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Nov 022015

Tantus Duke and Duchess

Much like its royal counterpart The Duke, Tantus’ The Duchess barges its way into my vagina like it owns the place. And once inside, it completely fills the room with its presence. The Duchess dominates my vagina and knows it.

It’s a bit of a challenge to get The Duchess into my vagina, especially when I haven’t warmed up with something smaller first. Once in there, I am full to overflowing with thick squishy silicone goodness. It is such a tight fit, however, that it’s actually difficult for me to thrust with. All I can manage is a very short in-and-out stroke. But believe me, that’s enough to get my juices flowing. When I pair this dildo with a clit vibe, the orgasms are intense. Clenching around it as I orgasm feels incredible.

That bulbous head is bulbous for a reason and to my delight, it does give me some great G-spot stimulation. It’s not as intense a sensation as you would get with the Pure Wand but that’s to be expected because it’s solid stainless steel and the The Duchess is made of Tantus’ wonderfully squishy O2 silicone.

Duke and Duchess

So, how does it compare to The Duke? Well the silicone is different for starters. The Duke is made of very firm silicone with hardly any squish at all whereas, The Duchess’ dual density O2 silicone provides a bit of a softer feel. I think insertion might actually be a little easier than with The Duke because of the softer silicone. But The Duchess isn’t a sad floppy dildo by any means. The dual density silicone means that there is an inner core of firm silicone surrounded by a layer of softer silicone. So despite its soft exterior, it still proudly stands at attention.

Right now, The Duchess is Tantus’ only O2 vibrating dildo but that’ll change very soon (teaser). It does come with a basic, battery operated bullet vibe that will do in a pinch but as I always say when I’m talking about Tantus’ vibrating dildos… get yourself a We-Vibe Tango. It’s much more powerful and rumbly than the included bullet vibe. It’s like the Tango and Tantus’ vibrating dildos were just meant to go together – like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The deep rumbly vibrations of the Tango travel through the O2 silicone fairly well and much better than the included bullet vibe.

Duchess Tango

You care for The Duchess like any other silicone dildo and for more on that go here. Water-based lube is recommended.The Duchess colors

The Duchess comes in two color choices – Ice and Candy. It’s 6.5″ long (insertable) and 1.8″ in diameter at the thickest point, which is that massive head. This dildo is harness compatible and safe for anal use. There is also a suction cup available that works with Tantus’ vibrating dildos.

I really do love The Duchess… maybe a smidgen more than The Duke, just for the fact that it’s a bit easier for me to manage with the softer silicone. Admittedly, it’s not a dildo I’ll reach for all the time because it’s quite a stretch for me1 but when I am in that mood, The Duchess doesn’t let me down. When I use it along with a clit vibe, the orgasms come on fast and strong and in that moment I can really appreciate that imposing girth.


Tantus provided The Duchess in exchange for an unbiased review.

  1. I know girth fanatics are smirking at me right now.

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  • Lunabelle

    Not smirking at all…we’re all different. The head on Duke/Duchess definitely qualifies as large, and your opinion on girth is probably closer to the average toy user than mine! I always feel the need to remind people that my tastes are skewed toward thick toys and mention similar, slimmer alternatives.

    • True. It’s all relative. That’s why it can be tricky sometimes when you describe something as large or small. Same with vibration strength. What feels strong to me might not to someone else.

      • Lunabelle

        Yes! I wish there was a unit of measurement for vibration strength. I try to give perspective against other toys, but even that doesn’t help if they’re new to vibrators.

  • I loved this review! My Duke (which I bought myself…a while ago) is still in its box. But I would *guess* that it could be less about the imposing girth than the lack of a gradual tip to sort of ease its way in. Maybe?

    • I MEANT to mention that about not being tapered. Of course that adds to the difficulty but even tapered, I’d have some resistance getting it in there.

  • Camryn Jones

    This is exactly what I was hoping to hear! The “lip” of the Duke’s head is painful if I’m not careful which is why I don’t grab it often. The O2 of the Duchess will take care of that.

    (I went back to your Duke review and reading my comment then made me laugh. I was so sure I could never use a toy that size *grins*)

  • This is beautiful and looks just awesome. Adding to my wishlist.

  • Heaven

    I have tried the Duke and now I think it is time for the Duchess, she is absolutely stunning!