just technologically inept and that’s why I had a horrible experience with the Nex 2, this person had a shitty time too.

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PeepShow Toys provided the OhMiBod BlueMotion Nex 2 in exchange for an unbiased review.

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