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Sep 022015

Tantus G-spot 2

** Sadly, Tantus has discontinued the G-Spot but I have a little secret for you. If you don’t mind the color black, you can still get this vibrating dildo only now, it’s called the P-Spot. **

I think Tantus’ G-Spot vibrating dildo is one of their most underrated toys. You don’t hear much about it and honestly, it didn’t really catch my attention but I’m so glad they sent it to me. I can get some pretty great G-spot stimulation with the G-Spot (That’s not confusing at all, is it?). It’s not as intense as say, the Pure Wand but it’s definitely a pleasurable experience.

At 7” long, I can’t take its entire length but that’s OK because I don’t have to in order to hit my G-spot. But the length is nice because we’re all built differently and you might need to reach back farther to hit your G-spot. It’s got some nice girth (1.7” in diameter) to it as well but it’s not at the bulbous head. The thickest part is about halfway down from the head and that provides a nice full sensation right at my vaginal opening. The silicone is somewhat flexible but it’s still firm enough to apply some moderate pressure to the G-spot.

Tantus GSpot and Tango

I mentioned that the G-Spot was a vibrating dildo – what that means is, it has the option to vibrate via a bullet vibe inserted into the cavity in the base. It does come with a basic bullet vibe but take my advice, get yourself a We-Vibe Tango to use with this toy. The Tango is perfect for all of Tantus’ vibrating dildos. And I’ll give you a little tip: put some lube on the vibe before you insert it into the cavity and it will come out a lot easier. The silicone transfers the vibration of the We-Vibe Tango beautifully. Honestly, I’ve never tried using it with the included bullet vibe because the Tango is really where it’s at.

The G-Spot has what I’d call a satin finish. It’s not glossy but it’s not matte either. There is a bit of drag but lube is your friend. I recommend a gentle water-based lube like Good Clean Love Almost Naked or Sliquid H2O. You might not want to use a silicone-based lube with the G-Spot because sometimes, using it on silicone toys can damage the finish of the toy – sometimes but not always so, if you really want to try a silicone-based lube, I suggest doing a spot test on the bottom of the base.

Of course the G-Spot is nonporous and body-safe. It wouldn’t be on this blog otherwise and that’s the only kind of toys Tantus makes. They’re a company you can trust because making safe toys is at the heart of their mission.

To clean the G-Spot (…the toy, not the erogenous zone. That one doesn’t need to be cleaned.) you can simply wash it in soap and water or use a toy cleaner. Since it’s pure silicone it can be boiled but remember to take the bullet vibe out of it first. You can also sanitize it in a 10% bleach solution. You’ll want to sanitize it if you’re sharing it with someone else or using it anally, which is safe to do because of its flared base.

You can use the G-Spot with a harness but not with the Tango in it because it sticks out too much. I do think it would be possible to use it in a harness with the included bullet vibe but I haven’t tried it. I’ve yet to build my confidence to try pegging. Wouldn’t it figure? Dizzyguy opens up to the idea of trying it, Tantus sends me the gorgeous Black Widow harness to review and I lose my nerve. I swear it will happen someday though and when it finally does, you know I’ll tell you all about it.

Tantus also has a suction cup that can be used with their vibrating dildos but I’ve never tried it so, I can’t tell you if it’s awesome or not.

The G-Spot used to be available in pink but now you can only get it in purple. That’s OK though because it’s a really pretty iridescence purple.

Tantus G-spot

So there you have it, the unassuming G-Spot is one of my favorite Tantus toys. I don’t think I would have ever chosen it myself but Tantus is smarter than I am and chose it for me. They’re cool like that, kind of like vagina psychics or maybe vagina whisperers. If rigid G-spot toys are too intense for you or you can’t use curved dildos like the Pure Wand then I think the G-Spot would be a perfect choice. And even if you don’t have those issues, I think you’ll like it just because it does deliver some delightful yet milder G-spot stimulation.


Tantus provided the G-Spot in exchange for an unbiased review.

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