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Sep 092014

New We-Vibe Touch

How do you make a great vibe even better? Wrap it in some luscious, silky soft silicone. I loved almost everything about the original We-Vibe Touch, except the lint collecting glossy silicone, which I just tolerated because everything else was awesome. When I got a chance to try the We-Vibe 4 and I felt their new matte silicone, I said that they should redo the Touch with that silicone. Well, they must have heard me because… they did it! What? Ya’ll didn’t know I was that influential?

Seriously though, the new matte silicone makes the Touch perfect all the way around and it’s not a lint magnet like the original Touch. There are a couple of other small changes that were made but for me, the most impactful change is the silicone. So what else did We-Vibe change? They gave the new Touch a low battery indicator and the charger stays connected to the vibe much better than before.

The new Touch’s vibration feels exactly the same to me as the original. And that’s a good thing because there was not a single thing wrong with the original Touch’s strong rumbly vibration. So, if you read my review of the original Touch, all the wonderful things I said about it totally apply to the new Touch as well. Quite simply, We-Vibe got everything right with the new Touch.

New and Old We-Vibe Touch

The vibrations are deep and rumbly and very strong for a vibe this size. The Touch brings me to orgasm fairly easily and any time a vibe can manage to do that, I’m going to be very fond of it. I love its pointy little tip. It’s the prefect shape and size for my clit. There’s also a shallow scoop on the underside that can provide a little more broad stimulation if that’s more your thing but if you need very broad stimulation then you might not like the Touch as much as I do.

The new Touch has the same settings as the old Touch – four levels of steady vibration and 4 patterns. The patterns don’t really do much for me but that’s nothing unusual. The lowest steady vibration is very rumbly and the vibrations pretty much stay that way up to the highest setting.

There is a single button and you simply press it to turn it on. Press repeatedly to step through the settings. Pressing the button after the last pattern will turn it off and it will start again at the lowest steady vibration setting. You can also turn it off at any time by pressing and holding the button. Then it will start on the setting it was on when you turned it off.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there might be one more thing that We-Vibe could do to make this vibe better than perfect. I wish it was possible to go backwards through the modes but you can’t with the single button. If perhaps, they had two buttons on the top of the vibe near the end, where the word “Touch” and the We-Vibe logo are located, that allowed you to step through the settings in either direction, I’d love this vibe even more. Maybe I can convince them to do that on the next generation Touch1.

We-Vibe Touch charger

The charger for the old Touch was a little fiddly (drove people crazy) and could easily disconnect from the charging contacts but they fixed that by making the new charger square-ish instead of round and it seems like the magnets are stronger. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge and We-Vibe says that should give you around 2 hours of run time, depending on the modes that are used. The light on the charger comes on while it’s charging and goes off when it’s done. There is now a low battery indicator and the light at the button end flashes to let you know you should recharge the vibe.

The Touch is fully waterproof and it’s easy to clean. Just use soap and water or a toy cleaner. To sanitize, use a 10% bleach solution and rinse it well with water. We-Vibe specifies the use of water-based lube and that’s probably a good idea because some silicone-based lube can damage some silicone sex toys. But I have used Sliquid Silk, which is a hybrid lube, without a problem. Always spot test first if you’re going to try silicone-based or hybrid lube.

We-Vibe Touch packaging

The noise level of the new Touch is the same as the old one and I don’t think it’ll blow your cover. The packaging is pretty nice and it’s substantial enough for storage. A pouch is also included and the Touch is covered by a 1 year warranty.

New We-Vibe Touch

The new Touch has the same great rumbly vibrations as the old one but it’s wrapped in luxurious matte silicone that glides over my skin and I think that makes it damn near perfect. It’s one of my favorite vibes and I can always count on it to deliver blissful orgasms. Some folks think that the silicone dampens the vibration too much. If you compare it to the Tango then yes, the vibrations are somewhat dampened but it’s still powerful enough to get me off. If you want nothing getting between you and the same deep rumbly vibration then you might opt for the Tango but I have absolutely no reservations recommending the Touch. They’re both great vibrators and I probably use them about equally, depending on my mood.

Hey We-Vibe, great job on the new Touch!  Now, let’s talk about those buttons.


We-Vibe provided the Touch in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. Obviously joking. I really don’t think I’m that important.

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