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Jan 102014


Do you want the power that you get from Hitachi Magic Wand style massagers but hate the awkward size and weight, the noise and the unhygienic head? Well, maybe you’ve already heard me raving about this thing but I really do love it. The PalmPower is everything you wish your Magic Wand style massager could be. It’s smaller, lighter and quieter. It has a silicone head and most importantly, it’s powerful.

I’m going to have to compare the PalmPower to the Hitachi Magic Wand because, that’s the only other wand style massager I have. Plus people are familiar with it and let’s face it, most other wand massagers have been modeled after it. I believe the PalmPower beats the Hitachi hands down and I really can’t see myself using the Hitachi anymore now that I have the PalmPower.

As already mentioned, it’s significantly smaller and lighter. The Hitachi is 12.25 inches long while the PalmPower is only 7 inches. The head of it is smaller (1.5 inches in diameter) and so, it fits down in between my labia better. The PalmPower is louder than most of my other vibrators but it’s worlds quieter than the Hitachi. The cord is longer and it has a removable silicone cap that’s easily cleaned. I always hated that the Hitachi’s head was PVC (a porous material that can’t be sanitized). So, all those things are vast improvements over the Hitachi but let’s talk about what’s really important… power.

I’ve already said it once and I’ll say it again, the PalmPower is fucking amazing. The power of this thing is so far and beyond any other vibrator I own, except the Hitachi (and Wahl), and the PalmPower can definitely hold its own against it. I would say that the Hitachi is a bit more powerful but when you consider all the advantages the PalmPower has over Hitachi, it easily comes out ahead. This is the vibrator I use when I don’t want to screw around and I want to have an orgasm now. There is no gradual approach to orgasm when I use this thing. I put it on my clit and it’s just insta-gasm; the kind that makes my whole body involuntarily convulse.

I really enjoy using the PalmPower when I’m having sex with dizzyguy. It fits in between us so much better than the big clumsy Hitachi and since I don’t orgasm from internal stimulation alone, when I use it on my clit during sex, I’m guaranteed to have them – as in, more than one. In fact, when I start to come, if I continue holding the PalmPower against my clit, the orgasm just seems to go on and on until I can’t take it anymore and I have to stop. Now, I can’t promise that you’ll have this kind of response to the the PalmPower but I am confident in saying that if it’s power you’re looking for then you really can’t go wrong with this massager.

The PalmPower has been designed using PowerBullet technology, which is also used in brands like Leaf, Leaf+, Lux, Swan and Jopen Vanity.  I have to say, the PalmPower has made me a believer in the PowerBullet technology but they’ve definitely done something different with the PalmPower because I have the Fresh+ and while it’s not a wimpy vibe by any means, it doesn’t even come close to the PalmPower’s awesome strength.


The PalmPower has one button and you press and hold to turn it on. Continue to hold it to increase the intensity. The intesity is continuously adjustable. There aren’t preset levels so, you can really fine tune it to what feels best to you. This is yet another huge improvement over the Hitachi, which only gives you two speeds to choose from. At the low range of intensity, you feel the vibration more in the handle than in the head but once you increase it just a bit, you can feel the vibration transfer into the head.  The vibration is strong in the handle.  It doesn’t make my hand go numb but it’s something to consider if you think it would bother you.  To turn it off simply press the button.

There are a couple of slightly annoying little issues with the controls. If you just want to increase the intensity a little bit and you press the button too briefly, it shuts off.  You also can’t adjust the intensity back down. You have to shut it off and ramp back up again to where you think you wanted it. As much as I love the PalmPower I think they could greatly improve upon it by giving it two buttons. Perhaps + and – buttons where the + turns it on and increases intensity and the – decreases intensity and turns it off. BMS Factory, if you’re listening… please give the next generation PalmPower two buttons. Other than that, I really have no complaints about this massager.

Another way BMS Factory improved on the Hitachi is that the PalmPower has a removable silicone cap. It easily just pops right off and you can clean it with antibacterial soap and water. If you need to sanitize it, a 10% bleach solution can be used or, it can be boiled for a couple of minutes. The wand itself is in no way waterproof or even splash proof. So, don’t even think about trying to clean it in the sink. I simply wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe and that’s really all it needs. Since the cap is silicone, you’ll probably want to use water-based lube because some silicone lube can damage some silicone sex toys.

Another complaint that people always have about the Hitachi is that the cord is too short. Yet again, BMS Factory built a better mousetrap… uhm, massager. The PalmPower has an 8′ 3” cord where the Hitachi’s cord is only 6 feet long. This makes maneuvering around the bed much easier. Since the PalmPower is sold worldwide, it comes with several outlet adapters for different countries.

The neck of the PalmPower is somewhat flexible and I was asked if this would prevent someone from applying pressure to the clit. I can’t see anyone having a problem applying the amount of pressure they want. The head only deflects just a small amount.


There are 4 attachments available for the PalmPower and they come in sets. One set is called PalmBody and the other, PalmSensual. The PalmBody attachments are meant for massaging parts of the body other than the genitals but there’s certainly nothing stopping you from getting creative with them.Palmbody

The PalmBody set includes the PalmFinger attachment which is meant to massage, you guessed it, the fingers but again, feel free to experiment. The PalmCurve attachment is for massaging arms and legs or, anywhere else you damn well please.

The PalmSensual attachments are more like obvious sex toys. The PalmBelow is for G-spot stimulation and the PalmDual is dual stimulator. palmsensualThe shapes of the PalmSensual attachments are reminiscent of Swan and Jopen Vanity vibrators and that’s not surprising since, BMS Factory manufactures both brands.

I honestly haven’t had much success with the attachments. The PalmDual doesn’t work for me but that’s a matter of incompatibility with my anatomy, which is a problem I run into often with dual stimulator or rabbit style vibrators. The PalmBelow gives me a fair amount of G-spot stimulation but since the neck (of the attachment) is so flexible, I can’t apply as much pressure as I’d like. I’ve experimented some with the PalmBody attachments on my clit but truthfully, the standard silicone cap that comes with it works best for me.

The PalmPower wasn’t even on my radar when the good folks at BMS Factory offered to send me one in exchange for a review.  I hadn’t heard anything about it and as amazing as it is, that’s a real shame.  I really didn’t have much interest in wand massagers because I already had the Hitachi and figured I didn’t need another wand massager.  How wrong I was.

The PalmPower is just plain awesome and you power queens out there need to get one of these. I was never too thrilled with my Hitachi Magic Wand but I absolutely love my PalmPower. BMS Factory fixed everything that sucks about big clunky wand massagers and yet somehow, didn’t sacrifice power. Since it’s A/C powered there are no batteries or recharging to worry about. You just plug it in and go… and for me that means insta-gasms.

BMS Factory is the manufacturer behind well known brands like Swan, Jopen Vanity and Leaf so, they have an established reputation for quality… and I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Cal Ex Couture Collection Inspire is the same massager. BMS Factory manufactures it for Cal Ex.

The only real difference is color and I assume that the Inspire does not come with the outlet adapters that are included with the PalmPower.  So, if you want one for international use, get the PalmPower.  SheVibe has them priced the same and if you’re interested in purchasing either one, please consider getting it from them by clicking through one of my affiliate links.  In doing so, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you and that helps to keep me blogging.


BMS Factory provided the PalmPower in exchange for my unbiased review.

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  • Camryn Jones

    I so want one of these! I love that it’s easy to clean and store. Plus, it looks pretty stylish, so I’ve got to give it points for looks.

  • Seriously Dizzy, since day 1 of your rant, I’ve been wanting to try one of these! It looks super nice and small! But really? The power? I need to try one out. Gotta feel how amazing this thing feels.

  • Heaven

    Damn Dizzy, I want this massager. You can rant all you want espcially if it is over something you like.

  • Zoe

    The PalmPower is actually stronger than the Hitachi according to my vibrometer anyway.

    • And there you have it, measured with a scientific device.
      It was hard to determine which is stronger because of the difference in size and pitch of vibration.

  • Glumbumble

    I really want to get one of these. But the buttons are kind of off putting to me, plus the strong vibrations reported in the handle. It’s making me second guess spending that much on a wand type massager I’ve never tried before.

  • mzhunni

    I want this bad !!!

  • Glumbumble

    I ended up buying the inspire. And the first time I used it I understood what you meant by “I put it on my clit and it’s just insta-gasm; the kind that makes my whole body involuntarily convulse.” And it made sex enjoyable for once too. I was moaning like crazy and actually slapped my husband’s ass, so weird because I’ve never done that, but it just grabbed a hold of me.

    Was very disappointed the second time I went to use it. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t really in the mood, but while it made me feel good, I just wasn’t going to orgasm. I kept thinking about how it sounds like a lawnmower cutting grass when I press it lightly against my vulva. And sometimes it almost felt like it was grabbing hold of the hairs down there, but I don’t know if that was just my imagination, or the vibration was just too strong at the time. And my hand just started to hurt from all the vibration in the handle, even after the load of the vibration had shifted into the head.

    Considering this was the toy that just two days prior had made me scream and be as loud as I have ever been and made me enjoy sex (as my husband said, he can literally count the number of times I’ve enjoyed sex on one hand in the 5 years we’ve been together). I’m really hoping I can achieve that same feeling I had the first time. Hubby said it might be like trying a drug for the first time. It feels amazing and so wonderful the first time, but no matter how often you do it again after, you can never get that same feeling again. I’m really hoping that’s not the case since $70 is a lot to spend on a one time use toy.

    • I was so excited when I started reading this and then my heart sank. Try not to worry about it too much because you can psyche yourself out and make it harder to orgasm. Sometimes we can just have off days. I never had the feeling of it pulling hairs.
      Unfortunately you do feel the vibration a lot in the handle but I don’t think you can make a vibe that powerful and not feel it there.
      I hope you have continued success with it.

      • Glumbumble

        That’s what I’m hoping, that it was just an off day. Unfortunately I seem to have a lot of them. It was so so good the first time though. I was wondering if the pinching feeling I was getting was from the lip of where the silicone meets the plastic head. I also tried the finger massager attachment, but I’m not sure if it was because I just wasn’t into it, it just didn’t do much for me. I haven’t tried the g spot rabbit attachment yet, I have to try to get more aroused I think before I try again to find my elusive g spot.

        And I’m sorry I didn’t go through your affiliate link with shevibe. I find them to be cheaper than anywhere else, but the cost of shipping to Canada is just way too much. I ended up going through pinkcherry. And unfortunately I forgot to go through you’re sidebar link, I’m just so used to typing on the address in the address bar myself.

        • Oh, that’s OK. I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me you didn’t use my link. No big deal. I’ve done it before myself.

          I do really hope it continues to work for you. Especially since you had such a great first impression. Just try to relax and enjoy yourself. Maybe while you’re using it, think about how good it felt that first time and not focus on trying to orgasm.

          • Glumbumble

            That probably is part of the problem, trying to focus on having an orgasm. My husband always says he wants me to come first before we have sex, but him watching me and almost waiting for me makes me go on edge sometimes and then it just becomes impossible.

      • Glumbumble

        By the way, how did you go about creating your pen name and URL title? What was the creative process? I’m trying to figure out a good name for myself and possible future website, but it’s just not coking to me. My current name (which is a JK Rowling creation) was just supposed to be temporary and something I use to log in on various username required sites.

        • That’s such a funny question to me but only because I really don’t like what I came up with for my alias and blog name. But I’m stuck now. 😛

          Truthfully, my alias is based on a pet I had. Lame, right? And the blog title? I don’t even really know where that came from. I would kind of like to drop the “Novelties” part and just make it “Toy Meets Girl” and it would be easy enough to change my banner but changing my URL is a lot more complicated.

          Did you read about how Epiphora came up with her name? She was looking through the dictionary for ideas. That’s pretty interesting.

          • Glumbumble

            Really? I like your alias, it’s short and to the point and memorable. I especially like how you can use a similar alias for your husband, I think that’s cute. The blog name does read a little strange to me, ‘Toy Meets Girl’ would be a lot better. I guess blog names you usually have to try to sum up what you’re about, right?

            I did see that in her blog, maybe I should look through a thesaurus and base it off words I would like to incorporate, but have a fancier ring to it.

  • sheboppin

    you are always the first person I think of when it comes to the palmpower so I had to come here and ask you some questions.

    how well do the attachments and the cap hold up? like would any of them easily pop off during use if you’re applying pressure?

    I’ve only had one wand before and it was actually being sold as a massager. not a vibrator. And it freaked me out because sometimes it got way too hot to be anywhere near my clit. So I kind of consider myself not in possession of a wand vibrator at the moment. I’m always craving more power so I think it’s time. If I were to only have one wand do you think this is the one to get? or should I go with the classic magic wand? or even the mystic wand is on my list of potentials?

    • sheboppin

      oh other question – has it ever unplugged during use? seems like a possibility since it’s detachable, unlike the magic wand.

      • I haven’t had a problem with it coming unplugged. If you yank on it really hard it probably would. The cord is longer than the Hitachi’s.

        • sheboppin

          ah thank you so much! The smaller size is definitely appealing to me. But I know that limits me on attachments that’s why I was curious about them.

          eek I feel so odd betraying a classic – but it sounds like it might be better for me!

    • The cap and attachments snap on fairly secure. I couldn’t see slipping one off in use but like if you held it down against the bed really hard and pulled it across, the cap might come off.

      I really wasn’t too thrilled with the attachments for the PalmPower but we are all different so, you might like them.

      Keep in mind that this wand is significantly smaller than a Hitachi sized wand. The other attachments out there that fit the Hitachi will be too big for the PalmPower. So if you really want to use those attachments, like the Vixen Gee Whiz, then you’ll want one of the larger sized wands.

      I personally like the PalmPower so much more than the Hitachi and they are the only two wands I have so I can’t speak to any of the others.

      I can say it definitely has power if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Constance Augusta Zaber

    Ughhh what is it about companies using just one button to cycle through? Also your review makes this sound amazing and I’m definitely putting it on my wish list! Any wand that can hold its on against the Hitachi has my interest.